PlayCash Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2020
PlayCash is an affiliate network that provides media buyers with iGaming offers from direct advertisers. The database contains 500+ offers suitable for any traffic source and GEO, affiliates also receive the support of a special Telegram bot and experienced managers at every step of the way. The platform is intuitive and integrated with popular tracking solutions.
Payout models
CPL, CPA, RS, Hybrid
Number of offers
Prohibited traffic sources
Mixed traffic, leads below KPI
Payout methods
WebMoney, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, e-wallets
Minimum payout threshold

PlayCash is an affiliate network that entered the market in 2020. The company works directly with trusted iGaming advertisers and provides affiliates with more than 500 offers for any traffic source and GEO. Professional affiliate managers support partners at all times.

PlayCash Affiliate Network Review


  • 500+ iGaming offers
  • A slew of payout models: CPL, CPA, RevShare, Hybrid
  • Payout methods include wire transfer, crypto, and e-wallets
  • A specialized Telegram bot is your personal assistant
  • Bonuses and favorable terms for testing new offers
  • Individual bonus system
  • Ready-made PWA and Web-View applications


Getting started with PlayCash is simple, it will take a few minutes.

  1. Open the main page of the website.
  2. Hit the “Sign up” button
  3. Specify your email
  4. Create a password
  5. Specify your Telegram/Skype/WhatsApp ID or email address for further communication

An affiliate manager will get in touch with you to verify your marketing experience during a brief interview and activate your account.


Once you have registered, you can access your dashboard. The platform is easy-to-navigate and user-friendly. You will find all the tabs on your left.

PlayCash Affiliate Network Review


The selection of offers available to partners. Click on the offer to open the full description with the offer’s name, terms, KPIs, eligible GEOs and traffic sources.


In this section, you will find detailed statistics for your campaigns. Sort the data by day, GEO (city and country), device, browser, and OS. It is also possible to check the information on conversions, goals, and referrals.

PlayCash Affiliate Network Review


This page will contain information on all your payments: the amount, the date of withdrawal, as well as the chosen payment method.

PlayCash Affiliate Network Review


Here you will find the up-to-date information about the referred users and their activities.

Telegram bot

Click on this tab to chat with the PlayCash bot. It will help you keep track of the latest news and get in touch with the tech support team when needed. The bot also can issue ready-made applications and provide you with up-to-date info about their status (banned or active).

PlayCash Affiliate Network Review

Your dashboard also has a FAQ section with the answers to frequently asked questions.

Offers and traffic sources

PlayCash frequently adds new offers to the database, which currently holds more than 500 offers for any GEO and payout model. All offers come from direct advertisers, you will not find resell offers on this platform. 

Your dedicated manager will always be ready to provide you with the list of top offers

and issue you with a tracking link. Once an offer is deactivated, you will get notified via the PlayCash Telegram bot, provided that you drive traffic to said offer.

PlayCash affiliate network supports the following payout models: CPL, CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid. The payout rates vary depending on the offer and GEO.

What traffic sources are accepted at PlayCash?

PlayCash accepts almost any traffic as long as it meets the advertiser’s requirements. At the same time, the most in-demand traffic sources include:

  • SEO
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • UAC
  • In-App 
  • Scheme traffic
  • PPC

If you drive traffic from a different source, the PlayCash team will always find something that will suit you.

What traffic sources are prohibited at PlayCash?

Your traffic will not be accepted only if it does not meet the advertiser’s requirements. Mixed traffic is also not allowed. Masking the traffic source in your campaigns will lead to a definite ban from the platform.

Make sure to discuss your promotional approaches and traffic sources with your dedicated manager prior to launching a campaign.

GEO and tracking

PlayCash affiliate network has global GEO coverage.

Since “the exotic markets” such as Asia, India, and Africa the hottest regions at the moment — we are expecting more gambling products and offers for these GEOs. The affiliate network is running negotiations with the local advertisers.

Currently, the PlayCash team focuses their efforts on Latam. Several GEOs of this region now have reliable payment solutions, thus boosting the conversion rate of iGaming offers. The same may be expected with many African and Asian GEOs.

Use API integration for conversion tracking. If necessary, the PlayCash support team will assist you with the set-up, so you will promptly receive information in the tracker of your choice. You can also receive notifications about conversions via the Telegram bot. So, you can run campaigns without a tracker.

To use your tracker, you can choose post-backs or API integration. Reach out to your manager or technical support to get help with the configurations.

Payouts and bonuses 

The minimum payout threshold at PlayCash is 10 USD. To withdraw, you need to add a wallet in the settings of your personal account.

You can withdraw in USD every Thursday, the payout will cover all verified conversions for the previous week. You can choose Webmoney, Skrill, Capitalist, Wire transfer, or Neteller, as well as cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and USDT).

There is a hold period that depends on the offer.

Once you have added a payout method in your profile, all “approved” conversions will be paid for automatically every Thursday (the billing period is one week). You can also request an early payout, reach out to your affiliate manager to do that.

PlayCash offers bonuses to affiliates who consistently drive big volumes of traffic, as well as favorable conditions for testing new offers. You can request PWA and Web-View applications free of charge.

With PlayCash, you can also work according to individual terms.

The bonus system is linked to the traffic volume: PlayCash encourages partners who consistently drive big volumes. The size of the bonus and the requirements you have to meet to receive it (the number of daily/weekly conversions) are discussed in advance. The bonus is paid in the form of a percentage boost on top of your regular payout rate.

For example, you have a 10% bonus for 30+ first deposits with a default payout rate of $200. You have driven 35 deposits in a day. This means that you will have a 220% payout rate until 12 PM of the following day, which equals $700 of additional profit.

The bonus percentage may vary depending on the terms you have agreed on.

Another bonus option is when you have favorable conditions for testing new offers. Your affiliate manager will supply you with a list of new offers upon request. These are offers that show high quality of the product (complexity of registration, availability of in-demand payment cards and slots, site optimization, etc.) and can be compared to the best products on the market. But these offers have not been tested by PlayCash affiliates or the in-house media buying team. PlayCash compensates for the possible risks and gives +20% to the payout on the first 20 deposits on offers from the list.

The PlayCash support bot is another info channel you can rely on while working with the platform. Use the bot to:

  • choose trending Web-View applications from top market vendors
  • get naming for FB/TikTok/UAC and share the application
  • receive notifications about the application ban
  • receive notifications about your conversions
  • request a customized PWA application
  • contact technical support
  • follow the network’s news


Each PlayCash affiliate has a dedicated manager who can solve any issue related to the platform. You will find the contact info (Telegram, Skype, or email) on the main page of your personal account.

The support team is available from 9 AM to 12 PM. Use the info in the PlayCash personal account to get assistance.

In addition, PlayCash has a Telegram channel where they share their expertise, current offers, and promotions. 


In my opinion, this is the most reliable affiliate network. I have been working with PlayCash for more than 3 months, and there has not been a single controversial moment yet, everything is paid on time. I would also like to mention my manager Andrey, who is in touch 24/7 and solves any issue as soon as possible. 10/10.


We have been refused at several affiliate networks since we work with streaming traffic. And with PlayCash we got an offer, a demo account, and, most importantly, tips on the best approaches to streams. Our manager has given us valuable advice on this topic. Thanks a lot! We will keep working with this network.

 Affiliate marketer

This team is very flexible and has a “client first” approach. We can negotiate payout rates. Every time we transferred our traffic to another network or a direct advertiser, our manager met us halfway and tried to make an offer that we could not refuse, so we stayed with PlayCash. This is how high-quality support works.

 Affiliate marketer

A small but friendly team. Sometimes I see interesting offers with payout rates higher than the market average! In general, I am satisfied with how it’s going and with the results =)

Special thanks to Bogdan for high-quality support =)

 Affiliate marketer

We work with scheme traffic. We came to Playcash following a recommendation from our friends and were pleasantly surprised. We have received test limits for an offer that we have been trying to get elsewhere and with a good payout rate and payouts twice a month (even though we know that the advertiser pays once a month). Our manager brings more new offers, sometimes it happens too often and gets a bit annoying, but it’s better this way than having a lazy affiliate manager. You can always discuss better rates and terms (but not always get them). At least this network is ready to pay more for big volumes. This network is a good choice.

Affiliate marketer


PlayCash is an affiliate network that provides media buyers with iGaming offers from trusted direct advertisers. The company has a wide selection of offers for any GEO, a dedicated support team, free applications, and a handy Telegram bot to make your life easier. Both solo affiliates and media buying teams will find a reliable partner in this affiliate network.