MaxBounty: CPA affiliate network overview 

MaxBounty: CPA affiliate network overview 
12 April 2019

MaxBounty is a Canadian CPA affiliate network founded in 2004. The company has survived the test of time, having become a carrier of one of the most well-known and respected names in the industry. MaxBounty is using the CPA model, that is, cost per action. It means that affiliates are getting money for website visitors acquired by their marketing activities. Visitors should only take one simple action, for instance, send their email address or postal code to find out more information on the supplier’s product or service.



Types of offers: dating, nutra, finance, real estate, games. 

Promotion tools: affiliate links, TrafficBack, banners, etc.

Payment systems: PayPal, Intercash, eCheck, ACH, Wire, Bitcoin or checks. 

Payouts: once a week (a minimum amount for withdrawal is $100).

Advantages of the network 

  • 13 years of operation.
  • Over 20 000 branches.
  • Remuneration is based on the cost per action.
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Timely payments to affiliate marketers.
  • Free educational resources and training for beginner affiliates allowing to work as an affiliate marketer.
  • Over 200 advertisers in the network. 
  • New partners get the $1000 bonus for their performance. 
  • Over 2000 available offers. 
  • The network specializes in all types of traffic. 

MaxBounty: CPA affiliate network overview 

How MaxBounty works 

If you want to work with the program, you need to fill in the application form on the website. While many other CPA networks automatically approve all webmasters, the MaxBounty staff are checking candidates. The company wants its partners to have certain experience in affiliate marketing. Your approval is more likely if you have a website having its own domain name (not a subdomain) and which was registered and published at least several months ago, that is, not a totally “fresh resource”. A manager of the affiliate program is likely to call you within several days to interview you on the phone. They should know which marketing and promotional tools you are going to use. After approval, you will be able to go to your account and see links to CPA offers you are interested in promoting.

There are some sample questions webmasters are asked during an interview:

  • For how long have you worked with affiliate marketing?
  • What network are you working with?
  • What promotion tools are you using?
  • Why do you choose Maxbounty?
  • What offers are you looking for?

You should speak English fluently to honestly answer these questions.

Start of working with Maxbounty

After the approval of your partnership with MaxBounty, you are able to choose offers and create affiliate links. Then, you choose banners and place them on your resources.

The network makes monthly payments to affiliates in the middle of the month. For instance, if you made the required amount in January, you will get your payment on February 15. As soon as you get your first payment, you will be automatically included in the monthly payment schedule.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $100. If you haven’t reached this threshold, your income would be transferred to the next payment period. MaxBounty is also offering new affiliates a US $1000 bonus if they make at least $1000 a month during the first three months of working in the network. You can get your bonus on the 4th month. You can also make money on the referral program: for each invited webmaster a partner is getting 5% of their income during a year. MaxBounty is paying to its partners by checks, PayPal, Intercash, eCheck, ACH, Wire and Bitcoin; however, available options depend on the webmaster’s country of residence. All payments are made in US dollars, but still, you can get your payments in your national currency in a local bank if you choose payments by checks.