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M1-SHOP: a review on the product CPA network

Today we are going to talk about M1-SHOP – the product CPA network which is pretty high-demanded among webmasters. The system had appeared in 2013 and immediately became popular thanks to high approval rate (over 60%) and larger remuneration (on average, 30-50 rubles more than that of many competitors). Currently over 55 thousand webmasters are working with this affiliate program.

Characteristics of M1-SHOP


Types of offers: various product offers (accessories, beauty and health products, gadgets, homewares, etc.).

Tools: postback log, Iframe forms, domain parking, connection of one’s landing pages, retargeting counter for Direct Advert, VK counter, Postback URL, Traffic Back, streams, and SubID.

Payment systems: WMR, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, withdrawal to bank cards, transfers to a bank account (for legal entities).

Payouts: upon request (from 1000 rubles).

Offers of M1-Shop

Benefits of the CPA network

  • High approval rate. It is ensured by means of using a proper call center which provides order confirmation by phone. In some offers the approval rate reaches 90-100%, the average rate is 60%.
  • Payouts for private and legal entities. You can legally work with the system as an LLC or a self-employed person, and with that M1-SHOP compensates 6% of tax payments. Private entities can withdraw money by various means.
  • Detailed statistics. In the system there are special tags to track the traffic quality. Thanks to statistics, you can undertake any analytics.
  • Unique author offers. Currently over affiliate programs are presented in the catalogue, and nearly 80 of them are authorial.

The affiliate network offers exclusive terms to trusted webmasters. For instance, private gateways are available to them and they can test the most recent offers. The system guarantees no-hold remuneration – in just 1-2 days after a money withdrawal request is created.

About M1-Shop

Special characteristics of working with the system

M1-SHOP accepts desktop as well as mobile traffic. There are limitations only valid for users acquired by placing assignments, spam e-mail letters and social media messages, Clickunder and Popunder traffic as well as any cashback. You can work with the CPA network in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.

To look for offers you need to be registered in M1-SHOP. Only after that you will see the whole list of advertisers whose offers you can sort by remuneration, category or location. If you have no clear ideas on what to stop at, you can select one of the TOP-10 offers.

There is comprehensive information on every offer which will help choose the best offer. The description states the approval rate, sources of conversions, EPC and CR.

Only confirmed orders are remunerated, on average the partner remuneration value is 500-600 rubles.

The system uses standard tools which will best suit a newcomer in the traffic arbitrage. To get the partner link you need to make several simple actions, you can attach additional tags to every link, and they will allow separating traffic sources.

As for the referral program, it is not planned to be used and it is not used right now. Thus, in this affiliate program so far there is no possibility to make money by inviting your friends or acquaintances.

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