LiveGames: an affiliate network for monetizing gambling traffic

LiveGames: an affiliate network for monetizing gambling traffic
30 March 2017

LiveGames if one of the oldest affiliate networks for online games on the Runet. It specializes in multi-user versions of board and card games.

The gaming network was launched in 2006, and two years later the affiliate network appeared which allows monetizing gambling traffic. Payments are made for a registration or a certain action.

The system is available on various platforms: besides Windows, there are iOS, Android, Mac, and Web. The Russian traffic is accepted, and there are no restrictions on the advertiser projects’ methods of promotion. The most important thing is that these methods are legitimate and lawful.

Over 7000 webmasters and 9000 advertisers are working with the affiliate network. Payments are made for all new users who register and play at least 3 games within 2 weeks.

General characteristics


Types of offers: gambling, online games, mobile applications.

Promotion tools: landing pages builder, promos, etc.

Payment systems: Webmoney, bank transfer (for legal entities).

Payouts: twice per month (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 3 000 rubles).

LiveGames: an affiliate network for monetizing gambling traffic

Advantages of the affiliate network

Let’s look in more detail at the advantages and major features of LiveGames that differ it from competitors:

  • Referral program. The network pays 5% from income of webmasters who register using your link. You can find out more in your account.
  • Great remuneration. You get 30 rubles for every registration on LiveGames, and from 6 to 30 rubles for a registration in applications. Another possible option is getting a percentage from the purchases’ amount in the platform. With that, a certain player is “attached” to you forever, so you will get a permanent percentage from their purchases.
  • Suitable for mobile traffic. The network offers great remuneration for visitors from tablets and mobile phones. This cooperative model is unique for the Runet and rare to encounter.

How to work with the affiliate network?

First of all, you need to register an account on the LiveGames website. Fields marked with * are mandatory. Please pay attention that you need to immediately choose the monetization model (share of revenue from users’ purchases or cost per registration).

Your request should be approved by the project manager. Usually the account confirmation takes 1-2 working days.

After that you will receive an email with your login and password to the address you filled in during registration. On the main page, you will see main statistics on the generated leads. You can sort the information by date and a range of other parameters.

In the admin panel, there is a full collection of promotion materials ready to be published on your website. Aside from text banners, there are animated Flash banners. You can instantly generate the HTML code, all statistics on clicks and registrations will update daily.

LiveGames: an affiliate network for monetizing gambling traffic


The affiliate network LiveGames is only promoting popular board and card games, therefore it is in high demand among users from 30 to 50 years old. This network is great for permanent money-making, especially if you love childhood’s games.