CTR.ru: the biggest affiliate program with nutra offers

CTR.ru: the biggest affiliate program with nutra offers
20 March 2017

CTR.ru is an affiliate CPA program working mostly with nutra offers. This program is probably one of the most well-known in Russia: it is this program that pioneered in affiliate marketing in Russia and the CIS.

This program is the most powerful in terms of traffic volume and leads number in the Russian CPA segment; previously it was semi-private, but now it frequently shows up in public. It is that system where they invented and started promoting such top products as breast creams and goji berries.

Well, let’s figure out what CTR.ru is and what advantages it can give to a webmaster.

CTR.ru: the biggest affiliate program with nutra offers

Characteristics of the affiliate program

Website: ctr.ru

Types of offers: all types of nutra offers (beauty, health, accessories, diets, etc.).

Tools: Trafficback, Postback URL, rotator, SubID, domain parking, UTM tags, retargeting, API, XML feed, etc.

Payment systems: WMR, QIWI, bank cards.

Payouts: 1-2 times a week (minimum amount is 3000 rubles).

Features of the system

CTR.ru is still being semi-private, therefore registration and working in the system are only available if you get an invitation. Getting it is not so hard: it can suffice to try contacting the technical support and undergoing a short interview with a manager, but you will need to prove you have a source of the stable traffic stream. This measure is compulsory and is required to filter out newcomers.

In this affiliate program driving up the number of leads or traffic volume are prohibited as well as other forms of spam. The average remuneration for a purchased product is 500-700 rubles. Regarding the commission fare, it frequently depends on the location of the acquired customer, that’s why you shouldn’t neglect geographic targeting when choosing an offer.

In CTR.ru there are a lot of tools that may be useful even for an experienced webmaster. The list of features also includes connecting agency accounts: MarketGid, TargetMail, and others.

CTR.ru: the biggest affiliate program with nutra offers

More about the offers

The system catalog displays over 140 affiliate programs. The largest categories are “Beauty”, “General” (including luminous headphones, pest repelling aids, etc.), “Health”, and “Diets”. We are only talking about verified offers with a wide geographic presence.

The majority of offers is aimed at female customers, therefore working with the program has its peculiarities.

The system is paying much attention to the quality of the partners’ products: products should completely correspond with their descriptions and they should be certified.

Advantages for webmasters

  • Detailed statistics. CTR.ru have thoroughly worked out the statistics, made the analytics simple and illustrative. You can see the average approval rate by gender or age of the target audience as well as a range of other criteria.
  • Updated program catalog. New offers with convertible geographic presence and high remuneration regularly appear in the system.
  • Great technical support. Round-the-clock technical support always quickly solves any issues of webmasters. This is mostly possible thanks to invitations to registration: the system manages to filter out newcomers, as a result, managers can give their attention to experienced webmasters.
  • Provision of promotional materials. This point is mandatory for nutra offers, that’s why CTR.ru makes no exception for its users.

And what comes as a result? This is a reliable affiliate system with a great reputation among webmasters, major offers and high accountability. CTR.ru can be a great option for a stable income, that’s why – go ahead!