Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Founded in: 2022
Anybill is a service for issuing and managing virtual cards suitable for paying for ad campaigns on various platforms. You can top up your balance in USDT or via Wire in EUR. With Anybill, you have access to fast registration without KYC, private BINs, team-oriented features, 24/7 support, and no commission for opening/closing cards and operations.
Account replenishment
Wire (SEPA/swift) EUR, USDT (TRC20/ERC20)
Minimum deposit
Wire — 3000 EUR, USDT — 500
Monthly Maintenance
0 (recharge fee 3–4.5%)

Anybill is a service that helps to issue virtual payment cards to pay for ad campaigns and manage your advertising costs. You can top up your balance in USDT or via SEPA/SWIFT in EUR, use private BINs, features for teams, and cards without transaction fees (commission only for top-up). The service also has a referral program and 24/7 support. The founders have more than 10 years of experience in building FinTech, GameDev, and Marketing products, such as Sigma, Panoramik, or Edugram. They also regularly participate in such events as WebSummit, Slush, and Money 20/20.


  • Customized issuance of cards for teams in one click
  • MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay
  • UK BINs
  • Private BINs are available
  • Unified balance
  • Detailed finance analytics
  • 24/7 support
  • No hidden fees (fee for deposits only)
  • Fast Registration without KYC
  • Fast USDT deposit
  • Referral program

Getting started and the dashboard

To start with the service, you need to register on the platform. To do this, on the Anybill website, specify your first name, last name, e-mail address, company name, phone number (for 3DS), and country of residence (optional). 

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Then the service requires information about the size of your team (choose the number of people including yourself).

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Finally, indicate the approximate advertising budget of your team per month.

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

After that, your application must be approved by the Anybill manager — you will receive a confirmation letter by e-mail. You need to follow the link in the letter and come up with a password. After that, you can start working with the platform.

What is in your personal account?

Dashboard. Here you can see your balance, the amount of profit and expense (which can be filtered by date and time period), and the average amount spent by the team/card/buyer. It also indicates how many teams, buyers, and cards are connected to the cabinet. For your convenience, there is a graph of your expenditures. 

The buttons for replenishing the balance and withdrawing funds are on the main page. You can also request a new card here.

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Bank. This section contains information on the account, considering the costs of each participant. Data can be filtered by date, time, ID, amount, operation, date, and team.

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

The second tab, Balance, displays the total amounts: income, expenditure, withdrawal, and the entire final balance. Information about transactions can be downloaded as an Excel document.

Wallet. This section contains information on the cards used. Here you can see information on working with a specific card or with all cards, get data on your transactions specifically or any operations with the cards. The information can be filtered by date.

Team. Here you can find information on the participants who have access to the service: their names, which team they belong to, work status, number of cards, and e-mail address. It helps to analyze the spending better.

Here there is also an Invite users button. You can invite new members with its help. 

To order a card, click on the “Add cards” button. In the window that appears, specify the command if any, and phone number (for 3DS codes), select the type of card, come up with the name of the card (Anybill virtual), the number of cards, the limit option (general, monthly, weekly, daily) and the amount limit.

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

After that, the cards will be immediately active and available in the account. If necessary, you can also close the card in your personal account.

Terms and conditions

Cards are issued and replenished quickly. The stable quality of the cards is ensured by the system of automatic monitoring and control of the operations’ success using BIN (paid private BINs).

Anybill offers mass issuance of virtual cards to pay for advertising, as well as to monitor company/team spending. The service works with all advertising platforms (if the MCC transaction code matches advertising services, payments will go through without a hitch). Upon individual request, you can issue cards for other expenses.

In addition, Anybill makes it possible to work in a team. You can create a corporate account and invite other members to it. It is also possible to invite employees and assign them roles according to the hierarchy in your company. Thus, each team member will see the information they are supposed to see. For example, a buyer sees only his activities and cards, a team leader sees the activities of all his buyers and himself, and the owner sees everything.

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

The service also offers to issue cards in batches to several employees at once and customize (number of cards/limit amount) for each of those whom you marked when issuing cards. If you need 100 cards for buyers with individual settings for each card, they can be issued with one click.

There is also a referral program on Anybill, within which you can get 5% of the commission from the replenishment of the referred clients. For the first 50 users, the first three top-ups are without fees, and for the rest of the referrers, the first top-up below 3,000 euros is free of fees.

In the future, the service plans to add BINs of different GEOs and add multiple currencies (EUR/USD) to one account. In addition, the Anybill team intends to allow the exchange of funds in the fiat-USDT pair and provide fiat and crypto payments to third-party partners.

There are also plans to add on-platform transactions between users. The company also wants to integrate with the main conversion trackers in order to send the ROI data to the platform in real time based on actual spending.

Balance replenishment and bonus

You have a unified for all your cards, so you do not need to replenish each card separately. The minimum deposit is 3,000 euros through Wire, or 500 USDT in crypto. You can also top up your balance on your Anybill card via Wire (SEPA/swift) in EUR or cryptocurrency (USDT). When replenishing with cryptocurrency, funds are credited to the balance immediately, if using SEPA — within one day.

Anybill Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Issuing and closing a card on Anybill is free of charge. There are also no transaction fees. The only thing you have to pay for is to replenish your balance: commissions are from 3% to 4.5% (depending on the volume of replenishment per month). 

There are also charges for declined payments: up to 3% — the charge is 0 euros, from 3% to 5% — 0.2 euros, from 5% to 7% — 0.3 euros, from 7% to 10% — 0.4 euros, from 10% to 15% — 0.5 euros, and from 15% — 0.6 euros. Note that this commission will be charged for each decline.

Support service

The Anybill support service is available 24/7 and is ready to answer any questions regarding the operation of the service. All communication takes place in the Telegram chat of the service.


Anybill was made by pros who have been in the industry for a long time. There is a convenient distribution of roles within a team and different levels of access. The cards connect to ad accounts without failure — and this is the most important thing.

Vadim Korepov, founder of

We’ve been using the service since the beta version. The team values feedback and improves the product all the time. The BINs are added without any issues.The support team is prompt in answering any questions. In general, everything is clear, everyone is happy.

Nikita Antonov, CEO ZavodTeam

For me, your project solved a very big pain! Thank you for this, keep it up!

Max Malak, CEO of


Anybill is a modern payment service with private BINs that allows affiliate marketers and their teams to pay for advertising accounts on different platforms and keep track of their expenses. Here you can create team accounts and pay in both fiat and crypto, and a 24/7 support team is ready to answer any of your questions. Anybill is suitable for those who run numerous ad campaigns and use a lot of cards.