Marketcall: Russia’s first Pay Per Call affiliate program

Marketcall: Russia’s first Pay Per Call affiliate program
27 March 2017

Marketcall is the first Pay Per Call (PPC) affiliate program in Russia. This kind of programs is not so popular in Russia, that’s why they normally spark well-deserved interest.

The Marketcall’s feature is that webmasters receive remuneration for potential customers’ advertised calls. Remuneration per call is defined by an advertiser and may reach 9000 rubles.

General characteristics


Types of offers: finance, real estate, education, entertainment, tourism, etc.

Promotion tools: domain parking, API, prepared promotions, etc.

Payment systems: QiWi, Яндекс.Деньги, Webmoney, and bank transfer.

Payouts: upon request (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 10000 rubles).

Marketcall: Russia’s first Pay Per Call affiliate program

Advantages for webmasters

The system has been launched in 2015 by the company A3F Group which created projects like and An affiliate does not have to drive traffic to the advertiser’s website – they only need to encourage a user to make a call. That’s why this way of earning money can be easily combined with working with another affiliate program with the CPA model.

Among the major advantages of Marketcall we can highlight the following:

  • The unique phone number for every partner.
  • Great selection of highly profitable offers.
  • Call-tracking system.
  • Free broker for returning “lost” calls.
  • Referral program offering 5% income.
  • Prepared landing pages and banners for most offers.
  • Hold period reaching no more than 2 weeks.

Registration in the Marketcall system

During registration you will have to fill in an application: put down your real name, surname, patronymic; valid email address, Skype nickname, and your phone number. You will see the “Activation panel” with all the following steps. You will have to confirm your email address and phone number, fill in the questionnaire and pass an interview with your personal manager.

When filling in the questionnaire, try to give as detailed answers to all questions as possible: experience has proven that detailed answers improve chances of the registration approval.

After you clear all items from the list and confirm your account, you can proceed to work with the program.

First of all, you definitely need to rent a phone number. You can do it in your account. The system accounts for renting free numbers (with 925, 926, and 958 as prefixes) as well as paid numbers – with Moscow city (495, 499) or Saint Petersburg phone codes. All tariffs are individually calculated for each webmaster, before choosing a number please go through them.

The next step is choosing your offer to make money on. In the Marketcall catalog, there are various offers: from finance to tourism. It is best to choose an offer which is the most suitable for the subject of your website, blog or forum – this way you will reach your target conversion rate faster.

In the description of every offer, there are key parameters, including remuneration value, limitations, promotions, types of accepted traffic, preliminary moderation, etc. You can choose several offers if you need, you will also be provided with the necessary promotional materials or useful information for work.

The program’s advantage lies in detailed call and expenditures statistics. You can evaluate th

Marketcall: Russia’s first Pay Per Call affiliate program

Webmaster grades

A distinctive feature of the program is the system of webmaster account grades. Depending on your grade, a tariff for the phone number rent and the availability of advertisers’ offers are defined.

When you register at Marketcall, you automatically get the “Newbie” grade, and you get Grade 1 after your first withdrawal of remuneration from the system. The hierarchy is the following:

  • Grade 2 – more than 20 thousand rubles is withdrawn.
  • Grade 3 – over 30 thousand rubles is withdrawn.
  • Grade 4 – 100 thousand rubles is withdrawn.
  • Grade pro1 – over 300 thousand rubles is withdrawn.
  • Grade pro2 – over 1 million rubles is withdrawn.
  • God grade – over 3 million rubles is withdrawn.

Marketcall is a rather attractive program for making much money, but it requires undivided attention. Keep in mind that the PPC scheme is very different from the regular CPA model, that’s why you will need some time to become familiar with all the peculiarities.