MEGAPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2021
MEGAPARTNERS is a direct advertiser and product-oriented IT company offering to monetize traffic in the gambling vertical. The program provides affiliates with a choice of 6 proprietary products. The main cooperation models are RevShare, CPA and Hybrid. Payouts are made monthly in both fiat and crypto, and the minimum withdrawal is 200 EUR. The platform has a built-in tracker and ready-made promotional materials and lendings, and there is a high, aggressive bonus on the first deposit.
Available verticals
Payout model
RevShare, CPA, Hybrid, CPL
Payment system
Bank Wire, Skrill, Neteller, USDT, BTC
Minimal withdrawal
200 EUR
Allowed traffic sources
PPC, SEO, ASO, E-mail newsletters, streamer traffic, mixed
Prohibited traffic sources
TikTok, UAC, FB, and schemes

MEGAPARTNERS is a direct advertiser that offers monetizing traffic in the gambling niche, specifically targeting top Tier-1 countries. The affiliate program has six products for affiliates to promote, providing a diverse range of options. The main cooperation models are RevShare, CPA, and Hybrid. Payouts are made on a monthly basis and can be received in both fiat and crypto. The minimum withdrawal amount is set at 200 EUR. To facilitate efficient monitoring of affiliate performance, the platform provides a built-in tracker. Affiliates also benefit from access to ready-made promotional materials, including landing pages, as well as bonuses and individualized terms of cooperation, ensuring a tailored and rewarding partnership experience.

MEGAPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review


  • The affiliate program has 6 products in the gambling niche
  • Withdrawals can be made through various methods, including Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, and crypto (specifically USDT)
  • The platform has a built-in tracker Affilka in the affiliate account
  • MEGAPARTNERS works with top Tier-1 countries
  • The platform provides ready-made promotional materials, including landing pages
  • Several models of cooperation: RevShare, CPA, Hybrid and CPL
  • High aggressive bonus on the first deposit
  • A conversion funnel where PPC conversion is above 15%


To cooperate with MEGAPARTNERS, register on the affiliate program’s official website. You will need to fill in the following fields with your data:

  • E-mail
  • Password
  • Company name
  • Nickname
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone

Then agree to the terms and conditions of cooperation and click the “Sign up” button. There is no manual approval here, so you will be able to start working with the affiliate program right away.

MEGAPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate account

Let’s see, what sections and tools are in the MEGAPARTNERS affiliate’s account.

Dashboard. A page with general information on your traffic and account balance. Recent events, number of conversions, registrations, and deposits are displayed here. The data can be filtered by time period, from a day to a year.

MEGAPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Campaigns. The section with your advertising campaigns. Here you can create a new campaign, add creatives, customize postback, etc. You can sort information by name, promo ID, promo codes, date of campaign creation.

MEGAPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Reports. Tab with detailed reports on your work performance. Here you can see the history of payouts, pending payouts, detailed statistics on traffic and funds earned in the referral program. The statistics are updated every 15 minutes. You can also easily integrate postbacks here, so they will be displayed in the report.

MEGAPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate program. The page, which contains general information about working conditions with MEGAPARTNERS: terms of rates, rules of cooperation and contacts of company representatives. Also in this section you can find a link to the detailed instructions on your account, launching of campaign, API connection, etc.

In the affiliate’s account, there is also a tab called “My account”, where you can perform manipulations with your personal data: change your password, personal information, specify payment details and view recent actions with the profile.

Offer and traffic sources

The affiliate program offers to earn from its six own products in the gambling vertical. Cooperation with affiliates is based on CPA, RevShare, CPL and Hybrid models.

To activate an offer, get in touch with your dedicated manager, as they have the authority to configure the commission charging strategy. They will not only assist in launching the offer but also provide guidance on appropriate traffic sources and GEO targeting. Additionally, they will remind you to deactivate any active offers when necessary. 

The frequency of new offer releases is closely tied to the launch of new brands. Established products typically offer classic options in GEOs such as Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark. For new products, the company seeks out GEOs that are not yet saturated with brands, such as France, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 

What kind of traffic does the affiliate program accept?

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • ASO
  • Email newsletters
  • Streamer traffic
  • Mixed

The platform does not accept traffic from TikTok, UAC, FB, and schemed traffic.

What models of cooperation does MEGAPARTNERS affiliate program offer?

MEGAPARTNERS offers several cooperation models, including RevShare, CPA, Hybrid, and CPL. The minimum bid values are set at market rates, providing a fair starting point for affiliates. As the partnership progresses, it is possible to negotiate rate increases on a case-by-case basis. 

  • RevShare — 50%
  • CPA — up to 600 EUR
  • Hybrid — 350 + 30%

GEO and tracking

The affiliate program works with top Tier-1 countries: Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Finland, Ireland. Additionally, the company has plans to expand its presence in other markets. Specifically, France is scheduled to be launched in the fall, followed by Sweden in the winter. 

MEGAPARTNERS representatives highly recommend focusing on the Netherlands GEO. Following the implementation of local licenses, many products have exited the market, creating an opportunity for affiliates to promote a specially tailored product for this GEO —

To monitor conversions and analyze traffic, affiliates can utilize the built-in MEGAPARTNERS Affilka tracker. Additionally, upon request, postback and sub ID integrations can be implemented. The support team is easily accessible to assist and address any questions or concerns related to the tracker. If any difficulties arise, the quickest way to receive assistance is by sending a postback to the integrators chat.


The minimum withdrawal on the platform is set at 200 euros. However, if you choose to withdraw funds via Bank Wire, the minimum withdrawal increases to 700+ euros. Withdrawals can be made through several methods: 

  • Bank Wire
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • USDT (TRC20, ERC20)
  • BTC

Payouts are processed within a specific timeframe, specifically between the 15th and 25th of each month. However, if an affiliate requires special arrangements or has specific requirements, they can discuss individual terms with their dedicated manager. 

Affiliates support

The affiliate program offers a wide range of promotional materials, including landing pages, which are available upon request for any user. The platform also has dedicated specialists who are responsible for front-end development.

If you have any inquiries regarding the affiliate program, you can reach out to the support team. They are available from Monday to Friday, operating between 10 am and 7 pm (GMT +3). The support team consists of managers who are fluent in Russian, English, and German, ensuring effective communication and assistance in multiple languages. Additionally, for urgent matters, affiliates can contact their dedicated manager at any time, day or night, to receive prompt and personalized support.


MEGAPARTNERS values its partners and shows appreciation by celebrating their birthdays and other significant events. 

The platform offers numerous advantages and benefits for affiliates. One notable feature is the company’s own bot, that autonomously conducts auto-testing based on GEO and payment systems. This eliminates the need for affiliates to worry about potential drawbacks or performance issues in specific GEOs. 

Additionally, the affiliate program offers an exceptionally generous bonus on the first deposit. It surpasses 90% of other brands’ bonuses in the industry. Players have the opportunity to receive a 100% bonus, up to a maximum of 7500 EUR. 

MEGAPARTNERS provides its partners with an exclusive conversion funnel. It boasts impressive PPC conversion rates exceeding 15%, and in some GEOs even reaching 22%. For more specific information and insights, reach out to your dedicated manager.

The affiliate program has a product, — a separate brand created specifically for work in the Netherlands. It has such a well-developed funnel that the user doesn’t even need to go to the website — they are redirected to the main page straightaway. There, a pop-up window immediately shows the logos of local banks and payment systems. This is a convenient option for driving traffic.

In addition to fiat products, MEGAPARTNERS have developed a tailored VIP program for players, allowing users to receive crypto coins as rewards. Furthermore, the company has exciting plans to launch two new crypto casinos in the near future — Bitstrike and Bittiger.


Bä is proud to cooperate with MEGAPARTNERS. Our audience is looking for Spelbolag Utan licenses, and including Megapari was not easy for us.

We like our cooperation with MEGAPARTNERS. The online casino brands are converting very well. Communication with the managers is excellent. That’s why, we recommend MEGAPARTNERS to everyone as a reliable partner.

We are working with MEGAPARTNERS and we are very satisfied. Their brand Megaslot is very well established in the Finnish market. And they have the best manager!



We have been working with MEGAPARTNERS for a couple of months, it is one of the most convenient affiliate programs for cooperation. Payouts are made on time, problems, if they arise, are solved very quickly! We have been working on different GEOs for a long time, and the guys have a really large selection of them — it’s cool. 

Affiliate marketer, Sergey


Because of the pandemic, I started looking for new directions and came across this affiliate program. The guys charged me with the energy and support at the start, helped me with the creatives and picked up the top countries for the test.

Affiliate marketer, Dmitry


MEGAPARTNERS is an affiliate program that provides an opportunity to generate income through its own gambling products targeting Tier-1 countries. Alongside essential traffic management tools, comprehensive support services, and personalized conditions for bets and payouts, the company offers various bonuses to its partners. One notable benefit is a highly attractive aggressive bonus on the first deposit. MEGAPARTNERS is a suitable choice for both solo marketers and media-buying teams who specialize in earning revenue from the gambling industry.