Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2016
Alfaleads is an international CPA network that provides offers for any GEO. Affiliates can run CPA, CPL, RevShare, and Hybrid ad campaigns. The payout rates depend on the chosen offer and GEO as well as the volume and quality of your traffic. Trusted affiliates can receive higher payout rates, early payouts, access to private offers, and exclusive bonuses.
Number of offers
Payment models
CPA, CPL, RevShare, Hybrid
Payment methods
Capitalist, YooMoney, Qiwi, VISA, MasterCard
Minimum payout threshold
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent traffic, incentivized traffic

Alfaleads is an international CPA network and a comprehensive performance marketing agency. The company has been on the market since 2016, has 4 international subsidiaries, and has more than 2000 offers for any vertical from iGaming to Sweepstakes. Affiliates will find high payout rates, ready-made promo materials, legal and accounting support, early payouts, ready-made applications, as well as assistance with creative development and campaign optimization.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review


  • 2000+ offers
  • Legal support for affiliates
  • Tax compensation for sole proprietors and self-employed
  • Early payments to trusted affiliates
  • Ready-made promo materials
  • Official betting applications for your campaigns
  • Assistance with campaign flow, launch, and optimization
  • In-house knowledge base and MBA educational courses
  • Regular promotions and contests for affiliates


To get started with Alfaleads, navigate to the official website and hit the “Sign up” button in the upper-right corner. Then you need to fill out a registration form:

  1. Specify your name and email, and create a password.
  2. Indicate your country and city of residence and choose a messenger. Tell more about your marketing experience. Also, attach statistics from other affiliate networks or programs.
  3. Choose your profile (media buyer, website owner, influencer, etc.) and tell more about your traffic sources, preferred offer verticals, GEOs, average number of conversions per day, etc.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

And now you’re done. Next, your application will be assessed and reviewed, so it is crucial that you provide full and truthful information about your affiliate marketing experience. A Customer Care Team specialist will get in touch with you and ask a few more questions after you submit the application. The approval process is necessary for Alfaleads to ensure the quality of your traffic and to offer the best terms possible.


Once you have access to your account, you can check out your affiliate dashboard. It has several traditional tabs.

Dashboard. This is the main page with general information about your campaigns. Here you can monitor the daily statistics, the number of leads for the past 10 days, new and trending offers, your balance, and the contact info of your dedicated manager.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

Offers. Here you will find all the offers available with Alfaleads. Each offer contains the terms, payout rate, preferred GEO and traffic sources in the description. In this section, you can also activate offers or request access via your dedicated manager.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

Smartlinks. This is a section for smartlink offers.

Statistics. Detailed statistics of your ad campaigns. You can set filters by period, conversions, offers, devices, operating systems, GEO, etc.

Payments. Here you can monitor your balance, funds in the hold, funds available for withdrawal, and transaction history.

News. Here you can find promotions, contests, invites to Alfaleads parties and meet-ups, announcements about new or deactivated offers.

Referrals. Monitor your passive earnings in this tab. Check your profile settings to get your referral link.

Offers and traffic sources

Alfaleads affiliate networks has 2000+ offers for any GEO in its database. Among them, you will find exclusive offers that are only available at Alfaleads. The offer database is regularly updated. Besides, the existing offers often get better terms: higher payout rates, better KPI and frequency capping. When an offer is deactivated, affiliates get notified via email, dashboard news tab, and also by their dedicated manager.

Alfaleads affiliates also can drive traffic to official mobile applications from licensed betting shops, check out the AppStore listings. It is a big improvement for those of you who are tired of seeing their WebView applications banned.

What’s in the offer description? Open the “Offers” tab in your dashboard and select the offer you prefer.

  • Target action
  • GEOs
  • Payout rate
  • Device type
  • Hold for new and trusted affiliates
  • Test limits
  • Minimum deposit
  • Insights for the best performance
  • Accepted and prohibited traffic sources

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

Alfaleads accepts almost all traffic sources: check out the offer description for more relevant information. There are two types of traffic that are definitely not welcome in this network: fraudulent and incentivized traffic. Mixed traffic will also not be accepted.

To maximize your ROI, be sure to discuss your sources and approaches with your dedicated manager before activating an offer.


Alfaleads affiliate network has global GEO coverage. To filter the available offers by country, select the desired GEOs in the «Countries» field.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

Which GEOs are the hottest at the moment?

  • Eastern Europe
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Asia
  • Latin America

If you can drive consistent volumes of quality traffic, Alfaleads can provide you with custom-made creatives. Besides, the in-house R&D team will assist you with developing and optimizing a marketing strategy: analyze and split-test creatives, and share the expertise of Alfaleads media buying team.

Post-back integration is available for conversion tracking. If you encounter any difficulties, reach out to your dedicated manager for assistance. You can also monitor real-time statistics in your dashboard. Third-party tracking solutions are also available for integration.


The payout rates vary and largely depend on the GEO and the offer. For example, with an iGaming offer for Tier-1 countries the payout rates can reach 200 EUR and more.

What are payment methods available at Alfaleads?

  • Wire transfer to a sole entrepreneur or self-employed bank account
  • Capitalist (USD, EUR)
  • VISA/MasterCard
  • YooMoney and QIWI e-wallets (check in with your dedicated manager for more details)

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

The minimum payout threshold is 30 USD/EUR There is a 14–30 days’ hold period for new affiliates. The exact terms depend on the offer. The hold period can be shorter if you drive big volumes of high-quality traffic. Trusted affiliates can request early payouts.

Alfaleads also provides tax compensations for media buyers who are registered as a sole entrepreneur or a self-employed. Such affiliates get +6% on top of each payout. If you haven’t registered a sole proprietor yet, Alfaleads will assist you with the paperwork, free of charge.

Legal assistance and knowledge base

Alfaleads has a legal division for affiliates — Alfa Defense. This is a project for rendering legal and accounting support and for representing affiliates before financial institutions and payment systems. The company’s lawyers will help unblock the account and legalize the business. Alfaleads is also ready to take on any accounting tasks.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

The Alfaleads knowledge base is a compilation of insights that will be useful both for experienced and novice affiliates. There you will find articles, case studies, video tutorials, and set-up guides for a variety of affiliate tools. Moreover, Aflaleads runs the MBA course that will be useful to team leaders and experienced webmasters.

Alfaleads also provides comprehensive assistance to streamers who work with online casinos. The company is ready to assist with choosing a product and adding new offers to the database. And what’s better, Alfaleads team undertakes all negotiations with advertisers.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review

With Alfaleads, you can adapt to any market fluctuation and get a new source of income.


After registration, each affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager. They are ready to deal with any issue and are always in touch. What issues can you refer to your dedicated manager?

  • Select and activate an offer for any traffic source
  • Individual terms (higher payout rates, advertiser true-ups, contracts, etc.)
  • Campaign scaling
  • Choosing new GEOs and traffic sources
  • Optimization of traffic flows (with the assistance from the in-house R&D team)
  • Getting applications for TikTok, In-App and UAC

Customer Care Team specialists are in touch from 9 AM to 9 PM (GMT+3).

How to contact a dedicated manager or the support team?

  • Contact info in your dashboard
  • Create a ticket in the “Support” section (don’t forget to choose a topic, describe the issue, and attach a screenshot)
  • Via Telegram @alfa_sup

In addition, Alfaleads affiliates have access to:


Alfaleads are our very good friends. We have always worked with e-comm, but now thanks to these guys we are expanding our horizons and moving on 😉

Founder of ArboCPA

Alfaleads are reliable partners that you can trust. I know this team in real life. I recommend this affiliate network it to everyone!


Alfaleads is one of the few affiliate networks that has exclusively positive feedback from affiliates. Affbank collects reviews on affiliate networks, programs, and tools to analyze the market, and we see very few negative things that can be said about Alfaleads. Among the advantages: fast payouts, consistent support, and willingness to meet your affiliates halfway by solving any issue. 


I have been working with Alfaleads for a long time. I really like the idea of points affiliates can spend on all sorts of nice things 🙂 I would also like to note fast support on Telegram, I recommend everyone to work with Alfaleads!

Michael Funk

It’s my second year with Alfaleads, and I am pleased with the individual approach and quick feedback from managers. Also, they can add almost any offer to their platform upon request and give generous payouts.



Alfaleads is a well-established international affiliate network that provides affiliates with ample opportunities regardless of the vertical or GEO. You will find a large selection of offers for a slew of verticals, dedicated support, legal and accounting assistance, and the expertise of the in-house media buying team. Exclusive offers, licensed betting applications, and a convenient payout schedule are only some advantages this network has to offer. Register with Alfaleads and see for yourself!