Affiliate Network Review
Founded in: 2017 is an affiliate network focusing on betting and gambling. Since 2017, over 38,000 webmasters and 600 advertisers have worked with the company and continue to do so.
Business models
Number of offers
Payment methods
WebMoney, Capitalist
Accepted traffic
All traffic types except fraud and incent

Introduction is an affiliate network focusing on betting and gambling. Since 2017, over 38,000 webmasters and 600 advertisers have worked with the company and continue to do so.

However, is not your regular affiliate network that monetizes Facebook, Google, Google UAC, TikTok, in-app, etc. traffic, it is also an educational platform where webmasters can share their knowledge and learn something new. Thanks to this approach and a loyal partner base, the company was awarded “The Best Gambling/Betting Network” at CPA LIFE AWARDS 2019.

Advantages of the network

The network’s database showcases a wide selection of offers. However, Gambling. pro has more aces up its sleeve, such as:

A YouTube channel where partners can find actionable tips and tried-and-true affiliate marketing recommendations:

An educational platform where you can access lots of case studies and manuals to help you navigate the gambling and betting affiliate landscape.

For instance, a six-figure case study showing how to drive UAC traffic to the so-called “hack app”.

In-house apps.

You won’t need your manager’s assistance to drive traffic to these apps successfully. Moreover, most of your questions are already answered in comprehensive manuals or by a bot that has been designed to help webmasters send traffic to the network’s in-house apps.

A support team of affiliate marketing experts who have been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years.

A tracking platform tailor-made for analyzing gambling and betting traffic.

Media buyers who have been running gambling and betting traffic since 2014 and will be willing to share their winning campaigns with you or help you develop a successful marketing funnel.

Launching your first campaign and picking up an offer

Registering with is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Once you have signed up on the platform, you will be able to access your personal account.

Keep in mind that to unlock access to the full functionality of the platform, you will have to fill in your account info. After that, you will be assigned with a dedicated manager who will reach out to you to discuss your future partnership. 

On the dashboard, you will see the following tabs:

  • Statistics
  • Offers
  • Feeds
  • Platforms
  • News Feed
  • Finance
  • Conversions
  • Account
  • FAQ
  • Support

The names of the tabs speak for themselves. What we are going to describe in more detail is the Offers tab. Affiliate Network Review

  On this tab, you will find a list of 1,500 public offers. If you want to get access to private offers, hit up your affiliate manager for more information.  


In most cases, affiliates can choose between the following advertising models: CPA, CPL, and RevShare.

The General info section includes the basic offer details such as GEO, affiliate rates and payout terms.

If you click on a particular offer, you will find a comprehensive description of the product, target action requirements, recommended creative angles, accepted traffic, landers, and much more. Affiliate Network Review Affiliate Network Review
At the time of this writing, the most lucrative GEOs were Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, and Germany. is also going to establish its presence in the Asian market in the future.

To start driving traffic to an offer, reach out to your manager and they give you the more detailed information.

Support and payouts

As is the case with most affiliate networks, each webmaster is assigned with a dedicated manager to help you with a variety of issues, including payouts and campaign launch.

What differentiates from other similar companies is that their managers have considerable affiliate marketing experience under their belt and can help you boost your conversion rate thanks to their expertise.

Affiliate managers are available from 8 am to 12 pm. 

Affiliates can choose between two payment methods, such as WebMoney and Capitalist (and also Bitcoin depending on your traffic volumes). Payouts are made every Friday.


It’s a real pleasure working with We have been promoting their offers for over 1.5 years, and everything has been great so far. The managers are always there to help and fix all sorts of issues. One of the main advantages of the network is a constant supply of WebView apps. There’s also a wide variety of offers to choose from, and the offer database is regularly updated. When it comes to the support team, is one of the best affiliate networks out there. We will definitely continue working with the network and wish them all the luck!


Working with has been great so far. The network’s managers are true problem-solvers. We have been working with the network for quite a while and they have proved to be a reliable partner. All issues are fixed in no time, and our managers are always on guard of our interests. What else can you ask for? You will easily get all the information about the offer you need. Affiliate rates are higher than the market average. I would also like to give a special mention to the network’s YouTube channel where you can find everything you need to launch a winning campaign tomorrow. Hope we will continue to grow together with


We really enjoy working with, the payouts are always made on time, the managers always try to solve all the issues in our favor, you can start testing an offer really fast and, most importantly, the guys offer high affiliate rates and help you generate a decent conversion rate.

Hydra team

Conclusion is an affiliate network that specializes in the gambling and betting verticals and provides its webmasters with everything needed to launch successful campaigns in CIS and beyond, including in-house WebView apps. welcomes both beginner affiliates who will be able to find actionable tips and tried-and-true recommendations on the network’s YouTube channel and educational platform and seasoned marketers who value the network’s expertise and lucrative terms above everything else.

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