Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service

Enigma Affiliate
Founded in: 2020
Enigma Affiliate is a multifunctional platform that provides services such as card issuance, agency account provision, and, soon, CPA network access. The virtual cards issued by this company feature unique BINs, which operate worldwide and facilitate dealing with varied traffic sources. For clients, they offer relevant spending limits, unlimited agency accounts, minimal fees for card replenishment, and responsive support.
Card issuance, agency accounts, CPA network (coming soon)
Top-up options
Wire-transfer, crypto

Enigma Affiliate is a multifunctional service offering a wide range of services: the issuance of virtual cards, and agency accounts, and soon, a CPA network feature will also become available. The company began operating in the financial support of media buying in 2020. During this period, it has reinvested in its in-house media buying teams, generating multi-million turnover annually.

On its platforms, Enigma Affiliate provides cards with reliable BINs. This fosters trust when working with various traffic sources. Agency accounts are swiftly established upon request, and the fees for card issuance and replenishment are very affordable. In the near future, Enigma Affiliate clients will have the opportunity to invest in resale offers in the gambling and Forex verticals via the new CPA network. Media buyers can access these three services within one company which greatly optimizes their operations and leads to higher profits.

Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service


  • Offers low recharge fees for agency FB accounts
  • Issues cards with trusted BINs
  • Works with various traffic sources such as FB, Google, and TikTok
  • Provides cards are reliable and pass all necessary checks, allowing charging of more than $60,000 per card
  • Comprehensive analytics available on performance
  • Three services available on one platform

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To register, you need to go to the main page of the Enigma Affiliate site. There, enter your name, email, and password in the registration form. Then a manager will contact you, offer you suitable BINs to work with, and activate your account.

Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service

Personal account

Accounts. This section displays information about all the accounts you have. Here, you can see the list of accounts and the balance of each account, as well as the total balance of all accounts.

Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service

Budgets. This section displays your budget information, including balance data, set limits, and card balances. Additionally, it provides a feature to top up your balance.

Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service

Cards. A section containing information on issued cards. To find a particular card, you can use the search bar, entering the last digits of the card number. Here you can also make a request to issue a new card: you will be transferred to a manager for the request.

Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service

Transactions. This section provides information on your card transactions. To access this data, please contact your manager.

Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service

Card issuance service from Enigma Affiliate

Enigma Affiliate offers several features to media buyers at once. The first is a card issuance service that allows one to launch and manage advertising campaigns in any GEO. Cards are issued and replenished quickly. The service works with USD, and the cost of issuing a card is 2 dollars.

The cards are suitable for working with Facebook, TikTok, and Google. This is all thanks to the fact that Enigma Affiliate uses trusted BINs from the US, Estonia, and the UK.

Detailed real-time statistics on all transactions are available in the account.

Top-up and bonus

The balance in your Enigma Affiliate account can be replenished via wire transfer or by linking your cryptocurrency wallet. The minimum deposit is $200. 

The service charges a commission of 4.5% for account balance replenishment regardless of whether you choose a wire transfer or a cryptocurrency transaction.

Agency accounts service from Enigma Affiliate

The company offers the service of using agency accounts on Facebook. This allows you to pass through site moderation more quickly, have higher budget limits, and run ads without the fear of bans.

At Enigma Affiliate, you can obtain an unlimited number of agency accounts, which are regularly updated. You can monitor their performance via detailed statistics. A commission of up to 10% is charged when replenishing agency accounts.

CPA network from Enigma Affiliate

The CPA network is still in development, but there are already details on the terms of working with it. The platform will accept traffic from TikTok, UAC, SEO, ASO, and Meta services. There will be two cooperation models available — CPA and RevShare.

At the start, there will be 30+ offers from direct advertisers and brokers in gambling and Forex. Managers can always be approached with a request to bring a new, interesting product to the platform. The CPA network will specialize in Tier 1–3, especially in such GEOs — Italy, Spain, France, Britain, Kazakhstan, and Brazil.

Standard hold in the network: from 14 to 31 days. Regular affiliates will also have the opportunity to participate in a loyalty program.

Registered affiliates will be given access to the CRM system from Enigma Affiliate. But if you wish, you can arrange integration with a third-party tracker to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

Enigma Affiliate: Testimonials and Review on Payment Service

Support service

The helpdesk managers work on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00. However, they are always ready to promptly respond to unforeseen events and assist in resolving unexpected nuances in the work, even after typical working hours.

You can contact the support team with any questions regarding the operation of Enigma Affiliate services.

The company also manages a Telegram channel and an Instagram account where they publish the latest news, updates, special offers, and other interesting and useful information for media buyers.


Good afternoon, everyone!

Not so long ago, I began working with Enigma Cards and would like to leave a brief review. Initially, I encountered difficulties when attempting to link the cards to my Facebook account. There would be frequent errors, accounts would be disconnected due to risk payments — it was a nightmare, honestly. I stumbled upon this company’s service and decided to reach out to them. They provided me with a USA card to try out. To my astonishment, I managed to connect this card on my first attempt. Over a period of several days, I was even able to spend $600 using this card. I was genuinely surprised by this success. I am planning to test agency accounts next and explore their other card options. I highly recommend this service based on my positive experience.

Media buyer


We have been using the Enigma Affiliate service for over six months. We don’t use virtual cards in our work, so our team was only interested in agency accounts. Initially, we took about 10 accounts for different GEOs and verticals. Features that we appreciated included: quick support — they replaced an inactive account within 10 minutes following the request and immediately transferred money to the new account; reasonable commissions — after spending 10 thousand, the team offered new conditions for account replenishment; and quality accounts — those that remained active for long and had a high spend rate. We have been working with them for more than a month, and so far, we are satisfied with everything.

Media buyer


Hello! We once heard a review about Enigma Affiliate from our friends, and now it’s time to write our own.

We were recommended the Enigma Affiliate service for renting FB agency accounts and virtual cards. We applied for virtual cards and were given the first 10 cards for free, along with promotional terms for testing and startup, using a promo code from our acquaintances. After the test, we chose the cards with the Estonian BIN and got connected at once. We work only with these cards and only under Google; it’s stable and without failures (by the way, we chose cards without 3DS to avoid all the problems with confirming each transaction). We plan to test agency accounts in the near future, let’s see how it goes. We recommend Enigma Affiliate, they will find the best solution for your needs.

Media buyer


Great service, they offer different types of cards (Mastercard and Visa) at a very favorable price. So far, I’ve only used GEO Italy and had no difficulty linking to FB, earning high trust. It’s convenient that there is 3DS verification (which can be disabled if necessary) and 100% passability. Special thanks to the support team, who never responded in more than 3 minutes, even when I wrote during the day or sometimes at night. In general, this is the best solution for me for advertising payments. I hope there won’t be any accidents and the BINs will last a long time. Everything has been superb so far!

Media buyer


We have been utilizing Enigma’s virtual cards and agency accounts for over a month now. From our experience, the issuance, and replenishment processes are extremely rapid, taking up to only 10 minutes in total. The cards provided are excellent — we’ve tried them all, but we specifically prefer the USA BINs, which are easy to use, reliable, and hassle-free — a rarity these days.

Their customer service managers are impressive, providing responses at all times and addressing our requests swiftly. We are eagerly awaiting the full launch of the personal account, but for now, the services provided are adequate. Features such as quick statement retrieval, facilitating FB Pay for Facebook-related payments, or providing current balance information are convenient.

In particular, our experience with the agency accounts stands out. At our request, they update our expenditure every 3 hours, ensuring that the information we use is always up-to-date, allowing us to easily monitor our operations without having to wait 24 hours for a response, a problem we encountered with a former service provider.

Overall, we are highly satisfied with the services provided, and we are looking forward to continuing our growth with them.

Media buyer


Enigma Affiliate is a multifunctional service that combines three features: virtual cards, agency accounts, and a CPA network. Thanks to its diverse functionality, clients can manage multiple services without keeping track of dozens of separate chat rooms. A single manager can be approached for card issuance and offer details.

The company boasts low commissions on card top-ups, reliable BINs, compatibility with various traffic sources, agency accounts, and an impending feature — reselling offers at Tier 1–3, based on CPA and RevShare models. These services are easy to use and tailor to the needs of individual media buyers as well as media buying teams.

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