Аdinfo: an affiliate program with nutra offers

Аdinfo: an affiliate program with nutra offers
13 April 2019

The company Adinfo is offering partners to make money on promoting their products. There are many interesting offers for which you can easily find customers. An advantage of this affiliate program is high remuneration (up to 60% for a confirmed order), regular monthly payments and quality products.


Website: www.adinfo.ru

Types of offers: health products, information products.

Promotion tools: affiliate links, advertising banners, subaccounts, PostBack (8 scripts for setting up).

Payment systems: WebMoney.

Payouts: upon request (any amount).

Advantages of the company

This affiliate program has existed since 2008. The nutra affiliate program has its own call center, logistics system, offer, and promotional materials development department. The company is working without intermediaries offering high remuneration to webmasters.

Аdinfo: an affiliate program with nutra offers

The system is accepting traffic from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, and the product distribution map is steadily expanding. Thousands of webmasters have already joined the program, and the number of them is constantly increasing. Advantages of the affiliate program are the following:

  • High remuneration, up to 60% for a confirmed order.
  • A large number of goods with advanced characteristics in a higher price category where webmasters also get their commission.
  • All information products are unique and of high quality. Their authors are well-known by everyone. Physical products are of high quality and have necessary certificates.
  • Flexible remuneration system. A webmaster has the right to decide whether to get a commission for a confirmed order or a redeemed one.
  • Contests for webmasters with generous prizes of up to 500 thousand rubles.

How does it work?

If you are a webmaster or an affiliate marketer, you can register on the program website and choose a suitable offer. The company has already developed promotional materials for each of them. For instance, there are banners, developed landing pages and website intermediaries for every offer. Having chosen the information product of an offer, a webmaster is placing the information about it on the Internet:

  • on a website;
  • in the social media community;
  • in emails.

Visitors of web resources click on banners and links and go to sites with information about products and offers in the information course. They make orders if they find products interesting, and a webmaster is getting remuneration for that. If a webmaster decides to get remuneration for a paid product, their commission will add up to about 60%.

Partners can use additional materials developed by adinfo.ru in their work:

  • banners of different designs and sizes;
  • affiliate links that are created right after registration;
  • subaccounts;
  • landing pages and transit website developed for every product;
  • a tool for tracking traffic statistics.

Аdinfo: an affiliate program with nutra offers

Examples of offers

When working in the affiliate program, you will see information on TOP offers ranked by EPC. For instance, here is a rating of offers of the leading webmaster:

  • Chinese anti-diabetes patch (1 ruble).
  • Orthopedic patch “ZBPAIN RELIEF”.
  • Magnetic weight loss rings “SlimFit”.
  • Fenugreek seeds.
  • Biomagnet ZeroSmoke (anti-smoking).
  • “Black Nephrite” patch.

Payments in the program

The company does not limit its partners making payments of any amounts to WebMoney. However, there are some operational requirements and restrictions:

  • Repeated registrations in the affiliate program are prohibited; if there is still need for it, you should align it with the administration.
  • You cannot use spam and traffic cheating.
  • On webmasters’ websites, there should not be pornography or other materials prohibited by laws of the Russian Federation.
  • On webmasters’ resources, there should not be viruses or other malware.
  • You cannot place affiliate materials on websites dedicated to the treatment of cancer, AIDS and other intractable diseases.

In general, this affiliate program is great for beginner affiliates. It is easy to work with and if the desire exists, you can make a good income.