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Finline: an overview of the financial affiliate network

Finline is an Internet portal where citizens of Ukraine can find a suitable loan or a credit card. The website has its own affiliate program with offers in finance: the company interacts with a range of Ukrainian banks and microfinance organizations providing great offers with high remuneration.

Characteristics of the program


Types of offers: finance.

Promotion tools: API, Postback URL, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney, Privatbank card, transfer to a bank account.

Payouts: upon request (from 100 hryvnias).

Features of the program

The program has been available since 2012 and it is designed to be used by Ukrainian users. Webmasters make money driving potential customers to prepared landing pages. If a user makes some action specified in the offer terms, a partner gets remuneration.

There are obvious advantages to the program:

  • High conversion rate from leads to approved loans.
  • An application of a customer is sent to the most suitable bank or several organizations at once. The process is fully automated.
  • If a loan is not approved, specialists try to align issuing a card. This increases the chance of a webmaster to make money.
  • All banks undergo a preliminary inspection, and unreliable ones are sorted out immediately.

Remuneration is 350-450 UAH for each approved loan. We should highlight that the loan sum does not affect a webmaster’s income. The amount of potential income is defined by the number of loans approved during a month. If there were 26 loans and more, remuneration will be calculated at the maximum rate. We should also mention that a webmaster gets a single payment of 70 UAH for every issued bank card. A webmaster also gets additional remuneration for each user invited to the program, which amounts to 5% of the referral’s income. The money earned is paid monthly. Payments can be either automated or processed upon request. A minimum amount for withdrawal 100 hryvnias. You can withdraw money:

  • to a bank card;
  • to WebMoney wallet;
  • via money transfer;
  • to a bank account.

To partner up with the affiliate program, a webmaster should have a good knowledge of the subject. Ideally, a webmaster should have their own portal about finance. Conversion rates on a website are the best. A partner can use any source to drive traffic if they don’t contradict the offer terms. Motivated traffic (from the so-called books), brand paid search advertising or traffic fraud are prohibited. If fraud is detected, the affiliate’s account is instantly blocked.

How to start working in the program

After a webmaster creates an account, they need to choose an offer and connect to it. Then, they can choose promotional materials for further use on their website or in advertising campaigns. A webmaster can use own landing pages to drive traffic to the affiliate program. On the program website, you can see the latest news on loans and credits. This will help develop attractive promotions for potential customers.

Tools for traffic acquisition

In an account, a webmaster can see the following promotional materials: links, banners, landing pages and prepared forms for the implementation of affiliate links to a website. Among other tools, we should highlight API which allows customizing single-page websites, PostbackURL, and detailed statistics.

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