CardsPro: Testimonials and Review on Virtual Card Issuance Service

Founded in: 2023
CardsPro is a service for issuing and managing virtual cards created by Capitalist payment system, a company with 10 years of expertise in the affiliate marketing sphere. The platform is primarily adapted for media-buying teams that pay for advertising campaigns and web-tools on various platforms. The balance can be replenished using both fiat and crypto. The service does not charge any service and onboarding fees and has a simple verification process. CardsPro offers multiple trusted BINs, comprehensive support, detailed statistics, and many other user-friendly features.
USD, EUR (soon)
Top-up services
Capitalist account (via internal transfer, wire transfer, and crypto USDT/USDC)
Monthly maintenance
Minimum deposit
$10 for the USA, $25 for HK, UK

CardsPro is a service for issuing virtual payment cards from the Capitalist team. The company has gained extensive experience and trust in the affiliate and finance markets over the past 10 years. The platform is primarily designed for media-buying teams, enabling them to effortlessly launch and manage advertising campaigns on any platform worldwide. It offers shared and separate balances, three levels of participant access, and many other features to facilitate seamless teamwork.

Media buyers are provided with several trusted BINs, a lifetime referral program, the ability to replenish accounts in both fiat and crypto, as well as dedicated support and detailed statistics on their work.

Additionally, the CardsPro team has plans to release cards that can be used for any purchases in the near future. These cards will be compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay accounts, allowing for handy integration and convenience.

CardsPro: Testimonials and Review on Virtual Card Issuance Service


  • The service supports multiple BINs, ensuring good reliability
  • The setup process is fast, with a short time period from application to the issuance of the first card
  • Personalized conditions are available for VIP clients
  • The balance can be replenished in both fiat and crypto
  • The platform features a simple and intuitive interface
  • Team mode is available for collaborative work
  • Clients receive support from a dedicated team with expertise in affiliate marketing
  • Detailed work statistics are accessible in the personal account


To register with CardsPro, you need to have a Capitalist account. Simply go to your profile and locate the section labeled “CardsPro”. From there, you can request access to the CardsPro service.

CardsPro: Testimonials and Review on Virtual Card Issuance Service

After submitting your request, a manager will reach out to you to ask a few clarifying questions. Once the necessary information is obtained, they will proceed to activate your account. CardsPro does not require any additional verification procedures.

Personal account


All expenses data is displayed here. You can filter the information by week, month, or year. It also shows data on the latest payments, the total account balance, the balance on cards and holds, as well as the decline rate. The team balance is displayed separately.

CardsPro: Testimonials and Review on Virtual Card Issuance Service


In this section, you can view information about issued cards, including their status, BIN, date of addition, and the user to whom the card is linked. Additionally, you can make a request to create a new card. The information is also available for download as an Excel report.

CardsPro: Testimonials and Review on Virtual Card Issuance Service


Here, you can filter transaction information by time period, card, merchant, status, BINs, and transaction participants. Additionally, you have the option to upload the information as an Excel report.

CardsPro: Testimonials and Review on Virtual Card Issuance Service


This section displays all information about team mode, including the number of participants, the number of active cards, the total balance, and costs. Here, you can view information about the work of each team member and also add new members to the team.

CardsPro: Testimonials and Review on Virtual Card Issuance Service

In the “Support” section, you will find a form for submitting requests to the support team.

In the profile settings, you can view fees for working with different BINs and adjust the time zone according to your preference.

Terms and conditions at CardsPro

CardsPro provides virtual cards for launching and securing affiliate marketing campaigns. The cards are issued and replenished promptly. The platform offers the option to work in team mode by linking sub accounts and granting access to the issued cards. The team leader has full control over the team’s financial transactions. Additionally, there is an opportunity to work with cards via API integration.

The CardsPro system has three levels of project participants: owner, team leader(s), and buyer(s). The assignment of roles follows the principle of one owner – one team. The owner (account and project owner) has the authority to assign and remove team leaders and buyers. They can also change the role of an employee within a project. A team leader, on the other hand, can appoint and remove buyers.

To join a team in the CardsPro service as a media buyer, one must have an account with Capitalist. The owner or team leader can then invite the media buyer to the project by sending them a link. Clicking on this link will redirect the members of the team to their new account in CardsPro, with functions corresponding to their position within the team.

CardsPro virtual cards are suitable for working with any advertising networks. As CardsPro is a service from Capitalist, there are no issues with requesting payouts from affiliate programs and CPA-networks through this platform. Additionally, the financial component of the service is built on the reliable and extensively tested Capitalist platform, which has been refined over years of operation.

Currently, the service is undergoing beta testing, and a full-fledged release with new BINs and an improved interface is scheduled to take place soon. The CardsPro team also has plans to expand the range of payment solutions for clients and introduce plastic cards that can be used for any purchases. Currently, the service supports USD as the fiat currency, but the option to work with EUR will be available soon. Additionally, users can replenish their accounts using both fiat and crypto (USDT, USDC, ETH, BTC).

CardsPro BINs

CardsPro currently offers several trusted BINs. The first one is BIN 534271 MC USA, which has strict restrictions on payment services. It is recommended to check with your manager for more details on these restrictions. If you make a payment for an unauthorized service from the restricted list, the BIN may be disabled.

The following three BINs: BIN 436797 VISA HK, BIN 534092 MC UK, BIN 511023 MC UK — do not have any restrictions on payment services within CardsPro. You can find the fee grid for these BINs on the Capitalist website or in the CardsPro personal account. Auto 3DS is available for these BINs.

Please note that the list of BINs may be out of date at the time of reading this article, as the service is actively updated and new products are added. The CardsPro team provides updates on all changes through their Telegram channel.

Please note that the decline rate, which is the ratio of unsuccessful transactions to successful ones, should not exceed 15%. If this ratio is higher, the service may introduce a commission for declined payments. On the other hand, users with a low decline rate are rewarded with the absence of such commissions.

Additionally, the platform strictly prohibits “first-bills” fraud on all BINs, as this can result in the account being blocked. However, it is important to note that each situation is considered on an individual basis.

Top-up and bonus

Within one CardsPro account, an unlimited number of cards can be issued. You have the option to issue them individually or in bulk.

Additionally, the platform offers two balance options:

  1. Own card balance: This balance is topped up separately for each card.
  2. Common balance: This balance is shared among several cards and linked to one common balance, which needs to be topped up.

You can choose the appropriate type of balance at the time of card issuance. This flexibility in card options is particularly convenient for media-buying teams, as they can use multiple cards with a single balance.

The CardsPro account is replenished by topping up the Capitalist account, as these two platforms are interconnected.

The balance in the Capitalist account can be funded through various methods, including bank transfers (SWIFT/SEPA), crypto (BTC, USDT, ETH, USDC), or payouts from affiliate networks. The minimum deposit amount is $10 for the USA and $25 for HK and the UK.

The service does not charge a monthly service fee, and replenishment of the Capitalist account is fee-free. However, there are fees for transactions, account replenishment, and card issuance. These fees can vary depending on the BIN you choose to work with. For example, the fee for a successful transaction can start from $0.5. The cost of card issuance is the same across all BINs, which is $2.5.

For large clients, CardsPro managers are always available to discuss special conditions. They also offer a set of personalized conditions and unique products for VIP clients. Additionally, the Capitalist lifetime referral program is also applicable to the CardsPro service. Under this program, 10% of the system’s income is credited for each referral.

Operating the balance in the team mode

The balance of the CardsPro service is synchronized with the balance of the main USD/EUR wallet in the Capitalist system. It is convenient that you can create several additional wallets in the same currency within your personal Capitalist account to differentiate and control your expenses. In this case, the USD/EUR account designated as the main one will be linked to CardsPro.

The full balance is only visible to the team leader. This amount is equal to the balance specified in the main account of the account owner in the Capitalist system, in dollars or euros. The funds are deducted from the team leader’s account only after they or someone from their team issues and replenishes a card or the general card account with that amount.

It is important to note that when the account owner tops up the account of one of their team members, they are not physically transferring funds to them. Instead, they are granting them access to a portion of their own funds that are not blocked in their Capitalist account. If the account holder’s balance is less than the amount they have allocated to the team, all members will be blocked from issuing and topping up cards.

If the account owner or team leader blocks a buyer’s account, the buyer’s cards will be transferred to the owner’s account. The cards are not automatically blocked unless the account owner blocks them.

Bonus for ZorbasMedia readers

There is a special bonus for ZorbasMedia readers. By using the promo code ZORBASMEDIA, you can receive a 100% discount on the fee for issuing the first 20 cards through CardsPro. Additionally, there are special rates available for top affiliate marketers, which can be discussed individually with a manager.


CardsPro’s support team contains managers with expertise in affiliate marketing. Support contacts can be found on the Capitalist website. All managers work from 10:00 to 19:00 (GMT+3) on weekdays, and from 19:00 to 24:00 (GMT+3) you can contact them via internal system messaging and feedback system. On weekends and holidays, the support works from 11:00 to 19:00 (GMT+3). The link to the contact page of the support team is

To make a support request, you can use the form in the corresponding section of your CardsPro account. The platform has a Russian- and English-speaking support team.


I switched to CardsPro at the beginning of May 2023. 

At that time, there was only one BIN in the system, and there were some risks associated with it. However, upon request, the team promptly added three more BINs to the system within two days, and the cards started linking without any issues. Even during the challenging period of risks on CardsPro cards, I was able to work comfortably.

I am very pleased with the promptness of the support team. Although there are occasional difficulties, they are quickly resolved. 

The issuance and replenishment of cards are very convenient and fast, and the commission rates are quite reasonable. Overall, I am satisfied with the service.

IGOR, affiliate marketer

Our media-buying team, Soltexmedia, has been successfully using CardsPro from Capitalist to manage our advertising accounts. This tool is a highly convenient service for us.

The best feature of CardsPro is its self-service capability, seamlessly integrated with Capitalist’s payment system. This allows us to quickly create and manage virtual cards without having to go through complicated procedures. We always have control over each card’s balance and budget, making the management of advertising spend as flexible as possible.

The integration with Capitalist provides us with security and transparency in financial transactions, which is of utmost importance to us. We can be confident that our money is well protected.

Furthermore, CardsPro is a very convenient service for team collaboration. Each team member has control over their budget and can quickly respond to account needs. We also have clear visibility of expenses and results for each team member, making collaboration more transparent and efficient.

We are extremely satisfied with this service and highly recommend it to all teams in search of a convenient and reliable solution for managing advertising accounts.

Soltexmedia, media-buying team


1. Convenient to use funds from the main balance;

2. Friendly and helpful support team;

3. Complete confidence in the service, with no concerns about the safety of funds, regardless of the amount;

4. Convenient integration of both fiat and crypto in one place, with easy conversion to pro cards


1. Lack of a general search option based on the last 4 digits of the card;

2. Compatibility issues with Safari, requiring the use of Chrome specifically for cards;

3. Limited availability of BINs

1MC, affiliate marketing team

We have been working with Capitalist for almost 3 years now, and I would like to share my experience and impressions about their services. I can confidently say that we are extremely satisfied with this partnership.

The main aspect of our interaction with Capitalist is utilizing their digital card services. This has proven to be an incredibly convenient and functional solution for our company. One of the key advantages is the speed of card replenishment. Money arrives in the account instantly, allowing us to efficiently manage our finances and expenses.

The interface provided by Capitalist also deserves the highest praise. It is intuitive and easy to navigate, making working with the system comfortable and hassle-free. We can easily track all transactions, monitor the balance, and access the necessary financial statistics.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight the responsiveness and professionalism of Capitalist team. We have always received prompt support and assistance in resolving any issues that arise.

Overall, our experience with Capitalist has been overwhelmingly positive. We highly value their high level of service, quick and convenient solutions, as well as their reliability and professionalism. We wholeheartedly recommend Capitalist as a trustworthy partner in financial matters.

Paytion Finance


CardsPro is a modern payment service that offers a wide range of functions for launching campaigns on various advertising networks and making payments for other purchases and services. The platform is accessible from any GEO, and account replenishment is available through various methods, including crypto. There are no service fees, but there are several trusted BINs available.

The platform provides a comprehensive set of features for team collaboration, including different balance options, three levels of participant access, and owner control. These advantages make CardsPro an ideal service for media-buying teams that run campaigns on multiple platforms and utilize numerous cards.

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