Medbooking: an affiliate program in medicine

Medbooking: an affiliate program in medicine
16 April 2019

Medbooking is an online service for the search of medical services, doctors and clinics, which additionally offers to monetize traffic. Owners of information websites about beauty and health can acquire customers interested in medical services. For every doctor appointment, webmasters get good remuneration.

Characteristics of the affiliate network


Types of offers: medicine (doctor appointments).

Promotion tools: widgets/modules (catalogs of doctors, clinics, and medical services), affiliate phones and links, and flexible API.

Payment systems: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, cashless transfer (by arrangement).

Payouts: there are no minimum amounts for money withdrawal.

Advantages of working with Medbooking

Having any website, a webmaster can make money via the affiliate program Medbooking, but this type of advertising is more sensible on websites with medical articles, and content about beauty and health.

The affiliate program’s website has a wide list of clinics (over 1400) and doctors (over 15500). Your website’s visitors will always be able to make an appointment at the doctor and to find out more about available medical services.

Medbooking: an affiliate program in medicine

General advantages of working with the affiliate program:

  • It is easy to join the program.
  • Webmasters have no expenditures.
  • Many tools for setting up advertising.
  • High rate of traffic conversion.
  • Demanded offers.
  • Regular payments.
  • Round-the-clock technical support for members of the program.

How does it work?

Register of the affiliate program website. Go to the admin panel of a webmaster and get advertising materials that you can publish on your website of a suitable subject. The company provides 14 developed modules where there are a doctor’s phone number which a patient can call for a consultation or a classic application form. Customers will make their appointments via tools developed by the company, and you will get 500 rubles for each application confirmed by a phone call.

The demand for service is an advantage of working with the affiliate program Medbooking, therefore, traffic is converting at high rates, and you can make money on it. Currently, many people make their doctor appointments online. And Medbooking allows using the best medical services, find a good doctor or a clinic. Webmasters, in turn, can make good money on it with minimum investments in advertising.