F5Stat: an affiliate network with exclusive gambling and dating offers

F5Stat: an affiliate network with exclusive gambling and dating offers
28 April 2019

F5Stat is an affiliate system which primarily specializes in gambling and dating offers. Among the largest advertisers, there are “Vulkan”, PokerDom, 888 Poker, FonBet. The system is working since 2013, and since 2016 it has been present on the Russian market. Webmasters get remuneration for registrations, but some offers allow getting money for users’ deposits. Currently, the catalog lists over 50 offers.

Brief information about the affiliate network

Website: f5stat.com

Types of offers: gambling, dating, etc.

Promotion tools: API, traffic streams, PostBack URL, promotions, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney.

Payouts: once a week (from $50 or 3000 rubles).

Features of the affiliate network 

When working with F5Stat, a webmaster needs to drive target users to the selected online sites. You can use your own website, forum, a social media community, advertising and teaser networks, emails and messengers to acquire traffic. Fraud, account duplicates, and assignment completion by webmasters themselves are prohibited. 

F5Stat: an affiliate network with exclusive gambling and dating offers

Traffic from all over the world is accepted. In the description of every offer, there is detailed information about the GEO. You can find offers for every region. What can the affiliate network offer to a webmaster?

  • Various payment models. Depending on the offer, CPA, CPL, CPI, and Revenue Share can be used.
  • Proper referral program. Remuneration is 2% of the invited webmaster’s income.
  • Individual terms for verified webmasters. For instance, you can negotiate with the support team on advanced payments. 
  • Multi-language offers. Aside from Russian and English, there are offers in French, Spanish, etc. 
  • Fast technical support. They can help you with any offer, payment or other issues. 

Another perk of the network is free training for webmasters. There are regular training events and workshops. The system gives successful working cases to active affiliates. Cost per lead is fixed in every offer, on average it ranges from $0,5 to $45. 

Working in the network

The network previously worked by the invitation model, but now it is open to public access. Therefore you don’t need to list your traffic sources or provide references beforehand — you can immediately register on the system website. After authorization, you will be able to access your account. Add your website and set up access to statistics: you can connect such counters as Rambler, Yandex.Metrika, and LiveInternet. 

F5Stat: an affiliate network with exclusive gambling and dating offers

Now you can move on to choosing an offer. Offers are sorted by subject, and each one contains a detailed description and remuneration terms. Each offer has a set of ready-made promotional materials. There are texts for advertisements, banners, landing pages, and animated images. All materials are adjusted to the desktop as well as mobile placements. Choose the most appropriate materials and publish them on your website via the code. 

Statistics in the affiliate network are updated every couple of minutes. You can track leads from various traffic sources. Reviews on F5Stat are mostly good as the network has gained a good reputation in terms of gambling and dating offers. There are great well-paid offers, convenient tools for work, and many perks for verified webmasters.