LGaming Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2022
LGaming is an affiliate network, specializing in the gambling & betting verticals. The company provides 500+ offers, including the exclusive ones from direct advertisers and its own in-house product — BetAndreas. The main payment models are CPA and RevShare. Payout rates and hold period are subject to offer conditions. LGaming provides promotional materials, apps for traffic driving, own spy tool, and much more.
Number of offers
Offer verticals
gambling, betting
Payment models
CPA, RevShare, Hybrid
Payment methods
Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Cryptocurrencies
Minimum payout threshold
Hold period
depends on the offer
Prohibited traffic sources
fraudulent & incentivized ones

LGaming is an international affiliate network, delivering over 500 offers for Gambling and Betting. The company was established by LeadBit, the private community that has been driving traffic to Gambling since 2017. The goal is to build an ecosystem around the brand that will improve work with traffic even further: converting creatives, readily-available mobile apps, carefully selected offers, and own payment solutions for Facebook and Google are an integral part of it.

Converting offers, like re-sale and direct product, personal payout rates for large traffic bringers, own spy tool, available promos, alongside the other essential tools are provided by the network.

LGaming Affiliate Network Review

LGaming Advantages

  • 1000+ offers
  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • A brand-new payment solution for deposits in Facebook and Google dashboards
  • Real-time statistics
  • Individual terms for those with large traffic volume
  • Payout on demand at any moment
  • Internal spy tool for all the affiliates
  • Promo material development on demand
  • Free apps to drive traffic
  • 24/7 Support

Registration and dashboard

To become an affiliate of LGaming, create an account first. Go to the website of affiliate network and register there. Specify your:

  1. Name
  2. E-mail
  3. Password
  4. Skype and Telegram accountsLGaming Affiliate Network Review

A confirmation letter comes to your letterbox next. LGaming account is activated after a successful interview with the manager.

Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard.

  • Dashboard. General info for the affiliate can be found here. Profitability charts (of RevShare and CPA), recommended offers, LGaming conference announcements.LGaming Affiliate Network Review
  • Offers. All the available network offers can be found here. They can be filtered by GEO, vertical, payout model, and traffic sources.LGaming Affiliate Network Review
  • Statistics. The tab with detailed statistics on your traffic. Your data are updated real-time. Sort it out by date, flows, offers, payout models, post-backs, landing pages, devices, and other targeting settings.LGaming Affiliate Network Review
  • Streams. Active ad campaigns page. To start driving traffic for an offer, click on create the flow.
  • Finance. Affiliate’s balance page. A request can be sent from here to withdraw the earnings. Specify the payment system and click on the order button. Profit withdrawal history from the network is displayed on this page as well.
  • News. The hub for LGaming updates, offer status changes, special promotions etc.
  • Profile. Manage your account from here. Change your personal data or password.

Offers and traffic sources

LGaming allows for monetizing gambling and betting offers. The affiliate network houses well over 1000 offers, including BetAndreas, its own in-house product. New offers are regularly added, and dedicated managers inform about deactivated offers. Status changes of the offers are highlighted in the dashboard, under the news section.

Detailed offer terms are to be found in its description, just go to the offers section, found in the dashboard. You will find there the terms on payout rates, GEO, target action, hold period, accepted traffic sources, readily-available landers, etc.

LGaming Affiliate Network Review

Opening an offer can be done via the affiliate manager, that will pick the most suitable one, depending on the GEO and available traffic. The main payment models are CPA and RevShare. Another available model is Hybrid. The rates depend on the GEO: the most profitable offer can be picked with the help of your dedicated manager.

Which traffic qualifies for LGaming? Virtually, anything goes. Only fraudulent and incentivized sources are strictly forbidden. The specialists of the affiliate network are experienced in working with the Gambling and Betting verticals, therefore can detect inappropriate traffic very quickly (even when disguised behind large volumes). In case you are a fan of mixed traffic, we strongly suggest you to divide it into separate streams, for each one will be rated individually, which is more beneficial.

LGaming tracking and GEO

Affiliate network is known for worldwide GEO coverage. You can select the offer for any convenient GEO. Good old classics of affiliate marketing (Europe, CIA, Asia) alongside the more exotic niches, like African countries, Bolivia, Argentina, that grow their interest in Gambling and Betting offers are actively developed.

Besides, the representatives of LGaming recommend paying attention to Australia, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

How to track the statistics? The in-house tracking system of the network is at your service. Data is real-time updated with minimal lagging. Furthermore, you can connect any side tracker via post-back integration. It is set up in the dashboard, while creating the flow.

LGaming Affiliate Network Review

In case you need any help with that, contact the dedicated manager or technical support of LGaming.


LGaming pays out on affiliate’s demand. $100 is enough for making a request. Bluntly speaking, you can withdraw earned money every day. The hold period depends on the terms of the offer – it can even be absent. BetAndreas, the in-house product of the network, has 7-days long hold period.

For the affiliates’ and media buyers’ convenience, the affiliate network has its own payment system, that allows to make a deposit to Facebook and Google dashboard accounts. You don’t have to quit your profile to do so. Basically, LGaming allows you not only to earn, but provides an eWallet that can be used to work with popular traffic sources.

Which payment services LGaming provides? To withdraw your cash, use the following:

  • Credit cards and transfers
  • Tether
  • CapitalistLGaming Affiliate Network Review

For affiliates with large traffic volumes of quality, the employees of the network can grant access to additional payment systems individually.


After registration, each affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager. He assists the affiliates at any stage of work: from account activation to earning withdrawal. How can the manager be of assistance?

  • Selection and connection of the offer
  • Flows and post-backs setups
  • Hints and tips on driving traffic from in-house media buyers
  • Side trackers integration
  • Cash payout
  • Retrieval and order of personal promos

Every manager of LGaming is an expert in CPA industry, so any of them can help to select the offer, based on the traffic you have, or suggest another promising GEO. They regularly pay a visit to the most significant conferences and events around the globe, to spectate the market trends and to improve the functionality of the network.

How to contact the manager or support team of the network? Find their contacts under the dashboard, including:

  • Telegram
  • SkypeLGaming Affiliate Network Review

The support team works 24/7 You can also monitor the LGaming news via the social networks:

LGaming is planning to launch a blog on its website for the affiliates and media buying teams to use.


LGaming is a new affiliate network which was created by the LeadBit team and focusing on Gambling and Betting offers. The company strives to create a comfortable ecosystem for affiliate marketing, so the affiliates can forget about payment issues and endless waiting for apps or payouts.

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