Belive Mobile Ad Network Review

Belive Mobile Ad Network Review
22 April 2022

Main features


GEOs: Thailand, Malaysia

Features: Direct Carrier Billing, IVR, USSD, WAP billing

Belive Mobile is a company that provides mobile payment services locally in South East Asia. The company aims at ensuring a smooth connection between users and businesses. Vast expertise in this field allows Belive Mobile to provide advertisers with cutting-edge services.

Direct Carrier Billing

With this option, you can charge users a non-standard rate. Subscription to a product or service is a single click.


Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a automated telephony technology that can have conversations with users, collect important information, redirect the calls, etc.

Premium SMS

Depending on the GEO, you can charge subscribers a standard or Premium Rate SMS. 

WAP Billing

With WAP Billing, users can access online resources and pay in one click. The mobile carrier passes the MSISDN (mobile number) through header enrichment. Users don’t have to enter any additional information which makes for an easier conversion funnel and better user experience.


Transmit mobile data via USSD. It is convenient for users to type in short codes in order to access mobile services like charge cards or to pay the bills.

Belive Mobile Ad Network Review


  • Local mobile payment services for businesses that operate in South East Asia.
  • Ample expertise and smooth operation.
  • Convenient user experiences with direct carrier billing, USSD, and WAP billing technologies.
  • The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system allows to automate important processes and ensure a better user experience.
  • The automated system can analyze user requests and redirect them if necessary.
  • With premium SMS services, it is possible to charge different rates depending on the country.
  • WAP billing technology makes user journey smooth and easy, as customers don’t need to enter any additional data while using the services.
  • Proprietary system GUI is a user-friendly solution that ensures transparent reporting in real time.
  • The company provides a full range of billing solutions.
  • You can take advantage of a quick and easy app deployment with API integration.
  • Seamless mobile apps thanks to SDK integration.
  • Among the mobile carrier you will find: U Mobile, XOX Mobile, Maxis, Digi, REDtone, Celcom — Malaysia; AIS, Dtac — Thailand.


Belive Mobile is an ad platform that provides marketers with access to a full range of billing solutions and advanced features. The company works with the South East Asian market and covers such GEOs as Thailand and Malaysia.