PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

PARI Affiliates
Founded in: 2022
PARI Affiliates is an affiliate program founded in conjunction with the betting company PARI (formerly Paribet) in 2022. The program provides affiliates betting offers directly from the advertiser. PARI Affiliates provides one of the best betting rates on the market, good conversion rates, custom promotional materials, and detailed statistics.
4 (direct advertiser)
the Russian Federation
Payout models
CPA, RevShare, Hybrid
2–4 weeks
Payment systems
Bitcoin, Tether, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Visa, Webmoney
Minimal withdrawal
10 000₽ (~$122)
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent, incentive, spam, contextual and SEO with PARI mentioning, mono-brand sites, communities in social networks, cookie manipulations, adult, ТТ, FB, Google, misleading, Telegram channels and capper traffic, ASO traffic from alternative Android-stores.

In 2022, the PARI Affiliates program was founded in conjunction with the betting company PARI (formerly Paribet), which is why the company offers partners selected betting offers directly from a proven advertiser. The bookmaker PARI is legal in the Russian Federation and is part of the “ЕРАИ” (United Gambling Regulator).

The main focus of the company is the sports betting and e-sports market in Russia. The interface of the platform offers customization of the workflow according to individual preferences: from the abundance of different filters in the statistics section to custom tracking links.


  • PARI Affiliates is a project of PARI sportsbook team, which has proved itself on the market
  • The main GEO the company works with is the Russian Federation.
  • Proven betting offers
  • Ready high quality promo materials
  • Detailed statistics in personal account
  • Promotion materials are provided in-house
  • Popular payout models: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid 
  • Individual conditions for payout by agreement
  • Convenient app

Getting started and dashboard

To start working with PARI Affiliates, register on the affiliate program website. Each account is checked and activated manually by the company staff.

In the application form, specify:

  • Name
  • CPA network (for those who do not work directly)
  • E-mail
  • Password
  • Skype and Telegram account
  • Traffic sources
  • By request of a manager you may need to send a link to your traffic sources and show the statistics. 

After registration, you will be notified by email about the registration approval. Usually it takes no more than 24 hours. After that you will receive one more letter with information about activation of your profile, contacts of your dedicated manager, address of your personal account and login for authorization.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

What sections are available in your personal panel?

Main page. On this page you will find information about your profile: personal ID, username, contact information, details, email, and password. 

There are three important blocks on the right side of the page. Forms to create tracking links and post-backs, as well as contacts of your manager.

In addition, on the main page you will find a button with a video tutorial on how to use the personal account, page with settings and form for editing your profile.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Next, let’s look at the sections of the Affiliate Program navigation menu. The menu itself can be minimized by clicking on the icon with the PARI logo. This is especially useful for those who use the service on a small screen.

Statistics. This section reflects the key indicators of your work. All important information is contained in several tabbed reports. The table displays the data for the current month. However, any user can customize the filters: by channels, registration period, activity period and platform. For the convenience of affiliates, this section can use tabs with data by day, offers, landing pages and promo codes. Report by day, if necessary, can be exported in a convenient format.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Leads. This is a section for storing information about the clients you brought to the partner program. The most convenient feature of this block is the division by platform. In separate tabs you can view data on desktop and mobile leads. Filters here can also be configured manually: by registration date, activity date, activity type, browser, method of recharge and other important metrics.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Postbacks. In this tab of the account, partners can see information on post-backs: date, offer, post-back status (accepted, error, pending) and lead status (pending, accepted, rejected, fraudulent).

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Payments. Here is a block with statistics of your payouts. Filters by month (because at the moment payouts are made once a month), type of offer, offer and payment status (pending, accepted, rejected) are available for viewing data.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Offers. All active as well as deleted offers are in this section. Offers available for work will appear in the “Active” tab. Those offers, which were connected earlier or have already been deleted, you will find in the tab “Archive”. If you need to filter your data, you can easily do so by product, creation date, type of offer, GEO, platform, target and currency.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Landings. This section contains the landings that are active now, as well as those that are archived. You can filter landings by creation date, GEO, language, and period. In the case of archived landing pages you can also apply a filter with the date of deletion.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Banners. In this tab, you can find and use current promotional materials. In-house banners are also divided into active and archive banners. They can be filtered by date of creation, GEO, language, and period (permanent or temporary). You can also get creatives from your affiliate manager or the PARI Affiliates Telegram Channel.

Promo codes. If there are promo codes for affiliates in the affiliate program, they will definitely be posted in this section. They are divided into two tabs by relevance: active and archived. Sorting is available by channel, creation date and brand.

PARI Affiliates Partner Program Review

Offers and traffic sources

Since PARI Affiliates is an affiliate program of the PARI betting company, its offers are of the sports betting and e-sports verticals. These are direct offers from a trusted brand, so data and transaction security is guaranteed. Only platform managers can start and assign offers.

The key sources of traffic to work with PARI Affiliates’ offers are context (Yandex only), ASO, SEO, mailing lists, Twitch, YouTube, Telegram, and VK (upon approval).

As for the prohibited traffic sources:

  • fraudulent traffic
  • incentive traffic
  • spam of any kind
  • contextual ads and SEO traffic mentioning of PARI
  • mono-brand sites and social networking communities
  • any manipulations with cookies
  • adult traffic
  • TikTok, Facebook, and Google
  • misleading of any kind
  • Telegram Channels and capper traffic
  • ASO traffic from alternative Android app stores (e.g., Xiaomi GetApps, Huawei AppGallery, Samsung Galaxy Store)

Mixed traffic is accepted if it is available in the advertising network funnel (VK Target, Yandex Direct). Click-under and pop-under traffic are accepted by agreement with your manager.

PARI Affiliates offers several key payout models: CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid. Representatives of the company are ready to consider alternative payout models on individual terms. Conversion is counted when a lead has accumulated a total deposit of 500 rubles or more. The standard payout is 5000 rubles, baseline — 500 rubles.

The platform takes care of its partners and informs them in advance on all updates regarding the shutdown of the active offer. Also, the affiliate program sometimes gives out special offers with a clear end date.

GEO and tracking

At the moment, PARI Affiliates’ only and key focus area is Tier-2 GEO — Russia. And this is a strong advantage of the affiliate program, because PARI has really one of the best rates and a good product conversion rate on the Russian market. 

The PARI Affiliates platform offers a link building tool right on the main page of the dashboard for the Affiliates’ convenience. In addition, the affiliate program software integrates with Keitaro for successful tracking.

Post-backs are set up on the right side of the main page. The program even has a detailed manual on how to set up post-backs. You can request it from your manager. The conversions in PARI Affiliates are tapped through the S2S post-back tool. If you need help setting it up, don’t hesitate to ask your manager for help. Of course, you can work without using the tracker if you wish.


In your personal account, the default currency available for payments is rubles. Withdrawal is possible in several ways. The main ones are Bitcoin, Tether, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Visa and Webmoney. Also, other payment systems can be used upon request, depending on the number of requests of affiliates for certain funds.

The minimum amount to withdrawal is 10,000₽ (~$122), the standard frequency of payments is once a month. Because the affiliate program is responsible for checking the traffic, the hold is from 2 to 4 weeks.

Affiliates support

In the PARI Affiliates program, each affiliate gets to use in-house promotional materials. Landing pages and banners can be found in the corresponding menu blocks of your personal account. As for creatives, you can always request relevant materials from your manager or find them yourself in the PARI Affiliates Telegram Channel.

Each affiliate is assigned a dedicated manager on the platform. Any questions related to working with PARI Affiliates are answered by the support managers. Their standard working hours are 10 AM — 6 PM (GMT+3), but they are ready to help you almost instantly. Contacts of your manager are specified on the main page of your personal account and in the letter with account activation.

To stay up-to-date with the latest news from the affiliate program, as well as to receive creatives, you can subscribe to PARI Affiliates on Telegram and Instagram.


The PARI Affiliates Loyalty Program is in development right now and will be available for affiliates very soon. At the moment, the advantage for affiliates of the program is a convenient and intuitive PARI app. It has all the tools you need and doesn’t require any additional software for successful deposits.


I have been working with PARI since the foundation of the affiliate program, and during this time we have developed the most trustful relationship. First of all, it is a high-quality offer that I really like to promote and even do bet myself on some interesting events. I would like to thank the great support team that helps me with all questions. I also enjoy high payout rates and the availability of crypto payments which is very important for me personally. Thanks to PARI team and my manager Dmitry, 10 out of 10 🤝 

Affiliate Marketer

I have been working with PARI from the very beginning, and I’d like to note that this company offers the best conditions on the betting RU market and on top of that they do not have any strict KPIs. The affiliate program is quite flexible in terms of payout rates, managers do not limit the options, which allows to stay afloat even in not the most taxing months.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my partnership with PARI and I recommend this company to all affiliate marketers who are looking for a reliable partner for betting.

Affiliate Marketer

In terms of payouts and document flow you are doing great!!!! And it’s a pleasure doing business with you! 



Working with PARI Affiliates is working with an affiliate program, which offers one of the best betting verticals on the Russian market and a good conversion rate. Payouts are made via popular payout services, and personal conditions can be discussed on an individual request. In-house creatives, responsive managers, advanced tracking tools and a lot of metrics for tracking statistics. All this makes PARI Affiliates a great partner program for conquering the sports betting and e-sports vertical.