Adwile Ad Network Review

Founded in: 2012
Adwile is an advertising network that specializes in native ads on the Russian and the CIS markets. CPC is the main available payment model. The platform is integrated with various tracking solutions and gathers in-depth data about ad campaigns. The team provides affiliates with ready-made black lists and assists in launching and running campaigns.
Ad formats
700+ million daily
Payment models
Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan
Payment methods
YooMoney, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, WMZ, Bank cards
Minimum deposit
₽1000 (~13 USD)

Adwile is a native ad network that covers such GEOs as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. The company has been on the market since 2012 and mainly works with the CPC payment model. The daily impression turnover throughout the network is 700+ million.

Adwile Ad Network Review

Bonus for ZorbasMedia readers

Register with Adwile and receive a 20% bonus on top of your first deposit (max ₽2000 or about 26 USD). To claim your bonus, you need to contact the support managers.


  • 700+ million impressions daily
  • Ready-made black-lists
  • Convenient and fast launch of advertising campaigns
  • Selective coefficients for better cost management
  • Granular statistics
  • Swift campaign approval
  • 24/7 support
  • Dedicated managers
  • Assistance in managing and optimizing ad campaigns


The network has only a Russian version of the website, but the registration process is rather intuitive and should cause no difficulties. You need to click the “Присоединиться” (Join) button, select “Кабинет для рекламодателей” (Advertiser account), specify your email address and click “Получить доступ” (Get access).

Adwile Ad Network Review

After that, you will receive a verification letter to you your email address. Then, you only need to create a password and indicate some standard information in the account settings. The entire registration process takes no more than 5 minutes.


The dashboard has an intuitive and user-friendly design. You can access all the important data in a couple of clicks.

  • Сводка/Statistics. This is a page with general information on all ad campaigns. You can monitor clicks and costs over a day or a specified period. Adwile news and updates are also on this page.Adwile Ad Network Review
  • Кампании/Campaigns. This page contains the info on your ad campaigns. You can also launch new campaigns from here.
  • Объявления/Ads. This page contains all your ads: active, stopped, rejected, and awaiting approval. This page is also where you can create new ads.Adwile Ad Network Review
  • Отчёты/Reports. This is where you can find the granular statistics. You can filter by period (days, months, quarters) or advertising campaign (campaigns, ads, GEOs, devices).
  • Финансы/Finance. This page contains your payment history. Also, here you will find a top-up button to make deposits with Adwile.
  • Менеджер/Manager. Here you will find the contacts of your dedicated manager — phone number, email, Telegram.Adwile Ad Network Review
  • Помощь/Support. Click the button to access educational materials, answers to frequently asked questions, etc.
  • API. In this section, you can configure your API integration to make your Adwile account even more convenient.
  • Пополнить/Top up. Go to this page to top up your account balance. Here you can choose a payment method and use a promo code to get a deposit bonus.Adwile Ad Network Review
  • Настройки/Settings. Here you can manage your profile details. Upon registration, you need to specify your contacts and other personal data in your account.

Please note that you can see your Advertiser Rating (Рейтинг рекламодателя) in the upper right corner. It ranges from 1 to 10 and depends on the number of rejected ads within your campaigns. Advertisers with a high Rating have a higher priority when new campaigns go for approval.

Campaign launch

First, access your dashboard and go to the “Кампании” (Campaigns) tab. Thanks to such a user-friendly interface, launching a new campaign is quite easy. But you can always request the help of your dedicated manager.

  1. Click the “Новая кампания” (New Campaign) button.
  2. Choose the type of campaign — “Товары и услуги” (Goods and services) or “Медиа” (Media). These types correspond with your campaign goals: driving sales VS getting more visitors.Adwile Ad Network Review
  3. Enter the campaign name and specify the price per click (minimum PPC is ₽1.5 or 0.02 USD). If necessary, you can use a common URL for all ads and set an automated launch for them once they are approved by the network.
  4. Next, configure the UTM tags (standard or individual). You can also launch without UTMs.
    Adwile Ad Network Review
  5. Set GEO and device targeting (smartphones, tablets, or PCs).
    Adwile Ad Network Review
  6. Set the schedule of ad impressions.
    Adwile Ad Network Review
  7. Set the budget limits (for the whole duration of campaign, for weekdays, for weekends) and frequency capping.Adwile Ad Network Review
  8. Click “Сохранить” (Save).

Now your campaign is good to go.

GEO and targeting

What GEOs are available in Adwile?

  • Russia (600 million impressions daily).
  • Ukraine (40 million impressions daily).
  • Belarus (36 million impressions daily).
  • Kazakhstan (33 million impressions daily).
  • Uzbekistan (8 million impressions daily).

You can set up GEO and device targeting while setting up a new campaign. To make it easier for you, Adwile is integrated with such tracking solutions as Keitaro and CpaTracker.

Pro tip: Adwile’s team recommends paying attention to the “news sites + e-commerce” campaign flow.

Payment models and approval

Adwile works with the CPC model, so you pay for every click on your ads. Once your campaign is approved, you take part in the auction: CTR + BID (price per click). These are the main parameters that determine the volume of traffic you will get. Other things are your targeting and the level of competition. During the launch of an ad campaign, CPC is the determining factor.

Adwile approves ad campaigns within 3 hours. On weekdays the campaigns are reviewed from 8 AM to 11 PM (GMT+3) and from 10 AM to 8 PM on weekends and holidays. To make the approval of your campaigns easier, follow rules for advertisers.


Every affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager. You can contact your manager from your dashboard by clicking on the «Менеджер» (Manager) button and reaching out via Telegram, by email, or simply calling. All requests are solved quickly and efficiently.

Your dedicated manager can assist you with:

  • Campaign set up and launch
  • Finding converting campaign funnels
  • Adding performing creatives
  • Analyzing traffic and conversions
  • Optimizing the advertising campaign
  • Topping up your account or issuing a refund

Also pay attention to the FAQ section. It contains answers to all frequently asked questions about registration, cost of clicks, the use of selective coefficients, etc.


We are a small media buying team, we run nutra and e-commerce campaigns. We have been working with this network for 6 months. I don’t like writing testimonials, but this network is great and I want to share my opinion. 

The main thing — they have quality traffic and high CR. I will not share any numbers to keep it private =)

There may be times with lower traffic volumes, but the support team resolves the issues promptly and restores the flow. Selective settings are a great tool, by the way. You can manage traffic flows from different sources, monitor the volumes, etc. We are working with several ad networks and this is a unique tool. 

The team is ready to meet you halfway: we had several pre-paid periods due to internal difficulties, we are very grateful for that. Trust is the most valuable thing in our industry.

All in all, I highly recommend this ad network to all responsible teams out there. 


This is a great ad network. We have been working with them for a long time. I like the ease of withdrawal and the high conversion rate. And special thanks to our support manager — Mikhail. He is always in touch =) 



Adwile is an advertising network that will be your trusty partner for campaigns targeting Russian and the CIS market. The network can offer a big number of daily impressions, easy campaign set-up and launch, swift approval, and responsive support. These make for a great workplace for both a newbie and a seasoned affiliate. Besides, this ad network is a good spot for monetizing your websites as a publisher.

Join Adwile and step up your affiliate game!