AliExpress Portals: an affiliate program from the largest online store in the world
17 April 2019
1 is a world-famous store with over 200 thousand suppliers who sell over 100 mln goods monthly. In 2013, the affiliate program AliExpress Portals appeared which offers to get remuneration for user acquisition. On average, webmasters get 8% of the product price and incentive payments for the volume of orders.

Characteristics of the affiliate network


Types of offers: different goods.

Promotion tools: affiliate links, banners, and API.

Payment systems: bank transfer.

Payouts: once a month upon request (commission for a transfer is $15).

Advantages for webmasters

To make money in the program, you need to have a website, landing page, social media profile, a social media community or a public page. Many sellers on AliExpress are willing to pay a certain percentage of the product price when you acquire a customer. Commissions may vary from 2% to 50% — the more customers you acquire, the bigger the income you have.


Advantages of working with this affiliate program:

  • The reliable online store which opened in 2010.
  • A convenient resource for customers which is speaking many languages.
  • Goods are delivered all over the world, convenient payment methods with MasterCard и VISA cards.
  • Good commissions for the acquired customers + bonus rewards.
  • Long storage of cookie files, so the webmaster’s link will not get lost. 
  • Remuneration is accrued to a webmaster even if a customer who followed the webmaster’s affiliate link chose another product.

The only drawback of working in the program is a large fee for money withdrawal. Probably, not all users will appreciate the English-speaking interface.

Tools for a webmaster 

In order to choose a product to promote, you can use a convenient filter to sort products by categories and their newness.

A webmaster is offered the tool for generating affiliate links of product pages where they can integrate proper parameters for statistics tracking. Webmasters can choose banners for publishing on their resources as they are provided with the prepared HTML code. You can generate a link not only for a certain product but also for the whole category or section on the website. There is the Deep link URLs script for that purpose. You can also use the program Dynamic Ads for advertisement rotation on the website. You can work in the affiliate program via API.

Starting to work in the program 

On the main page of the affiliate program website, you need to press the “Register” button and fill in the pop-up form. There are ordinary fields that you need to fill in during registration: surname, name, email, password. Then you need to press the “Create Your Account” button. Then, you need to fill in the questionnaire, where you need to specify the following information:

  • your website address;
  • your unique identifier (you need to make it up yourself);
  • a characteristic of your resource;
  • the subject of your content;
  • type of your website: social media, information website, advertising resource, etc;
  • the traffic of your resource;
  • suitable product categories;
  • a reason for joining the affiliate program with the website.

After filling in the questionnaire, you go to your account, from which you can go to the “Ad Center” section, and then to “Event Promotion”. Here you need to choose goods for promotion using the website filter. If you’re planning to generate the banner code, choose its size and location, and then press the “Promote by Link” button. Besides, you can use the special constructor to insert your parameters in the link.

Affiliate Network AliExpress

Average commission accrued to a webmaster is 8% of the price of the product sold. If acquired customers spend $50-100 thousand, the seller will get 1% of the extra commission. If customers spend $100-500 on the products you promote, you will get 2% of the extra commission; if they purchase goods for over $500 thousand, you will get 4% of incentive reward. You can only withdraw money once a month, and you should have over $16 on your account as the transfer fee is $15.

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