Monecle: an affiliate program with information products

Monecle: an affiliate program with information products
16 April 2019

Monecle is an affiliate program which allows making money on advertising information products. The system has been launched in 2013, and since then it is working and actively developing allowing everyone interested to make money.

Having registered in the program, you can advertise courses, webinars, books, online conferences, and training events. You are getting remuneration for that. If you have your own information product, you can sell it via Monecle.

Characteristics of CPA network


Types of offers: information products (video conferences, courses, training events, handbooks, and books).

Promotion tools: banners, prepared texts for emails, video invitations to video conferences, affiliate links, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Visa and MasterCard cards, and transfer to a bank account.

Payouts: on working days (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 1000 rubles).

Features of working in the affiliate program

The program is based on the JustClick platform and is armed with the following tools:

  • User account where you can see sales statistics.
  • Protection from unauthorized copying of information products.
  • Proper accounting which automatically calculates your income.
  • A selection of money withdrawal options.

In the admin panel, offers are displayed in categories: information business, career, entertainment, finance, etc. A user is offered to register for a free online conference. At the end of it, all participants are advised to buy webinar materials to be able to update the knowledge gained at any time.

Monecle: an affiliate program with information products

For the first acquired customer who makes a purchase, a webmaster is paid 30% of the purchase value, and 100 rubles for every following one. If users purchase additional materials, a webmaster is also paid a commission whose size is determined by the advertiser.

How to start working in the program?

On the website of the affiliate program choose “Registration” and fill in the following fields:

  • name;
  • surname;
  • country;
  • e-mail address;
  • phone number;
  • password.

After that, click the “Send” button. In the next window, you specify whether you register as an individual or a legal entity. Registration is confirmed via SMS or e-mail.

Making money on advertising

Choose the “Advertise” section -> “Affiliate program”, in the pop-up window you will see the “Affiliate product catalog” button, and when you push it, you will see the list of available offers. Choose the one you like more, and you have to give your consent to participating in the affiliate catalog. After that, a form will open with all the information on the product:

  • brief description;
  • price;
  • commission for selling the product;
  • advertising materials.

Click the “Get the link” button and copy it in the pop-up window. Now you are able to use it to acquire customers. It is suggested that you publish it on intermediate websites as there is no section with statistics in the affiliate program. Also on Monecle there is an opportunity to acquire your followers and partners getting commission from their sales.

Monecle: an affiliate program with information products

Making money on selling information products

If you developed your own information product (a course, training, guideline), it will be a lot easier for you to sell it with Monecle. Go to the “Sell” section and select the “Product”. Next, fill in the product information, affiliate commission value, data on co-authors. You can also plug in the request processing chat, but you will be charged additional commission 13% for that. After that, you can view data on the sales of your information product: orders, clicks statistics, and reviews.