Leadtrade: a CPA network with various offers 

Leadtrade: a CPA network with various offers 
5 April 2017

Leadtrade is an affiliate network working in the Russian market market since 2013. It lists various offers where the most popular are nutra ones (mostly beauty and health products), information products, finance, and games. 

The network is focused on traffic from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. It operates by the CPA model which means cost per action.


Website: leadtrade.ru

Types of offers: nutra, infoproducts, dating, finance, games, and gambling.

Promotion tools: API, TrafficBack и Postback URL, subaccounts, domain parking, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney.

Payouts: once a week upon request (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 2000 rubles).

Leadtrade: a CPA network with various offers 

Features of the affiliate program 

Currently, there are over 300 offers in the Leadtrade catalog, and the most popular ones are from the “Goods by mail” category. Health and beauty products are ranked second popular (these are various weight loss products, creams, teas, trimmers, etc.). Dating, games, and gambling are other popular categories.

By the way, there are exclusive offers. For instance, webmasters are offered to drive traffic to the electric muscle stimulator Face Shaper designed to improve the face shape and remove the second chin. GEOs are Russia and Kazakhstan. 

Different sources of traffic are accepted including doorway traffic, targeted and paid search ads, mass following/mass liking, emails, etc.

The only prohibited sources are motivated and cashback traffic. Detailed terms are usually specified in every offer’s description.

There is a hold period of approximately one month for the first payment. Then, this period is reduced to just 1-2 days. In the affiliate network, there is a referral program, the percentage of commission is low (only 1%), the commission is paid for the income of every invited webmaster.

Advantages for webmasters 

  • Good selection of offers. The list of advertisers is not so big as in other affiliate systems, but this one lists quality offers with a good approval rate.
  • Sponsorship money. The program promises to invest up to 1 mln in traffic for a spin-off. However, to receive this amount, you have to prove your experience and skills in working with the chosen type of traffic.
  • Great bonuses and rewards. Leadtrade is offering its partners to win an apartment in any city of the world worth $50000, very few affiliate programs can offer you something like that.
  • A large variety of tools. The system is offering a great set of tools for working with an offer, and you can conduct A/B tests right in the admin panel.
  • Advanced payments. The program often accommodates verified webmasters and allows money withdrawal at any time. To do that, you need to create a request via the system of support tickets.
Leadtrade: a CPA network with various offers 

Working with the affiliate program 

Beginning work with Leadtrade is quite simple — you only need to fill in the small questionnaire and confirm your email address. After that, you will be able to go to your account. When choosing an offer, you can go by the subject, remuneration volume and the type of accepted traffic. You can find the details in the particular offer’s description. 

In the account, you can view statistics on particular leads, offers, and subaccounts at any time. You can filter data by days and GEO. 

Many webmasters find the long hold period for the first payment annoying, but in general, reviews on the affiliate program are positive. Many webmasters are working in the program for a long period of time, and they highlight the system’s reliability, a great variety of tools, and quality technical support.