AffMamba Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2021
AffMamba is an affiliate network for monetizing traffic in such verticals as gambling, betting, and binary options. The company has been operating since 2021, and in 2022 it went public and opened the registration to any affiliate or media buyer. The main payout models are CPA and RevShare. The rates reach 300 USD (CPA) and 60% (RevShare). Only fraudulent traffic is prohibited at AffMamba. Affiliates receive full support at all stages of work, individual conditions, and payout rate bumps depending on the volume and quality of traffic.
Gambling, betting, binary options
Payout models
CPA, RevShare
Payment systems
Capitalist, Tether, WebMoney
Minimum withdrawal
100 USD
Depending on the offer
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent traffic

AffMamba is an affiliate network operating in the gambling, betting, and binary options verticals. 450+ offers are available to affiliates, among which experienced affiliates and media buying teams can find both public offers and exclusive ones, with increased rates. Affiliate network is ready to accept almost any traffic, except fraudulent.

AffMamba Affiliate Network Review

AffMamba advantages

  • 450+ offers
  • Exclusive offers and individual conditions for verified affiliates
  • Own department for additional traffic monetization
  • Weekly payouts
  • Ready-made promo materials
  • Own designer to make custom creatives
  • Regular bonuses and promotions for affiliates
  • Bot manager for tracking player performance

Bonus for ZorbasMedia readers

AffMamba affiliate network has prepared a welcome bonus for all ZorbasMedia readers: +10% to the offer rate for the first month of work. To get it, you need to give the promo code ZORBAS10 to your dedicated manager after registering in AffMamba.

In addition, the affiliate network regularly conducts limited-time promotions for its affiliates. You can win valuable prizes (from Nintendo Switch to Apple Watch Series 8, 41 mm), bonuses, or paid subscriptions for useful marketing services. You can find out more in the affiliate network chat

Registration and dashboard

Any affiliate can create an account in AffMamba. To do this, click on the “Register” button on the official website of the affiliate program and specify:

  1. E-mail
  2. Password
  3. Skype and Telegram nickname

AffMamba Affiliate Network Review

After that, you can get into your dashboard. There is no manual profile approval. However, after registration, a dedicated manager will contact you to help in choosing the most profitable offer for your GEO or traffic.

What can you find in the dashboard?

  • Offers. A page with all available products in the affiliate network. For the convenience of the search, there are filters by ID, name, tags, and GEO.AffMamba Affiliate Network Review
  • Statistics. A section with detailed statistics on your traffic. You can view information on CVR or events, as well as set filters by time zone, date, and payout model. It is possible to group statistics by day, hour, or currency. The statistics can be exported in CSV format. For individual offers, you can get more detailed statistics: player IDs, number of transactions, withdrawal amount, and much more.AffMamba Affiliate Network Review
  • Wallet. A tab with data about your earnings. Here you can add a payout method, order a payment and view the transaction status.
  • Referrals. A page with information about your referrals (ID, registration date, and e-mail). You can monitor their activity and your earnings on the AffMamba referral program (the rate is 3% of the referral payout). You can find a link to attract referrals in your account settings.
  • Promotional materials. A section with ready-made creatives. There are filters by the offer, GEO, currency, and size of promo material.AffMamba Affiliate Network Review

Moreover after the registration, you get access to the AffMamba bot manager. By entering the ID of the attracted player, you will be able to see all their CVR — from registration to deposits.

AffMamba Affiliate Network Review

Offers and types of traffic

AffMamba offers 450+ offers to earn money on traffic from all over the world. New products appear almost every day. On average, the affiliate network adds more than 100 offers daily. When the active ones are disabled, the company notifies about it through mailing lists and dedicated managers.

What is in the offer description?

  • Title
  • Payout model
  • Payout rate
  • GEO
  • Terms (for example, minimum deposit, baseline, etc.)
  • Accepted and prohibited traffic
  • CAP and KPI
  • Hold and payout conditions

AffMamba Affiliate Network Review

You can get access and start working after a request to your dedicated manager.

What kind of traffic can be monetized in AffMamba? You can see the acceptable sources in the card of each offer. In general, the affiliate network is ready to pay for any traffic, except fraudulent, as long as it’s of good quality.

At the same time, for affiliates with high-quality traffic, AffMamba specialists are ready to connect an offer that was not previously in the partner program catalog.

For those who prefer to work with scheme traffic, the affiliate network offers the services of an internal retention department. With its help, you will be able to additionally monetize attracted users, increasing the final profit.

Also, high-quality traffic allows you to request an increase in rates, the preparation of bundles and funnels for scheme traffic to binary options, and other offers.

GEO and tracking

You can find offers for any GEO in the partner network. At the moment, AffMamba representatives recommend paying attention to Tier-2 and Tier-3. Including India, Africa, and Arab countries. You can request statistics on offers for any country in order to select the most converting product for your traffic.

How do I track conversions?

To do this, you can integrate any convenient tracker via post-back or API. You can do this with the help of a dedicated manager. In addition, you can work without third-party trackers: detailed statistics on your traffic are collected in the affiliate network’s dashboard.

AffMamba payouts

Withdrawal requests are paid every Wednesday. You need to send a request for payout before 7 PM on Wednesdays (GMT+3). The deadline for the execution of the transaction is Thursday morning. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD. There is no internal hold in AffMamba. However, the advertiser may have it: therefore, the deadline for checking traffic must be specified in the description of the offer.

Which payout systems are available for money withdrawal?

  • Tether
  • WebMoney
  • Capitalist

AffMamba Affiliate Network Review

You can connect the payout system in your account settings or in the “Finance” section of your dashboard.

Early payouts, rate increases, access to private offers, and much more are available for verified affiliates.

Support for affiliates

After registration, each partner is assigned a support account, where the manager on duty works from 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT+3). As soon as you are ready to launch traffic, you will be assigned a dedicated manager who is ready to help at every stage of cooperation. What can a dedicated manager assist you with?

  • Selection and activation of an offer
  • Matching traffic source with the offer
  • Adding a new offer upon request
  • Post-back settings
  • Registration and payouts
  • Access to private offers
  • Custom-made promo materials
  • Recommendations for advertising campaigns set-up and working with traffic

How do I contact the manager or the support service? To do so, the following methods are available:


Hello. My name is Max, I live in London. I want to say a few words about the affiliate program AffMamba. Mamba is incredibly attentive and caring with its affiliates. Yes, that’s right.

Affiliate managers will help solve any question that arises in a matter of minutes. They’re just robots… present and engaged 24/7. But the most pleasing thing is how they try for each marketer… They give much more than mere payout rate increase.

Unique motivational promotions — I call them “goodies”. I mean promos like “drive 30 leads — get a proxy for a month”. Have you seen this before? That’s what I call attitude.

In general, thanks to Mamba for their work. Definitely recommend it.


For me, the AffMamba platform is the best, very easy to understand, everything is intuitive. There are areas for both beginners and experienced affiliates. I like the presence of numerous offers in gambling and betting. It is also possible to request an offer that is not yet available on the platform.

Separately, I want to share my feedback about my manager. My affiliate manager, Nikita, always does more than you expect. He answers at any time (day or night), gives an explanation to any issues, helps with offers, suggests GEO, helps with creatives, and talks about the nuances of lead processing. 

The platform also has a bot manager that helps to add leads and increase the AOV. Payments are fine too, they pay on Wednesdays, but if you drive more than 10 deposits, you can get paid in advance. 

In general, I like the platform, now I’m increasing the daily budget and looking for someone to process the leads)


I started doing affiliate activities with the AffMamba affiliate program. For 5 months, I would like to note the constant support from managers and fast payments. I really like it when AffMamba comes up with some prizes for your result, it’s very motivating, thank you!


I like AffMamba affiliate network, everything suits me: payments without delay, the staff is the best) This was noticeable even during the training, curators and managers help 24/7.


I have been working with AffMamba for 4 months. Simple and intuitive interface, fast payouts. I would like to mention dedicated managers separately, they try very hard, help me, and in general perform their tasks perfectly. It feels like they are interested in your earnings and are ready to do anything for you.


About Affmamba and working with affiliate program. In general, I can only say positive things, because there are a lot of cool moments: help with the script, some feedback, and any requests are met very fast. I also want to note that there is a retention department, there is no need to build complicated funnels, it is very easy to start, test a new GEO, etc. Therefore, I like everything, and I hope for long-term cooperation with AffMamba.



AffMamba is an affiliate network where both a novice affiliate and an experienced media buying team can monetize their traffic to the max. Depending on the source and types of traffic, the company’s managers will always supply you with a well-performing offer and advice on a suitable GEO. After registration, each affiliate receives individual support, which allows for minimizing expenses and getting more profit.

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