MonsterLeads: an overview of the affiliate network with nutra and gaming offers
10 April 2017

MonsterLeads is a CPA network working mostly with nutra and gaming offers. The network exists since 2014, and it has gained positive reputation among webmasters. Many of them highlight a great selection of offers, proper call center, ready-made mobile landing pages, and convenient tools for work.

Brief characteristics of the network


Types of offers: nutra, gaming, etc.

Promotion tools: PostBack URL, TrafficBack URL, Call Tracking, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney.

Payouts: once a week (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 5000 rubles).

Advantages and features

In the network, there is a great selection of offers practically to everyone’s taste. Major specialization is “goods by mail”. The network accepts traffic from Russia, the CIS, Europe, and some Asian countries.


To facilitate working with partners, MonsterLeads has developed the structure of trust levels. Each webmaster is being assigned a particular status – the higher it is, the more advantages are provided. There are 4 trust levels in total. At the lowest grade there is a hold period of 7 days, and webmasters of the 4th level are provided with the minimum hold period (no more than 1 day) and an opportunity of advanced payments. To go up to the 2nd level, you only need to fill in a special questionnaire. To move further, you will need a reference from the CPA CLUB or to work with the network regularly and actively.

Major advantages of the affiliate network:

  • Proper call center. Thanks to it, customers are being called back quickly, leads are approved faster and, in general, the pace of the whole network is increasing.
  • A great selection of offers. In total, there are over 300 offers with great and real remuneration. There are nutra offers in the fields of health and beauty, clothes, devices, etc.
  • Great payments for leads. On average, the cost per one lead is up to 1200 rubles, and there are more exclusive offers.

Registration and working in the network

At the beginning of its existence, the network used the invitation system, but now it provides free access to offers. Registration in the system takes less than a minute, and you need to confirm your account via the link in the email. After that, there are no waiting or additional interviews with managers. Handling an account is also simple: all sections are clear and intuitive, and they have brief and apparent titles. In your account, you will find statistics on your offers, the button for setting up traffic streams, and other instruments. There is also a link to Call Tracking which is rarely encountered in other affiliate networks.

Work with MonsterLeads

The income payments are automatically made once a week. All you need is to generate a minimum amount for withdrawal. There are also advanced payments, but they are only allowed to verified webmasters. Working with MonsterLeads is more suitable for experienced affiliates. They will duly appreciate the selection of instruments and great remuneration. Some of them highlight that they need to wait long before leads are approved. It is mostly due to that leads are being partially approved by advertisers themselves, as a result, the share of approved leads has dramatically decreased.

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