Modnica: an affiliate program for female traffic

Modnica: an affiliate program for female traffic
23 April 2019

Online store “Modnica” launched its affiliate program in 2013. The store assortment includes fabrics, DIY goods, yarn and lingerie for women. As for the affiliate program, this will primarily attract webmasters who have women-related websites.

The store delivers goods throughout Russia. Therefore, in the affiliate program, traffic from Moscow and other parts of Russia is accepted.

Characteristics of the program


Types of offers: nutra and others.

Promotion tools: promotions, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney, QiWi, Yandex.Money.

Payouts: once a week (from 300 rubles).

Features of making money in the program Modnica

One of the program’s advantages is the absence of limitations on ways to acquire traffic. You can use any traffic sources to acquire the target audience. The only condition is that you should target your sources at users in Russian regions.

Ways of traffic acquisition:

  • Your own resources. You can publish links, banners, advertorials, etc on your website.
  • Social networks. You can place advertisements in communities and launch targeted ads.
  • Mobile applications. You can publish advertisements in smartphones on Android or iOS.
  • Teaser or banner networks. You will need to create several advertisements, test them and choose banners which show the best performance.
  • E-mail. If you have a massive pool of subscribers, you can send them advertising emails with a link to the store.

To acquire customers, you can use an affiliate link which leads to a home page of the store or to the page of a particular product. In order to create a link to the page of a particular product, you need to go to a related section of your account. You can also find promotional materials there (banners, etc).

There is a section with male goods in the online store. This also helps to acquire more customers. But don’t rely on it too much – not every man would want to make a purchase in the store with that name.

Modnica: an affiliate program for female traffic

Commissions and payments

The affiliate commission is 15% of the order value of a customer. The commission is paid to a webmaster if a customer followed his link before making a purchase. If a customer visited the website again having followed the link of another affiliate, this another affiliate would get remuneration.

The commission is not accrued if:

  • a website visitor turned off Cookies in his browser;
  • a customer purchased something via the link of another affiliate;
  • a website visitor made an order but didn’t pay for it.

To reach more users, we recommend combining several traffic sources. For instance, try combining emails, ads in social networks, and website banners.

There is an additional incentive system for webmasters. If an affiliate generates over 100 orders a month – a commission is increased to 20%. If they generate over 200 orders per month, their bonus will reach 25%.

You can also make money on inviting referrals. The store allows making money on inviting other webmasters who are willing to join the affiliate program. There are three stages in the referral program. For each referral at stage 1, a webmaster gets 5% of their income. They only get 1% of the income of referrals at stage 3.

Payments are made once a week. You can withdraw 300 rubles and more at once. All money goes to electronic wallets. In general, this program will primarily be interesting to owners of women-related websites and social media communities. Instagram is also efficient where most of the audience are women. And if you have a massive subscriber base, we recommend email marketing.