Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review

Bona Fides Affiliates
Founded in: 2021
Bona Fides is an affiliate program that works with gambling and eSports offers. One of the biggest advantages of this program is that Bona Fides also uses blockchain technology in its operations.
Number of offers
1 offer — Fairspin. One more coming soon
Payment models
Dynamic Revenue Share, Fixed Revenue Share, Hybrid (CPA + RS), CPA
Priority GEOs
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Thailand, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan. The company covers 150 GEOs in total and priority GEOs change over time
Payout methods
PayPal, BTC, Skrill, Visa, ETH, USDT EPC-20, wire transfer, WebMoney
Minimum payout threshold
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic, fraudulent traffic, cookie stuffing, schemes, misleading claims

Bona Fides is a unique affiliate program that takes advantage of blockchain technology. The Bona Fides Affiliates program is the result of a partnership between Trueplay and a team of affiliate marketing experts. This is a platform that allows affiliates to conduct business as transparently as possible: both advertisers and publishers see accurate and complete statistics.


The blockchain technology developed by Trueplay makes affiliate shaving impossible in Bona Fides. Transactions are hashed and transmitted to the affiliate program from the integrated products.

Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review

Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this approach:

  • Bona Fides uses blockchain, which makes the information and statistics more transparent for media buyers. You can see the players’ transactions, the data is publicly available. This is a safeguard against shaving.
  • Bona Fides works with a lifetime RevShare model, all the players are attributed to you indefinitely.
  • There is a sub-referral system that allows you to receive 5% of the income of the referred affiliate.
  • With your dedicated manager, you can create an individual selection of landing and pre-landing pages, banners, video creatives, texts, translations, promo codes, and post-backs, as well as decide on the advertising budget and receive a consultation. Bona Fides is always ready to discuss additional needs of affiliates and meet them.
  • Use our link to register with Bona Fides and get 55% RevShare for the first month. Use the code phrase: “Blockchain is the religion of the future”.


To get started with Bona Fides, indicate your full name, email address, and a messenger you prefer (Telegram or Skype), create a password. You will receive a verification email and your dedicated manager will soon get in touch with you.

Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review


The main page of your dashboard holds the statistics for the last 7 days. To get into more details, navigate to the Statistics tab. There you can generate a summary report, use various filters, and check the conversions.

Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review

In your dashboard, you will also find such tabs as Offers, Finance (history of transactions and exchange rates), Tools (post-back settings), and My account. 


For the moment, Bona Fides has only one offer: Fairspin, it is a crypto casino founded in 2018. This product stands out because of its loyalty program based on blockchain and TFS tokens. The casino’s website is available in ten languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Russian.

Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review

A new offer, WEISS, aimed at a younger audience will soon become available at Bona Fides. Bona Fides is an exclusive advertiser for Fairspin and WEISS. Affiliates get notified about all the changes via an email newsletter, a NEWS page in the dashboard, and an official Telegram channel.

The available payout models also include:

  • Dynamic RevShare from 45% for the first month (the current rate depends on the number of FTDs for the past billing period). So, the more FTDs you drive, the higher RevShare percentage you get;
  • Fixed Revenue Share;
  • Hybrid (CPA + RS)CPA;
  • CPA (to $500 for user, depends on GEOs and traffic sources).
Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review

RevShare options


The payout methods include ERC-20, BTC, TFS, Wire transfer, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, and others. The minimum payout threshold is $50. Affiliates receive automated payouts every two weeks. In the future, the payouts will be effected weekly.

Bona Fides Affiliate Program Review

If your balance is lower than the required minimum, the payout request will not be filed. It is possible to negotiate individual payout terms if you drive big volumes of traffic.


The support team is available from 10 AM to 7 PM (UTC–3), however urgent issues are resolved round the clock. You can reach out to your dedicated manager to discuss payment terms and schedule, order a custom-made promo, check-up on your stats, configure post-backs, and more. You can contact your manager via email, Skype, or Telegram.


I joined this affiliate program at the very beginning and I like working with this team, even though there is only one offer. Fairspin has an undeniable advantage — payouts are in crypto which is much easier to work with, unlike fiat money. I also like working with the TFS Token. Tell your players to keep their winnings on the balance for some time. The sum grows if they don’t withdraw it on the spot! 


This affiliate program gives me high profit and good support without delays. I hope it will only become better!


Crypto is a wise choice nowadays. I was invited to Bona Fides by a friend a couple of months ago. It didn’t take long to drive enough FTDs to get the 45% RevShare rate. I like how it’s going. 


I heard about Bona Fides from my friend. Blockchain is not only good for transparency, but it also allows me to monitor and analyze user behavior. It’s easier to target if you understand your audience.


Bona Fides aims for quality instead of quantity: only one offer, but it is great. With this offer, I have the same number of FTDs as with 3–5 weaker offers. The RevShare rates are high, payouts are swift and timely. And it’s great when you can withdraw in crypto and keep the information about your earnings to yourself!



Bona Fides is an affiliate program that cares about your profit as much as you do. Affiliate shaving does not exist here. Thanks to the blockchain technology from Trueplay, all statistics are transparent and recorded in the Blockchain Explorer. Enter the referral ID, transaction, or partner ID and get detailed information on player transactions. This facilitates tracking and campaign optimization. Media buyers who drive big volumes of traffic can negotiate individual terms.

Register with Bona Fides Affiliates and take your affiliate game to a new level!