ClickBank: an infopreneurship affiliate program

ClickBank: an infopreneurship affiliate program
8 April 2017

Infopreneurship in Russia is gaining momentum every year, and there are more and more affiliate programs offering to make money on information products. One of them is ClickBank which is an affiliate program from the West considered one of the oldest on the Internet.

The program has appeared back in 2000, it allows selling or purchasing physical and digital goods. Currently, over 12 thousand digital content makers and 100 thousand webmasters are working with ClickBank. The program operates in 200 countries of the world, and recently Russia has joined the list. The system is only available in English which means that if you want to work with it, you can’t make it without knowledge of the language.

Brief details


Types of offers: information products.

Promotion tools: SubID, affiliate links, etc.

Payment systems: PayPal, issuing checks.

Payouts: once in 15 days (a minimum amount for withdrawal is $100).

ClickBank: an infopreneurship affiliate program

Features of the affiliate program

The program calculates a webmaster remuneration using percentage rates defined by advertisers. On average, the remuneration rate fluctuates from 30% to 75%. If we transfer them to money equivalent, we’ll get remuneration from $4 to $40. English-speaking traffic is more preferable.

Another feature of the program is a penalty system for idle accounts (which don’t earn money. The scale of penalties is progressive, but they only apply to accounts with a positive balance. After 90 days, $1 is charged daily, and after a year this amount reaches $50. 

Withdrawal is only available after the account becomes active, that is after 5 purchases have been made. And 2 of them must be made from bank cards.

How to start making money

To start with, you need to register on the program website. After that, you can open the admin panel and choose the necessary offer category (health and beauty, work, fitness, automobiles, etc). You will see the list of available books and information products, and you will only need to choose the most interesting among them, get your affiliate links and launch advertising campaigns.

When choosing an offer, pay attention to its brief description and characteristics. The most important parameters are Grav (a complex rating of the offer) and Initial $/Sale (remuneration in absolute values).

After you go through all offers and choose the most interesting ones, you can generate an affiliate link by clicking on the “Promote” button.

ClickBank: an infopreneurship affiliate program

Features of remuneration payments

We should separately emphasize income payments. Currently, transfers to PayPal are possible, however, issuing checks is more common. It can be sent anywhere in the world, the average delivery term to Moscow is 14 days. The cost of shipping a check is $2,5.

You can also use accounts in or to withdraw money. Another feature is the payment schedule Net15 (that is, in two weeks after a reference period of 15 days is over).