DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2022
DEPHOUSE is an affiliate program that offers both a direct product and resale offers in the gambling vertical. The project was released in Warsaw in September 2022 by a team with extensive experience in the affiliate marketing industry. The company provides all tools and features for monetizing traffic: advice on offers, interesting GEOs, detailed analytics, and comprehensive support. The main payout models are CPA and RevShare. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.
Payout models
CPA, RevShare
Gambling, betting
Payment options
Credit card, crypto, Capitalist, Multicards, Wire Transfer
Minimum withdrawal
Разрешенный трафик
FB, ASO, SEO, PPC, UAC, Push, Native, E-mail, TikTok
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent, misleading, scheme, and signal traffic

DEPHOUSE is an affiliate program that allows partners to make money both on its own product and on resale offers in the gambling and betting verticals. The project was launched in 2022 by a team with extensive experience in the affiliate marketing industry. Therefore, the company understands what media buyers need and provides suitable conditions and tools that allow marketers to earn more: assistance in launching campaigns and advice on offers, interesting GEOs, detailed analytics, and support. In the near future, the DEPHOUSE team has great plans to add new exclusive GEOs, as well as launch a variety of in-house products. The main payout models with this program are CPA and RevShare, while the minimum withdrawal threshold is $50.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review


  • In-house product, direct and resale offers
  • 100+ offers
  • Accept a variety of traffic sources: social networks, ASO, SEO, native, push, UAC, email
  • Minimum withdrawal: $50
  • 7-days hold for the in-house offer, 14 days — on resale offers
  • Integration with any trackers, work with no trackers is also possible
  • Payouts in fiat and crypto, via bank cards or payment systems

Getting started and the dashboard

To start cooperating with the DEPHOUSE affiliate program, a client needs to register on the company’s website. In the application form, the client has to specify the email, password, and nickname on Telegram and Skype for communication.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

New partners are approved manually. After registration, the manager contacts a client to discuss preferred GEOs and traffic sources in order to make a relevant selection of offers and conditions.

What is in the personal account?

Dashboard. This page contains aggregate information about working on the platform filtered by payment model (RS and CPA). It displays revenue for time periods, EPC and CR. There is also information on deposits, confirmed payments, and registrations there. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of the latest offers.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

Offers. This section contains information on available offers. To submit a request for an offer, a client needs to click on “Create a stream”. The offer search is sorted by name, ID, category, payment model, traffic source, label, and country.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

The offer card contains detailed information on the conditions of the affiliate’s work: payment model, GEO, hold, product description, and accepted traffic sources.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

Statistics. This section displays detailed analytics on all the actions of an affiliate for different periods of time. Information can be sorted by specific indicators: by leads, payout model, country, traffic source, offer, landing page, etc.

The pivot table shows the data on unique visitors, registrations, EPC, clicks, deposits, hold, and earned funds.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

Streams. In this section, a client can create streams with the help of the manager. The desired product can be found by ID and name. Offers that are already in progress are displayed on the page. 

Finance. Here is all the information on the payment model and payouts. A client can view the history of transactions for different periods of time.

DEPHOUSE Affiliate Program Review

To withdraw earned funds, a client needs to add a payment system by clicking on the “Add a new method” button and selecting the appropriate option.

News. This page contains up-to-date information on active offers (suspension or resumption) and news about updates on the site.

Tools. In this section, a client can set up tools for working with offers. If there are any difficulties, TechSupport is in touch to help with the setup.

Profile. Personal data is indicated here: name, country, time zone, and interface language. It is also possible to set up two-factor authentication and change a password or login for Telegram and Skype here. 

Contacts of your dedicated manager (Telegram and Skype) can be found in the personal account. They are listed at the top of the screen.

Offer and traffic sources

At the moment, 100+ offers are available in the DEPHOUSE affiliate program, and their list is updated weekly. The company offers affiliates its own product, as well as resale offers with exclusive conditions. Their availability can be checked in the “Offers” section of the personal account. The company first gives out its own product in private for tests.

Launching a campaign is only possible with the help of a manager: they must approve it and notify the affiliate if the active offer is turned off. In addition, such news is sent by email, if the affiliate is subscribed to the DEPHOUSE mailing list. 

The affiliate program has two payout models: CPA (up to $300) and RevShare (up to 50%).

DEPHOUSE accepts different types of traffic: social networks (FB, TikTok), ASO, SEO, PPC, UAC, push, email, and native. The company does not work with fraudulent, misleading, scheme, or signal traffic. Mixed traffic can be accepted, but the partner should understand that the rates in this case may differ from the same for distributed traffic. 

GEO and tracking

DEPHOUSE works with 25+ GEOs.

Talking about DEPHOUSE’s own offer, it is better to work with GEO Uzbekistan, where it is being promoted. Soon, the offer will be released for two more new GEOs. 

If a client wants to work with resale offers, then the top GEOs of the affiliate program are BR, TR, PT, PL, and IT. 

The DEPHOUSE system integrates with any trackers. To set one up, TechSupport must be contacted.

If an affiliate uses their own tracker, then for integration, they should warn the technical support. If desired, work without tracking is also possible as all the detailed statistics and actions can be seen in the personal account.


The minimum payout in the affiliate program is $50. The hold period for DEPHOUSE’s own product is 7 days, for resale offers — 14 days. But if necessary, the change of the hold can be discussed with the manager. 

To withdraw earned money, a convenient payment method should be added to the personal account and a request for withdrawal should be sent. Money can be received in several ways: in dollars and cryptocurrency (Tether, USDT). Fiat can be received on a credit card, or through Capitalist, Multicards, and Wire Transfer services. 

Personal conditions can be discussed with the manager, but in such a situation, managers pay attention to the source of traffic and its volume. If the company is satisfied with everything, then they can offer the media buyer bump rates and personal conditions. 


Soon, DEPHOUSE will connect a service for creatives to a personal account, which will allow affiliates to receive ready-made promotional materials.

The affiliate program has a 24/7 support team that is ready to answer any question related to working with DEPHOUSE. The support service answers questions as quickly as possible — in the first 15 minutes from the moment the request is received.

Also, each affiliate has a dedicated manager with significant experience in affiliate marketing, who is ready to give advice for conversion, indicate the top GEOs for the offer, name the target audience, and tell where to get apps. Contacts of the affiliate manager can be found in the personal account: they can be contacted via Telegram and Skype.

In the future, the company plans to launch its own blog. In the meantime, useful news about the work of the affiliate program can be read on Telegram and Instagram

Bonuses for partners

DEPHOUSE is developing an individual reward system. Now the company is working on creating special bonuses for partners (for buyers, owners, and top management of media buying teams). 

So far, for the whole of February, a temporary promotion is valid for partners. Media buyers can receive $100 towards their first payout if they launch campaigns for Tier-1.


I would like to note that working with DEPHOUSE, you should know that any of your issues will be resolved as soon as possible. The guys are open to discussion and are interested in helping you scale and improve the quality of traffic. This is a potentially strong product that will obviously grow into a large whale and will delight you with conversion rates! Also, the guys will definitely have a huge pool of GEOs in the future! 

Levan, Traffic Devils

We have been working with DEPHOUSE since their opening) This is a young, but very promising affiliate program that is actively developing. I will say a few words as the affiliate manager of the buying team. The first thing I want to highlight is the people who work there — professionals in their field. Managers always promptly and clearly respond to requests, and we’ve never had a problem with payouts, they are always on time. 

A separate comment from the team owner: “Everyone in this affiliate program is just a cutie-pie in one word” =)

Olya, Traffic Skulls

DEPHOUSE is the best. We are actively working with them and scaling together. It’s very cool that they have their own new internal product. With an empty base, the conversion is very sweet) The future will bring even more opportunities 🚀 

Ivan, Illuminatus team


DEPHOUSE is a young affiliate program that offers to make money on their own product and resale offers in gambling and betting verticals. The project was founded by a team with extensive experience in the affiliate marketing industry, so their platform offers the conditions necessary for comfortable work. The team plans to expand the pool of GEOs and features, add bonuses for affiliates, and a tool for making creatives. This platform is more suitable for experienced affiliates who want to dive into gambling, or for those who are already working with this vertical.

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