an overview of the affiliate program working by CPA and PPA models an overview of the affiliate program working by CPA and PPA models
5 April 2017
0 is an aggregator of affiliate programs which offers to make money on CPA and PPA models. The system has been working since 2016 and it’s offering webmasters over 200 various offers. The system accepts traffic from Russia and the CIS.

Generally, the program lists nutra offers: these are health and beauty items, various gadgets, and accessories. For most of them, there are 2-3 landing pages, and you can launch A/B tests right in the webmaster’s account.

Characteristics of the affiliate program


Types of offers: nutra, finance, and banking.

Promotion tools: API, Postback and Trafficback URLs, landing page testing, domain parking, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney.

Payouts: once a week upon request (a minimum amount for withdrawal if 100 rubles). an overview of the affiliate program working by CPA and PPA models

Features of

The program only accepts the clean traffic which does not violate laws of the Russian Federation. It is notable that in the program there is an anti-fraud system, and there is a long hold period for the first payment.

Unlike many affiliate programs, has its own call center which is extremely important when working with nutra offers. Moreover, there is a call back within 5-10 seconds after an order is made by a customer. Among other characteristics, we can undoubtedly highlight a large variety of tools. Very few programs provide landing page testing opportunities.

Advantages of working in the program

  • Great remuneration – from 600–700 rubles per lead.
  • Referral program – 5% of the invited webmaster’s income.
  • Over 20 filters for statistics.
  • Prepared promotional materials for every offer: landing pages, banners, images, and texts.
  • You can simultaneously test over 2 landing pages.
  • Quick technical support and a personal manager.
  • 8% bonus for webmasters with high conversion rates. an overview of the affiliate program working by CPA and PPA models

Features of working in the program

Registration in the program is pretty simple, and it requires minimum data. After you confirm your email, you can proceed to work in the program.

In your account, you will see several tabs for work: these are Offers, Statistics, Streams, Domains, Leads, Payments, Tickets, API, and Profile itself.

First, you need to choose a suitable offer and park your domain if necessary. When choosing an offer, pay attention to GEO and remuneration.

Your rate of remuneration depends on the type and subject of your offer, and, of course, on the quality of traffic that you acquire. High remuneration is usually provided in Equipment and Vehicles offers. In “Health and Beauty” offers your income will still be good though not so high – up to 700 rubles per lead.

Payouts of the money earned are made once a week – usually on Fridays or Saturdays. To transfer money, you need to create a withdrawal request in your account. Automated payouts are also possible – just make the appropriate settings in your account. is a great option for experienced affiliates. Perhaps, many of you will see the true value of the large variety of tools and well-paid offers of the program.