LeaderMedia: an affiliate network for female traffic

LeaderMedia: an affiliate network for female traffic
20 April 2019

LeaderMedia is an affiliate network unifying many advertising offers. The network is primarily oriented on the female audience.

Characteristics of the affiliate network

Website: leadermedia.ru

Types of offers: various nutra offers, finance.

Promotion tools: ready-made promotions, landing pages, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney.

Payouts: upon request.

Features of the affiliate network

Since 2010, it has become possible to work in the network. The system is oriented on the traffic from regions of Russia. Remuneration is paid in rubles. You can get the direct link to a product or service.

LeaderMedia: an affiliate network for female traffic

There are offers of various large websites in the network. Each advertiser passes an honesty check. A webmaster can choose one of the following sections:

  • health and beauty;
  • education;
  • credit and credit cards;
  • medicine and dental services;
  • insurance.

Some offers are only accessible to professional webmasters who proved their qualification. This is done to improve the quality of traffic for advertisers.

Ways of making money

A webmaster can work by various cooperation models – CPL, CPS or CPO. Working with Leader Media implies a range of undeniable advantages:

  • High commission payments. The company has been working with many webmasters for 10 years, and there were no payment issues registered.
  • Exclusive advertising offers. In the network, advertisers are carefully selected, and it offers mutually beneficial cooperation terms. All parties benefit from that: the promoted platform, a webmaster, and the system itself.
  • Quality landing pages. Single page websites provide high conversion rates of traffic. These are exclusive landing pages unavailable in other networks. All you need is to attach a domain to your website and start making money.
  • Promotional materials. There is actually plenty of them, and they are enough for any purpose. A webmaster has access to lots of banners, links, and prepared forms.
  • Detailed statistics. There is an opportunity to view reports on link clicks in real-time. The system registers resources where a user comes from, the number of clicks, and the number of sales.
  • Technical support. Friendly consultants are ready to answer webmasters’ questions at any time. Calls are accepted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact technical support not only by phone but also in messengers and via email.

Before starting to work in the system, it is recommended to become familiar with the advertiser terms. You necessarily have to study out the prohibited sources of traffic, agree to the commission volume and start cooperating after that. Your income can only be withdrawn to WebMoney. The network doesn’t work with other payment systems or banks. And so far this is the only drawback of the network.

Which platforms are good for making money

The network is great for making money on websites related to health, self-development, fashion, and beauty. Some financial industries can also come in handy: websites about credits and insurance are good for making money, too.