Peter I: an affiliate program with information products

Peter I: an affiliate program with information products
22 April 2019

The affiliate program “Peter I” was created in the spring of 2014. It provides webmasters with an opportunity to make money on selling video content. All members of the program are offered flexible conditions and a range of convenient instruments for making money. Also, there are:

  • Quality landing pages with good conversion rates.
  • Video courses on various subjects.
  • A variety of material for every course.
  • Automatically generated promotion letters.
  • Various versions of selling products.

Characteristics of the affiliate network


Types of offers: information products.

Promotion tools: banner rotator, a direct link to a product, etc.

Payment system: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, transfer to a bank card.

Payouts: once a week.

Features of the program

In order to drive purchasing traffic, you can create theme-related communities in social media, publish links on websites or other materials in your blog.

Peter I: an affiliate program with information products

There are the following advantages of the partnership:

  • High conversion rates of selling landing pages. The team is working on improving their quality. New solutions and regularly implemented to increase sales efficiency.
  • More income with the sale of electronic products. Increased commission for the sale of DVDs with video courses and their electronic versions. Income is almost twice as high as the standard one!
  • Customer accompaniment through the sales funnel. A webmaster only needs to publish links. The company does all the remaining things itself.
  • Bonuses. Upsells increase sales revenues by 150% and more.

The company develops courses itself. Thus, it is responsible for the quality of them, and it guarantees customer support. There are no limitations regarding the geographic location of users: discs with courses are shipped all over the CIS. Electronic versions are sold throughout the world.

You can sell the following types of training courses:

  • self-cognition and self-development exercises;
  • improving computer literacy;
  • learning foreign languages;
  • fitness exercises and others.

Each webmaster is offered prepared promotional materials. You can access them in the “Promo” section. Affiliates can place various advertising: banner, text, and teaser. Paid search advertising also helps generate good revenues. The only thing is that you need to write and send letters of guarantee to work with Yandex.Direct.

How much you can earn

Your income directly depends on the price of a video course. A webmaster gets up to 30% of one sale which is approximately 800-2000 rubles. You can also earn money on referrals – in that case, you get 2% of the income of every invited affiliate. There is no minimum amount for money withdrawal. You can withdraw the money once a week on Mondays. Payments are processed immediately.

You can withdraw money to:

  • QIWI;
  • WebMoney;
  • Yandex.Money;
  • a bank card.

Peter I: an affiliate program with information products

Which resources are good for making money

Since there are courses on various subjects, you can sell them practically on every website. The important thing is that users should find the course subject interesting. For instance, you can promote foreign language courses on websites dedicated to programming. Social networks are another good traffic source for audience acquisition. You can promote pick-up lessons in dating communities, and if a page is dedicated to fitness, you can sell exercises workbooks there. The only possible limitations are the webmaster’s imagination and the number of available websites for publishing video courses.