MobileTool: an affiliate program for promoting mobile applications

MobileTool: an affiliate program for promoting mobile applications
9 April 2017

MobileTool is an Android application which allows recording phone calls and SMS and remote control of the device. All data is saved to a remote server, and the device owner can access them any time. 

In 2012, the affiliate program was launched in the project which allows getting a good commission for the acquisition of new users. We should note that this is a legal software as MobileTool does not encourage using the app for installation on other people’s smartphones. 

Brief characteristics of the CPA program 


Types of offers: mobile applications.

Promotion tools: ready-made promotions.

Payment systems: a WebMoney wallet in dollars.

Payouts: once a week (a minimum amount for withdrawal is $10).

Payment scheme 

The cost of using MobileTool is from $15 to $288, and a webmaster gets a certain share of this amount.

In the affiliate program, there are two possible payment grades:

  • The first grade. Remuneration is 25% of the purchase value of each acquired customer. There are no limitations to the number of purchases, the most important thing is that they should be real users.
  • The second grade. If an acquired customer becomes a partner of the project, you will get 5% of the income of each second-grade referral. 

We should note that the conversion rate of the advertising campaigns for MobileTool is pretty high and reaches up to 64%. 

For now, income payments are only made to a WebMoney wallet in dollars (Z). Money can be withdrawn once a week, but you can negotiate with the program administrators to withdraw money more frequently. 

MobileTool: an affiliate program for promoting mobile applications

Working with the program 

First, you need to register. After that, you will get a unique referral link that you can publish on your website or another resource. There are no limitations for the accepted sources of traffic. You can use advertising banners, direct links on forums, blogs, social media, and teaser networks. Sources of traffic must not violate laws of the Russian Federation. This is strictly controlled in the program.

In general, the program is rather simple, there is a small toolkit, and, essentially, there is only one offer. The program is great for experienced webmasters as it allows making much money with the minimum time expenses.