Babos: an affiliate network for traffic from Ukraine

Babos: an affiliate network for traffic from Ukraine
12 April 2019

Babos is a CPA network developed to acquire traffic from Ukraine. In the offer catalog, there are over 120 useful products that can be delivered in Ukraine. Competition between Ukrainian affiliates is not too high so this affiliate program deserves attention. For every offer, there are several landing pages to choose from as well as other necessary instruments like TrafficBack or PostBack. Remuneration is pretty high even compared to the Russian market of similar offers.

Characteristics of CPA network 


Types of offers: products by mail.

Promotion tools: domain parking, subaccounts, TrafficBack URL, PostBack URL, A/B tests of landing pages.

Payment systems: WebMoney, bank transfer (Privatbank, in hryvnia).

Payouts: twice a week upon prior request (the minimum amount for withdrawal is 100 hryvnias or 260 rubles).

How to work in the program?

After registration in the affiliate program, you need to enter your account and fill in the information on your traffic sources.

To work in the system on any offer, you are getting the developed landing page. Therefore, you need to choose a suitable offer (for instance, watches, sunglasses, creams, clutches), that is, any of the products which are frequently bought on the Internet. Please pay attention to the traffic type in the offer; choose offers where not only web traffic is accepted, but also other options (mobile, traffic from social media, etc).

Babos: an affiliate network for traffic from Ukraine

Now, you need to get the affiliate link to the product, for that you need to do the following:

  • Press the “Create the flow” button.
  • Choose an offer (with the product) that you are going to promote.
  • Divide traffic into several subaccounts setting the tags Sub 1, 2, 3, if you wish. Unaccepted traffic by the system can be redirected to the page that you specify (URL for TrafficBack).
  • Save information and get the link to the landing page with your product.

To promote the link, you can publish it on your websites, in paid search advertising blocks, use it in emails and SMS, teaser and banner ads. The program even accepts doorway traffic, annoying ads, and traffic from adult websites. If a customer follows any link to the landing page, reads the product information and makes a purchase, you get remuneration for that. The average commission is UAH 150-250 (390-650 rubles).

Remuneration is paid every week, on Fridays and Saturdays, the minimum amount is 100 hryvnias or 260 rubles. The money is transferred to the ruble account on WebMoney, and Ukrainians can immediately withdraw money to the hryvnia Privatbank card. To withdraw money, you need to make a request first.

Advantages for webmasters

The program takes the niche of “Wow” products, the so-called “unique” products for those who are hard to surprise. They generate good traffic, and the number of offers is gradually increasing. Products in the affiliate program are of high quality, that’s why customers can return and make new purchases. And the most important thing is that the system guarantees a high percentage of remuneration and convenient regular payments.

Affiliates have long appreciated all the benefits of Babos because very different traffic is accepted. You can distribute links in different social media communities, and you don’t need to generate your own links.

Babos: an affiliate network for traffic from Ukraine

The program is offering a variety of convenient working tools to webmasters:

  • Account;
  • Order tracking statistics;
  • Landing pages;
  • Pre-landers;
  • An opportunity to divide traffic.

Here a webmaster can work in a convenient way: they can buy traffic in teaser or banner ads networks, and they can also post annoying ads (pop-up banners and ClickUnders).

The affiliate program is providing quality support to its users. You can create the support ticket in your account, the technical support is in operation on working days from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.