Huksy: an affiliate program with exclusive nutra offers

Huksy: an affiliate program with exclusive nutra offers
15 April 2019

Huksy is a union of several online stores in one affiliate program. Webmasters who register in one of the websites can publish affiliate links for any store of the affiliate program. Commission for acquired customers is 12,5% of the order value.



Types of offers: nutra (optical devices, knives, crossbows, goods for children), educational games.

Promotion tools: banners, XML catalog, software modules, prepared advertisements.

Payment systems: Yandex.Money and WebMoney.

Payouts: once a month (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 rubles).

How does the affiliate program work?

Stores of the affiliate program Huksy do not use intermediaries to work with manufacturers of goods, and that allows putting affordable prices and acquiring more customers. The range of products is constantly expanding, therefore customers have options to choose from. The delivery service is well organized in the store chain, and customers appreciate it much. Many of them who visit a store via the affiliate link become returning customers as they like the level of service, the range, and quality of goods. In that case, they are attached to a webmaster, and they are getting their commission.

Huksy: an affiliate program with exclusive nutra offers

Stores of the affiliate program

  1. Online store LabZZ! It specializes in selling learning games and domestic research laboratories. Its target audience is children and their parents. Any learning kit from the store is a great opportunity for children to pass the time and feel like real scientists.
  2. Online store “”. It sells optical devices: telescopes, microscopes, binocular glasses, and night vision devices. Those who are keen on astronomy, biology, and tourism will like devices. The store also sells fishing goods. Websites dedicated to astronomy, biology, chemistry, active sports and leisure are great for publishing affiliate links.
  3. Online store “”. It sells bows, crossbows, target cards, pneumatic guns and rifles. There are also different accessories in the assortment. Webmasters looking for websites with a male audience interested in guns can easily register in the program and expect their commission.
  4. Online store “”. It specializes in selling pens and accessories for them. There are ordinary pens as well as elite ones in the assortment. You can easily pick a pen to give to a man or a woman as a present. Affiliate links will come in perfect on entertainment websites, websites with felicitations and advice on “what to give as a present”.
  5. Online store “”. It specializes in selling samurai guns. These products find their owners between admirers of history and gun technologies. The affiliate program of this website is good for webmasters developing websites for men.

Huksy: an affiliate program with exclusive nutra offers

Advantages of the affiliate program

Affiliates working in the program get the commission of 12,5% of reimbursed orders. They are offered a wide selection of promotional materials: text advertisements, banners, catalogs, modules. Having registered in one of the affiliate programs, you can publish materials of all other stores, and you can adjust them to your needs. A customer who followed an affiliate link is attached to a webmaster. If they purchase anything from any Huksy store, a webmaster gets a commission for that. Stores of the affiliate program offer a wide range of common goods which can be bought as gifts for male or female audiences, and there are many goods for children. Therefore, a webmaster is guaranteed to make money on the affiliate program.