Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service

Kaminari Click
Founded in: 2019
Kaminari Click is a service providing an anti-fraud solution and specializing in protecting websites from unwanted traffic such as bots and fake clicks. The system of Kaminari Click runs in Real-time Optimization mode and not only filters malicious traffic, but also provides analytical data to help its users understand the nature of attacks and develop strategies to prevent them in the future.
Protects from
Fraud, click fraud, ad fraud, bots
Useful for
Ad networks, affiliate networks, media buying teams, solo affiliates, direct advertisers
Top-up options
Wire transfer, crypto

Kaminari Click is a service designed to ensure the security of websites against undesirable traffic, such as bots and fake clicks. By operating in real-time optimization mode, the Kaminari Click system not only eliminates malicious traffic but also provides users with analytical data. This data assists in understanding the characteristics of attacks and devising strategies to prevent them in the future. Kaminari Click is beneficial for various parties involved in the affiliate marketing industry:

  • For ad networks, the service filters out traffic from low-quality publishers and offers a pre-bid solution for RTB purchases, removing bot-generated traffic.
  • For affiliate networks, Kaminari Click allows its users to view all actions of a lead before they register or sign up. This feature enables the identification of any suspicious activity performed on the site, such as activities carried out by installation bots.
  • For solo webmasters and media buying teams, the service ensures complete protection against bots and unwanted clicks for advertisers who collaborate with ad networks under CPM and CPC payment models. Additionally, Kaminari Click reports can be used in cases where a refund from ad networks is necessary.
  • For direct advertisers, Kaminari Click analyzes the traffic on landing pages of tools or utilities to detect problems, such as geolocation inconsistencies or bot activity. This protection safeguards offers from malicious actions conducted by dishonest affiliates.

Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service


  • Real-time optimization
  • Programmatic analytics
  • Checking CPA-network landing pages
  • Checking clicks on redirects
  • User behavior analytics
  • Real-time browser checking via JavaScript
  • Conversion check / CPA check
  • Metrics: VPN / proxy connection, ad block, push-notifications check, iframe requests
  • The statistics can be downloaded via API
  • Post-back on click status
  • Traffic-back URL, redirecting bots to the stub
  • The service doesn’t use cookies, which is good for GDPR
  • Proxy check URL. Pick this option if you don’t want to disclose the addresses of your pages and referrers that brought the users.


To register, go to the main page of the Kaminari Click site. There, enter your name, company email, company name (if you represent a network or a traffic source), and a promo code (if you have one) in the registration form. Then a manager will contact you and activate your account.

For more convenience, it is also possible to register with your Google account now.

Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service

Personal account

Dashboard. In this section, you can view the general info about received traffic: the percentage of fraudulent and suspicious traffic, tech loses, and good quality traffic. Also, here you can check the following info (for the last 24 hours):

  • Visits quality
  • Fraud types
  • Traffic by real OS, by real country, and by browser language
  • Mobile visits
  • Unique visits
  • Most proxied countries and most fraudulent browser versions

Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service

Statistics. This section provides you with detailed statistics on the traffic you are working with. You have the option to select specific time periods, apply multiple filters, and choose the desired metrics. The information from this section can be saved, shared, and exported, which proves to be highly convenient. 

Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service

Integration. Here you can see two types of integration offered by Kaminari Click:

  • JS Check. It is suitable for impression verification. You place our JS code on your website, it checks the user and immediately returns the result. Then you decide what to do next: show ads, show some special page for bots, or something else.Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service
  • Redirect. If you don’t want or cannot place JS code on the page, you can choose this option for click verification. You redirect the users to Kaminari Click in a way that is convenient for you, the service checks them and redirects them to the target page. The downside of this approach is potential losses due to redirection.Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service

Databases. Here, you can find the service’s databases of:

  • Bot IPs
  • Suspicious IPs
  • VPN IPs

To start using these products, you need to contact your manager. 

Kaminari Click: Testimonials and Review on Anti-fraud Service

User support

If you have any inquiries regarding the Kaminari Click platform, such as integration settings, payment, traffic, reports, and more, feel free to reach out to your manager. You can expect a response from the support team within an hour.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you can request assistance at any time, day, or night (24/7).

Referral program

You can generate a referral link in the “Referrals” section of your account and send it to another person. To get the 10% bonus, the user who received the referral link must follow a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the referral link.
  2. Register in the Kaminari Click system.
  3. Start work with the service and pay for the integration.

After that, you will see information in your account that the user has registered through your referral link. The number of referral links you can create is unlimited.

Service plans and payment

Kaminari Click offers three plans:


  • $1000 per month
  • For advertisers and media buyers
  • 10 million checks per month
  • Analytics and fraud reasons by sections, without detailing by clicks


  • $5000 per month
  • For affiliate programs and ad networks
  • Unlimited checks per month
  • Analytics and fraud reasons by sections, with details by clicks


  • from $10000 per month
  • For ad networks, brands, and agencies
  • Like Pro, plus any improvements for the user, the price will be different for each client, depending on the requirements

Also, Kaminari Click offers a free demo version and custom plans to suit the clients’ needs. You can top up your account via USDT or wire transfer.

Bonus for ZorbasMedia readers

Kaminari Click is pleased to offer you a promotional code, ZORBAS10, which grants a 10% bonus. This code can be entered within your user account.


Wow, just wow! This experience was like riding a cosmic roller coaster of flavors. It’s like they bottled the essence of joy and sprinkled it on everything. Bravo! A symphony for the senses, and I’m here for it. 5 stars, no, 5 galaxies!

Kadam Network

Kaminari Click is our secret weapon in media buying! Their analytics and optimization is just fire. The interface is not glitchy, everything is intuitive. I recommend it to all media buyers. You won’t lose money here!

Media buying team

With Kaminari Click, we have found the perfect partner to optimize our advertising performance. Their advanced technology and flexible functionality allow us to adapt to the fast-changing world of affiliate marketing. The reports are clear and detailed, which helps us make informed decisions. A great solution for a successful media business!

Ad network

Just a bomb for affiliate marketing! Lots of handy targeting that helps to increase conversions and maintain a decent profit. Thanks, Kaminari Click, you really helped me out.

Alexey, media buyer

It’s a cool solution for fraud detection. With their features, I optimize my campaigns automatically. The interface is clear, the data is accurate — I save time and money without stress. I recommend it to everyone who launches ad campaigns.

Sergei, media buyer


Kaminari Click is a specialized service that offers an anti-fraud solution, specifically designed to safeguard websites from undesirable traffic such as bots and fake clicks. The system operates in Real-time Optimization mode, effectively filtering out malicious traffic while also providing valuable analytical data. This data helps users understand attack patterns and develop effective strategies to prevent future attacks. The terms and conditions of the service can be tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring that users receive the specific services they require.