Alawar: an affiliate program to make money on casual games

Alawar: an affiliate program to make money on casual games
2 April 2017

Currently, gaming affiliate program have become very popular. One of them is an affiliate program from Alawar Entertainment allowing to make money on different casual games. This affiliate program works on the CPA model, that is, cost per action. The program accepts traffic from all over the world, the remuneration volume starts from 50%.

Brief characteristics


Types of offers: casual games.

Promotion tools: plug-ins for WordPress, Bitrix displays, components for Joomla, etc.

Payment systems: Webmoney.

Payouts: on Thursday (a minimum threshold is $100).

Alawar: an affiliate program to make money on casual games

Features and advantages

The company Alawar was founded in 1998 and is currently a leader in the Russian market of casual games. In the project, there are over 400 gaming products of various themes. All games are distributed through special portals, mobile applications and partners’ websites which there are over 5000 of so far.

Among the affiliate program’s advantages we can highlight the following:

  • Instant registration in the program.
  • High remuneration from every purchase.
  • Great tools for a webmaster.
  • Referral program with 10% royalties.

Stages of working with the program

The process of making money in the program is the following:

  • You place an advertiser’s link or a prepared game display on your website.
  • A user downloads a game and installs it. After 30 minutes, when the demo version is over, they are offered to buy the full version.
  • You get your commission from this sale (50%).

However, in order to start making money on Alawar, you need to register in the affiliate program. You will need to make up a login and fill in your email address. At the registration stage you will be offered to go through the formal offer and terms of working in the program. After that, you will be able to go to your account and begin working with the system. The “News” section is the main on the website. It is there where all information on system updates is shown as well as payment graphs, changes in remuneration grades, etc.

Alawar: an affiliate program to make money on casual games

In the “Settings” section you can link your wallet number, fill in your surname, given name, and patronymic, and your phone number. This information is needed for the successful withdrawal of your income.

Later, you can choose the most suitable tools for traffic acquisition. The program offers a prepared range of promotional materials including banners, widgets, JavaScript, XML, and Flash.

In the “Materials for games” section you will be able to find the particular product of Alawar and upload the necessary promo. This will be useful in case you are interested in certain games and want to publish some of them on your website. Every product has its own descriptions of 45, 80, 450, and 2000 characters. The system has a special tool for gathering statistics. You can view visits and conversions data for any desired period. In general, the affiliate program of Alawar is a great option for a stable income, plus not only gaming, but also entertaining websites are good as sources of traffic.