Clickadu Ad Network Review
18 June 2020


Clickadu is a digital advertising network that started selling popunder traffic back in 2014. Since then, the company has grown into a multi-format ad network for web and mobile channels. On the network’s in-house self-serve platform, advertisers can launch ad campaigns in a variety of ad formats such as:

  • Popunder, 
  • Push Notifications, 
  • InPage,
  • Push, 
  • Video, 
  • Instant Text Message,
  • Skim. 

The minimum deposit amount is $100. You can top-up your balance through Wire Transfer, bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, or Paxum. 


Available ad formats include Popunder, Push Notifications, InPage Push, Video, Instant Text Message, and Skim. More than 90% of the total traffic volume comes from websites that Clickadu works with directly. If an advertiser wants to target larger audiences, they can enable broker traffic.  

  • Popunder – 120 million
  • Push Notifications – 1,8 billion
  • InPage200 млнVideo – 20 million
  • Instant Text Message – 4 million
  • Skim – 3 million

The Clickadu team is constantly expanding its push publisher and platform database, adding about 60K new subscribers (with the unsubscribe rate of 20-30K) daily.  

Registration and campaign launch

The registration process on Clickadu is pretty standard. The advertiser is required to fill in a couple of forms, specify what they are going to promote and share their contact details. Once the registration process is complete, you can get down to setting up and launching campaigns.  

NOTE: To avoid paying an extra 20% VAT, indicate any real place or location in the Residency field when registering on the platform.  

You can create a new campaign directly from the Dashboard.  

From the very onset, you’ll need to decide on the ad format and pricing model. You can launch your campaigns based on CPC, CPM, SmartCPM, and SmartCPA. Also, be sure to specify the required feed: either adult or mainstream.

You can set up your postback and target URLs in the same window.

Clickadu is integrated with a variety of tracking solutions, and so you can easily generate a postback URL in the Tracking section.

Then, you’ll be able to move on to creative settings and also select your GEOs and specify the bid.

Remember that you can also run your campaigns based on SmartCPA where the advertiser pays only for conversions. 

According to the Clickadu team, this pricing model is the most popular among the network’s customers. The reason behind this is that it allows advertisers to run more cost-efficient campaigns and reduce the time needed for optimization as well as for testing.

Once you set up your campaign, it will be submitted for approval. On average, the approval process takes about 22 minutes. You can find the moderation rules in the Privacy policy section. If you have any questions or issues you need to fix, feel free to reach out to your dedicated manager.

Plus, there is also the Traffic Inventory section where advertisers can look up how much traffic is available in a certain GEO and at what price.

Affiliate reviews

Initially, we were rather skeptical about our partnership with Clickadu. However, we have been working with the network for half a year already and our partnership has been really great so far. We appreciate the platform’s user-friendly interface, traffic inventory, and, of course, account managers who are always there to help you with campaign optimization. 

Sergey S

Clickadu is a reliable partner when it comes both to scaling up your existing campaigns and testing out new offers. Excellent pop inventory, fresh push database, and the Skim format that is killing it right now are among the main advantages of the network. I’d also like to thank Clickadu for great support. 


A reliable ad network with huge traffic volumes, especially in Asia. Not all affiliate marketing niches convert well on Clickadu traffic, but if you know how to score a winning campaign, you’ll definitely secure a positive ROI. Plus, dedicated managers are always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to campaign optimization. 



Clickadu is a great ad network for affiliates who appreciate flexibility, convenient working conditions, and high traffic quality. The self-serve platform allows for an effortless campaign launch, while the responsive support team will always answer all your questions and help you fix all the emerging issues. Nice bonuses in the form of promo codes and traffic sales that are announced on the company’s blog are also one of the main strong points of the network.

By the way, you can use the promo code ZORBAS to get a 10% bonus on your first deposit.

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