MyBid Advertising Network Review

Founded in: 2020
MyBid is an international advertising network that provides fully manged services. To run campaigns, you only need to discuss the details with your manager — the rest does not require your involvement. The payment models include CPC and CPM with a minimum deposit of $50. With this network, affiliates will find traffic for a slew of verticals. The platform serves an average of 5 billion daily impressions.
Traffic sources
Direct and brokered
5 billion daily
Ad Formats
Push, PopUnder, Native (teaser), Widget Notification, Banner, Video
Minimum deposit
100 USD
Payment methods
Capitalist, USDT, Wire Transfer, VISA, MasterCard

MyBid is an international fully managed advertising network. The affiliate managers set up and run ad campaigns on behalf of the network’s affiliates. You can purchase direct or brokered traffic to match any offer and vertical, as well as get ready-made creatives, campaign flows, and tested approaches.

MyBid Advertising Network Review

A fully managed platform is a great choice for those who wish to save time and budget on manual launch and optimization of campaigns. Your affiliate manager will offer several approaches that suit your goals, set up the campaign, and manage it for you. You only need to select an offer and share your ideas and view of the campaign. The greatest benefit of such an approach is that you work together with an experienced manager who knows the best ways to drive traffic and optimize ads. This means that you don’t waste any time on split-testing and brainstorming ideas.


  • 5 billion impressions every day
  • Direct and brokered traffic for different verticals
  • Large selection of ad formats
  • Custom-made ad formats on request
  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • In-house anti-fraud system
  • A dedicated manager who will launch and manage your campaigns
  • Assistance with creatives
  • Access to tested campaign flows and case studies
  • Detailed targeting
  • 24/7 support


To get started with MyBid, you need to create an account with the platform. Open the main page of the website and hit the “Let’s start” button. In the form, you need to indicate your:

  • Name
  • Type of account (affiliate, media buying, etc.)
  • Email
  • Skype or Telegram account

MyBid Advertising Network Review

A manager will get in touch to activate your account and provide you with the credentials. The approval of new accounts takes under 1 hour (accounts registered on weekends are reviewed on Monday). Once your account is ready, you will have access to all the features of the platform.

NOTE: new MyBid users receive a bonus of 50 USD on top of their first deposit above 500 USD. To claim the bonus, you need to mention the promo code MyBid50 to your manager.


MyBid is a fully managed platform. This is why the affiliate dashboard has fewer tabs than in most ad networks. You don’t need to run a manual campaign set-up here — the dedicated manager will do it on your behalf after you discuss the offer and creative approaches.

In the dashboard, there are several tabs:

  • Home. Here you can see the details of your account, balance, deposits, expenditures, and profit. You will also find the “Top up” button on this page.
  • Campaigns. This tab contains detailed information about your ad campaigns. If you wish, you can change bids, and creatives, add Black and White lists or new advertising formats to scale the campaign or optimize your approaches.
  • Statistics. Here you will find granular statistics and filter the info by date, ad format, and campaign.MyBid Advertising Network Review

Campaign launch and ad formats

MyBid is an ad network that provides comprehensive management of your advertising campaigns. You will be assigned with a dedicated manager who will run and optimize the campaigns on your behalf. To start a campaign, you only need to contact your affiliate manager and select a GEO. Then, you will discuss the best approaches with your manager and decide on the course of action. On a separate note, with MyBid you can use different creatives without approval.

What ad formats are available at MyBid? The company experts recommend using the following combinations of ad type and vertical:

  • Push Notification. Dating, utilities (VPN, antivirus), gambling, betting, nutra, cryptocurrencies, finance (Forex), webcam.
  • Inpage Push. Dating, utilities (VPN, antivirus), cryptocurrencies, finance (Forex), webcam.
  • PopUnder. Dating, utilities (VPN, antivirus), webcam.
  • Widget Notification. Utilities (VPN, antivirus).
  • Native (teaser). Dating, nutra, webcam.

Moreover, MyBid offers banner and video ad formats. To get the most out of your ad campaigns, it is wiser to keep in touch with your affiliate manager at all times and discuss the approaches, targeting, and creatives in great detail before the campaign launch. For your convenience, you can request custom-made creatives for your campaigns. To do so, reach out to your manager and share your creative ideas for a chosen offer.

GEO and targeting

MyBid has global GEO coverage. This allows affiliates to purchase traffic suitable for any offer or vertical.

Currently, Tier-1 countries as well as India, Indonesia, and Latin America are the hottest GEOs on the platform. Before launching an ad campaign, MyBid manager will set up ad targeting according to your preferences. You can modify the following parameters:

  • Country
  • City
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Browser language
  • Connection type (mobile, Wi-Fi, landline)
  • Provider (mobile carrier)
  • IP range
  • Subscription age (for Push)

MyBid Advertising Network Review

You can also set the time period and limit the budget. After that, you can request Black and White lists from your dedicated manager in order to disable potentially unprofitable traffic sources in advance.

Payment options

The payment options available at MyBid include:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Wire Transfer
  • Capitalist
  • USDT

The minimum deposit amount is 100 USD. The payments are charged under the CPC or CPM model, depending on the campaign settings.


The support team at MyBid is available 24/7. You can reach out to your affiliate manager at any time to adjust the campaign’s settings, request new creatives, modify traffic sources, etc.

To get in touch with the support team, you can use one of the following options:

It is also wise to follow the network’s news on social networks:


MyBid is an international fully managed platform that provides affiliates with traffic for any vertical. Thanks to comprehensive support and campaign management, this ad network will be a good choice for both big teams and solo affiliates with less experience in media buying.