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PAMAGRAM: an affiliate program for making money on Instagram traffic

PAMAGRAM is a cloud service for promoting Instagram accounts. The system has its own affiliate program offering to make money on traffic from Instagram.

The program began to work in 2017. Currently, over 1500 affiliates who have made 10.5 mln rubles are working with the network. The payment and user count statistics are available at the program website and updated in real time.

Characteristics of the affiliate system


Types of offers: promotion on Instagram.

Promotion tools: ready-made promotions.

Payment systems: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, bank transfer.

Payouts: once a week (a minimum threshold is 1500 rubles).

About Pamagram

Features of the affiliate program

Upon registration in the program, the unique link will be created for you, and you need to publish it on your blog, forum or social networks. You can also send the link directly to people who may be interested in promotion on Instagram. There are no GEO restrictions, that is, traffic from all over the world is allowed.

Payments are made for the users who follow your link and order promotion services on Instagram. Remuneration is not accrued for views, clicks or registrations. The remuneration volume of an affiliate amounts up to 20% of the first and the following payments of the acquired user (from 60 to 1440 rubles). That is, each user is forever attached to an affiliate, and that allows making stable income during a long period of time.

Advantages of working with the affiliate program

Working with PAMAGRAM has a range of benefits for an affiliate:

  • Work in the demanded industry. Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world, and you can earn high income thanks to it.
  • Great remuneration. In many similar programs, payments are usually no more than 5-10%.
  • Ready-made set promo materials. In your account, you can download prepared banners for publishing on your web resource.
  • Stable weekly payments. Accruals usually happen on Fridays.
  • Simple registration and working. You do not need confirmation by a manager to activate your account, you can simply start making money right after registration.

In general, the affiliate program from PAMAGRAM is a great add-on for those who already work with the system and promote Instagram accounts. The program offers high remuneration from payments as well as a range of perks for its partners. Certainly, the system is worth your attention and is a great option for making money on the Internet.

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