CPX Affiliate Affiliate Network Review

CPX Affiliate Affiliate Network Review
19 April 2022

Site: cpxaffiliate.com

Payment methods: wire transfer

Payment models: Cost per Lead, Cost per Sale, Cost per Order, Cost per Click, Cost per Impressions

Offer verticals: e-commerce (fashion, retail, beauty, home decor)

GEOs: MENA region

Prohibited approaches: brand traffic, gambling-themed promo, interstitials, misleading claims, add-ons/toolbar installations 

Minimum payout: $300

Main features

CPX Affiliate is a UAE affiliate network that provides access to a variety of offers in different verticals and renders services in English and Arabic.

This affiliate network focuses on the high quality of traffic and mostly works with advertisers from the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

The platform provides access to transparent statistics and in-depth analytics which allows affiliate marketers to make data-driven decisions.

The name CPX derives from “cost per X” and refers to the flexibility of the payout models available with this network. This includes commissions per order, per sale, per lead, per impression, per action, per click.

CPX Affiliate Affiliate Network Review


  • Monthly payouts by wire transfer. The model is NET30, the minimum payout threshold is $300.
  • The in-depth analytics technology allows CPX Affiliate to discover the audience slices with the best potential.
  • This network has one of the highest payout rates in the MENA region. The transactions are always transparent and timely.
  • The CR you will find with this network is higher than average.
  • The support team speaks in several languages and is available round-the-clock. Affiliate marketers get quick assistance with any issues.
  • Dedicated managers use highly personalized approach to affiliate management, which yields impressive results.
  • The platform allows for detailed campaign tracking and analysis, which is invaluable for optimization and scaling.
  • For affiliates who drive big volumes of quality traffic CPX Affiliate has a bonus program called Super Affiliates Club. It includes higher payouts and incentives, exclusive discount codes, and early access to new features.


CPX Affiliate is an international network that offers access to a slew of exclusive e-commerce offers within a variety of offer verticals. The company focuses on the MENA region and mostly works with English and Arabic. The flexibility of available payout models makes this affiliate network a good choice for both budding and experienced media buyers.