Meduza-ADX Ad Network Review

Founded in: 2020
Meduza-ADX is a self-serve ad network where you can purchase traffic as an advertiser or monetize your website as a publisher. The available ad formats are Push, Pop, In-Page-Push, and iOS Calendar Push. The network has a worldwide GEO coverage.
Traffic types
push, pop, in-page-push, iOS calendar
WebMoney, Paxum, Payoneer, Capitalist, BTC
Minimum deposit
100 USD

Meduza-ADX is a self-serve ad network where you can purchase traffic as an advertiser or monetize your website as a publisher. The available ad formats are Push, Pop, In-Page-Push, and iOS Calendar Push. The network has a worldwide GEO coverage.

Meduza-ADX Ad Network Review


  • Growing publisher database.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Easy integration with tracking solutions.
  • Quality traffic.
  • Professional support.


Creating an account with the network is easy and takes no more than a couple of minutes. To register you need to:

  • Submit your email address.
  • Create a password.
  • Indicate a messenger and contact details.

Meduza-ADX Ad Network Review


After that, you need to confirm your email address by clicking on the verification link mailed to you.


In your dashboard, you will find all the information to make your work with Meduza-ADX efficient. To access the dashboard, click on the “Sign-in” button and log-in with your email and password.

  • The main dashboard. Here you can see your balance and daily spend.

    Meduza-ADX Ad Network Review
  • My campaigns. This tab contains all the campaigns you have created. You can filter them by name, activity, traffic type.

    Meduza-ADX Ad Network Review
  • My creatives. In this section, you will find the uploaded creatives. You can filter them by approval status, traffic type, name, and campaign.
  • Optimization lists. This tab contains lists for optimization by IP, ISP, and Source ID. You can use them as black and white-lists for your campaigns.
  • Reports. This menu contains a variety of reports by date, campaign, country, ISP, traffic source.
  • Finance. The finance tab contains information about your balance, available payment systems, and transaction history. Here you will also find the “Payment request” button.
  • Learning. Here you will find a plethora of guides on how to launch campaigns, develop creatives, replenish your balance, etc. The knowledge base is often updated.


Almost any ad can be approved on this ad network. Although, adult pictures and nudity are total no-go’s. Some truly disturbing and shocking content will also be declined.

Also, you need to consider the local legislation for the GEO you work with. This means that fake polls and scam campaigns will most likely be declined. On the other hand, adult products, gambling, dating, sweepstakes and crypto will be approved in 98% of cases.

Meduza-ADX Ad Network Review

In general, offers from any affiliate vertical can be approved, and you can run different campaigns without bans or selfie verification.


Medusa-ADX has a global GEO coverage. Among the GEOs, the most popular are Asia, Europe, the Nordic countries, Latin America, and the Arab countries. During the campaign set-up, you will have a range of targeting settings to choose from.

Available targeting options:

  • By device (mobile/desktop, by OS)
  • By schedule
  • By carrier and ISP
  • By subscription date
  • By IP

You can also configure frequency capping at this stage.

Tracking and macros

As per integrations, Medusa-ADXoffers a set of macros to add the network to a tracker of your choice.

The available macros:

  • {CLICK_ID}
  • {PRICE}

Macros allow for performance assessment and optimization of your campaigns.

Launching your first ad campaign

The interface of the platform is very user-friendly. To create an ad campaign, you open the dashboard and click on “My campaigns”, then choose “+ Add campaign”. The set-up process:

  1. Choose the campaign type: Pop, Push, Native, In-page Push, Calendar iOS.
  2. Enter the campaign name.

    Meduza-ADX Ad Network Review
  3. Select the GEO filters if you need any.
  4. Set the platform filters (mobile/desktop).
  5. Create the campaign schedule.
  6. Add optimization lists.
  7. Add targeting by language (optional).
  8. Save the changes.

Tips and tricks

  • Choose push traffic for your first campaigns with Medusa-ADX, this is the main traffic type on the platform.
  • Upload many creatives for initial testing. You can import them from other networks.
  • Try out different verticals: crypto, gambling, wap-click, e-commerce. These show a high conversion rate.
  • Use detailed targeting and add macros for your campaigns.


I have been working with this network from the very beginning. I run crypto offers. I really like that the platform grows and develops, adding new features and tools. The quality of traffic is high, but I wish for a bigger volume. But I must admit, at the start the volume used to be much smaller. I am glad that I can run my tried and tested campaigns from other networks with Medusa-ADX.


I purchase iOS Calendar traffic from this network. The price is rather high, but this is the market average now. It has been two months since I joined this ad network and I see consistent performance. This is a definite advantage.


We have tested several verticals with this ad network. Among these were dating, app installs, and mobile content. The performance varied depending on the GEO, of course, but we can see that the traffic is of good quality =) It would be better if there were more targeting options. The network’s team is always in touch and very helpful. Some of our requests have already been implemented on the platform. I think it will become much easier to buy exactly the traffic we need after the features are upgraded =) Overall, we enjoy working with the network and with the team. The managers are very professional.



Meduza-ADX is an ad network with global GEO coverage that will be a great choice for your ad campaigns. The network offers many ways of traffic monetization for website owners and big volumes for advertisers. A high approval rate for creatives is another advantage of this network. It allows you to run profitable campaigns in any affiliate vertical.

Register with Meduza-ADX and grow your affiliate income!