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Founded in: 2020
AstroWidget is a direct advertiser for Astromix a provider of personalized horoscopes based on users' natal charts. The company has global coverage and is interested in growing its clientele.
Offer verticals
Astrology offers
Payment models
Number of offers
Prohibited traffic sources
fraudulent and incentivized traffic, brand bidding
Payment methods
WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, YooMoney, etc.

Table of contents

  1. Advantages
  2. Registration
  3. Dashboard
  4. GEO and targeting
  5. Support
  6. Payouts and Rates
  7. Testimonials
  8. Conclusion 

AstroWidget is a direct advertiser for Astromix a provider of personalized horoscopes based on users’ natal charts. The company has global coverage and is interested in growing its clientele.

Advantages of the affiliate program

  • Direct advertiser
  • A white-hat vertical (no looming bans and no need for cloaking)
  • A simple funnel (3 steps to conversion)
  • No call-center involved
  • Regular weekly payouts
  • Access offers in 2 minutes
  • No frequency capping
  • Trusted affiliates get higher payout rates
  • Mixed traffic is accepted


AstroWidget affiliate program works with both affiliate teams and solo affiliates. To register as a solo affiliate, you need to contact the program’s manager in Telegram — @helen_astromix.

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You will need to describe your affiliate experience and skills. After that, you get access to a registered account and affiliate URLs.

All the offers in the program are available to all affiliates. Moreover, the offer database is growing while the existing offers get regular updates. At the moment, the platform has 4 offers and 7 available landing pages. When your traffic has been vetted for quality, you can get access to exclusive offers with restricted access.

Also, new affiliates can get a detailed guide on working with AstroWidget offers and the affiliate program itself.


The dashboard has a very minimalist design. The most important things you will find here are filters and charts with your stats.

The available filters:

  • Date and period.
  • Language (English/Russian).
  • Landing page.
  • UTM tags.

The platform provides affiliates with extensive statistical data necessary for the effective running of the campaigns. This means that it is possible to work with AstroWidget without a third-party tracker.

GEO and targeting

At the moment, the company is actively working with the CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine), Europe, and the USA. AstroWidget is also ready to accept traffic from other GEOs as well. It would suffice to contact the manager and discuss the GEO in question.


Every affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager. The manager is always ready to help with campaign set-up and optimization and find the best options for your skills and needs. Managers also can give you access to the Facebook tracking pixel and ready-made creatives.

The program’s team will also be ready to help you configure the post-backs. Contact your dedicated manager and share your link.

Payouts and Rates

The affiliate program effects the payments weekly. If you drive high-quality traffic, you can get higher payout rates and additional bonuses.

The rates vary $9 for traffic from Russia, $15 for the western GEOs. After you have filled the test limit and passed the quality check, you may get a higher rate. You can also contact your dedicated manager to discuss a flat fee for monetizing your email database.

Payments are effected once a week. The minimum payout threshold is 30 USD. There is a hold period for new affiliates is 7–10 days. During this time your traffic will be checked for fraud, refunds, etc. Trusted affiliates do not usually have a hold period, though it may become necessary if the company has any doubts about the quality of traffic. The affiliate program works with WebMoney, QIWI, YooMoney, and other big payment service providers.


I have been looking for a suitable affiliate program for a long time.

I needed some specific features.

I wanted to run campaigns on Facebook and Google. AstroWidget suits me very well, the offers are 100% white-hat. It also works well for the Yandex ad network. And it is a pity that this topic is prohibited on MyTarget. I can drive the costs down with good creatives and keywords. The platform provides affiliates with ready-made landers that are suitable for different audiences. And I like the variety of GEOs, of course. I can work with the CIS, with Europe, the US, and so on. The only thing is that there are not enough available languages. And, perhaps, it would be better to have a smart link to fit the landing pages to different languages.

And my last and best point: my dedicated manager is a great pro! I’d like to meet her in person =)

In general, this affiliate program allows me to monetize almost any traffic source. And I am sure that in the future this program will become only better and better.


I have been working with this affiliate program for more than 4 months. The main thing I needed was a white-hat offer to run Facebook campaigns. I use the platforms’ tracking pixel (the team has provided me with a configured pixel and a domain). So far everything is going well, and I can focus on the quality and volume of traffic and forget about looking for new BMs and worrying about promotion bans.

The payouts come regularly once a week. I’ve already had my rate raised twice when I started scaling up. I have no complaints and will continue my work with this program.


I want to share my opinion on working with the AstroWidget affiliate program. It is an excellent program with direct offers and high-quality landing pages. The offers are all white-hat, and it’s a huge advantage as I do not need to fight constant bans) I am also pleased with the high rates and a large selection of GEOs to work with. I would like to commend manager Helen =) She is very understanding, shows personal interest in my success, and gives me lots of support. In my work, I receive assistance at all steps: help with technical issues, assistance in preparing creatives and defining approaches, etc. I recommend this affiliate program to everyone! =)


One of my friends recommended that I join this program, so I have been working with AstroWidget for about 6 months, what I like about it: Affiliates get better terms for bigger volumes, we are provided with working funnels for Facebook campaigns, the payouts are timely, once a week, the landing and product databases are regularly updated. 

I have not met any affiliate program to match this one, and I am satisfied with our work together. The support is really professional too, my dedicated manager is almost always in touch even and on weekends. Well, maybe I was just lucky =) It is looking good, I will work with them further!


Excellent GEO coverage, I can run campaigns all over the world. The payout threshold is relatively low. I really like that they only use hold periods for the new affiliates to validate the quality of traffic. There were no problems with setting up post-backs, the stats tool is quite simple, but it is enough for my purposes. Good work of the support team. I can drive traffic from Facebook or Google without any bans =)



AstroWidget is a direct advertiser for white-hat offers in the astrology vertical. The affiliates will have no issues with approving ad campaigns on popular traffic sources like Facebook, Google, Yandex.Direct.

AstroWidget offers will be of interest to teams and solo affiliates who wish to concentrate their efforts on promoting a unique product that is easily approved by ad networks and without such distractions as bans and cloaking.

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