Changelly Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2015
Changelly is a service for cryptocurrency exchange and purchase that also has an affiliate program. Changelly offers a slew of features for monetizing crypto: widgets and buttons for crypto exchange and purchase, referral links, banners, and API.
Number of offers
Europe, CIS, the USA, Canada
Payment models
BTC and ETH for currency exchange, USDT for purchase
The minimum payout threshold
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic, branded traffic, fraudulent traffic

Changelly is a platform for cryptocurrency exchange and purchase that also has an affiliate program that bears the same name. Changelly has 7 years of experience under its belt and operates in Europe, CIS, the USA, and Canada. Tier-1 GEOs are the main priority of the company at the moment.


Changelly is an affiliate program that promotes its own product: a fiat-to-crypto exchange service. Affiliate marketers earn a commission from the transactions that users perform on the platform. Let’s take a look at some advantages of Changelly:

  • Ready-made banners localized to suit the language of your audience. Reach out to your dedicated manager to request access.
  • You can run campaigns without a tracker as your dashboard contains detailed statistics.
  • There is an official mobile application for affiliates to drive traffic from Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc.
  • Changelly is a fast-developing company and is already getting ready to introduce users to a new version of the affiliate program.
  • Unique features, for example, a built-in widget for crypto exchange and purchase, that are covered in greater detail in the Dashboard section of the review.


To get started with Changelly, you need to create an account via an email or sign in via your social networks. There is no manual account approval, but it is prohibited to have multiple accounts.


Your dashboard contains a slew of instruments that allow for an easier monetization of crypto with Changelly. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Changelly has a referral link that leads users to a crypto exchange, while affiliate marketers earn a percentage from each transaction.

Changelly Affiliate Program Review

You can also install a Changelly exchange and purchase widget on your website so that users can perform crypto transactions. The widget leaves you space to maneuver: it is flexible and adaptive, so it easily fits in both headers, footers, as well as the landing page.

Changelly Affiliate Program Review

Place a customizable exchange button on your platform so that users can instantly buy and exchange cryptocurrency.

Changelly Affiliate Program Review

API integration allows users to quickly exchange cryptocurrency. API is a fully customizable tool that can be installed on your platform. To access the Changelly API, send an email to and receive your API keys.

Changelly Affiliate Program Review

Such a variety of tools may seem confusing at first, so here is a comparative table with the main features of the aforementioned tools.

  Widget & Referral link API
Reward  Up to 50% of Changelly’s revenue from each transaction Extra commission fee that will be charged to your users on top of Changelly’s exchange fee. Usually, the extra fee is set to be between 0.1%–1% per transaction 
Integration Easy, 1–2 hours Requires basic developer skills 
Transaction Type Fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto Crypto-to-crypto
Customization Can change colors to fit your platform Fully customizable 


To check the statistics, choose the Statistics tab in your dashboard. The transaction history and a detailed report on your referrals are also on the same page.

Changelly Affiliate Program Review


Currently, Changelly as an affiliate program promotes one direct offer — Changelly fiat-to-crypto exchange platform. This offer has two options: purchase crypto or exchange crypto. You will see these two options separately on the platform in the Statistics and Payouts tabs, so there will be no confusion. Rewards for crypto purchase and for crypto exchange are also credited each to a separate balance.

Changelly Affiliate Program Review

Affiliates can activate the offer manually or with the assistance of their dedicated manager. Currently, the affiliate program supports the RevShare payout model up to 60%. The standard rate is 50%. Changelly offers exclusive terms to affiliates who drive big volumes of high quality traffic. For example, a higher RevShare rate or (in special cases) a hybrid payout model: Monthly Fix + RevShare. The monthly fixed payout is subject to negotiation and set individually.


The minimum payout threshold is $1,000. Among the available payment methods are BTC/ETH for crypto exchange, and USTD for crypto purchase. Changelly does not have a hold period.


The support team’s working hours are from 10 AM to 9 PM (GMT+3), but the managers will assist you ASAP in case of any serious issues. Your dedicated manager will be there for you to assist you with anything from deciding on a promotion strategy to requesting a payout. Besides, Changelly has an official blog that can provide you with many valuable insights about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and crypto market in general.


As a brand new parent, I am so happy to be a Changelly affiliate. The extra income has allowed me to spoil both my baby, and my wife! This was very new to me at the beginning of 2021, but the team of affiliate support managers have been friendly and easy to work with, and I’ve learned so much in just a few months. I am very excited about my future with Changelly, and the future of cryptocurrencies in the years ahead.


CoinSutra started working with Changelly as an affiliate partner in 2016, and in the last half a decade, Changelly has proven itself to be a leader in their category. All of our users who have used Changelly are happy and satisfied with the high-quality service they offer. Finding a trustable partner in the crypto industry is an achievement, and this is something we got after partnering with Changelly.


Buying crypto on BetFury became a reality! Changelly widget allows buying crypto for fiat right inside the BetFury interface. It makes playing on BetFury much more comfortable. Widget is available in over 200 countries! Our users don’t need to leave the platform to buy some crypto. They can easily exchange fiat money to crypto right inside the BetFury interface with the Changelly widget! Thank you for the partnership. We really appreciate it.


Our team has been working with Changelly for about a year, and we can with confidence say that this is a top platform! The quality and swiftness of the service are impeccable. This allows for a higher conversion rate and bigger payouts for us. And since Changelly introduced their application it has become much easier to run campaigns. We are really looking forward to post-backs so that we can analyze events and optimize better. Then everything will be perfect!


Hi everyone. I have been working with this affiliate program for about a year and have only good things to say about it. The manager assists me with everything and solves all the issues really fast. I don’t even have to ask for help. I run push campaigns with my own databases. They are not big, but I make about $2–5K monthly with ease. The payouts are smooth, no problems there. Highly recommend this program.



Changelly affiliate program from the crypto exchange and purchase platform provides affiliate marketers with all the tools they need to run successful campaigns. At the moment Changelly focuses on developing Tier-1 GEOs including the USA, Canada, and Australia. The team behind Changelly invests in developing both the exchange platform and the affiliate program, so Changelly becomes more convenient for users and marketers.

Get started with Changelly to conquer the crypto vertical!