Founded in: 2018
ADBID — is an affiliate network that works in the gambling, sports betting, and binary options verticals. The network entered the market with these three verticals in 2018 and has worked as an invite-only company for some time, it went public in 2020. Affiliates have access to a database of more than 130 GEOs to choose from.
Payout models
CPA, RevShare, Hybrid
Number of offers
Payout methods
Cryptocurrency, WMZ, Qiwi, credit cards, Yandex Money
Accepted traffic sources
All sources
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent and incentivized traffic

Table of contents

  1. Advantages
  2. Earning with ADBID
  3. Dashboard
  4. Offers
  5. Support and payouts
  6. Testimonials
  7. Conclusion

ADBID — is an affiliate network that works in the gambling, sports betting, and binary options verticals. The network entered the market with these three verticals in 2018 and has worked as an invite-only company for some time, it went public in 2020. Affiliates have access to a database of more than 130 GEOs to choose from.

The network is experienced with Tier-3 GEOs and, therefore, focuses on the Asian market: India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc. Among the CIS they see good performance in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. The European top GEOs include Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, New Zealand. The GEOs are updated every week and become available at once so that affiliates always have a big choice.

The network acts as an intermediary between the advertisers and the affiliates giving the latter access to more than 110 offers and providing qualified support. The number of advertisers and offers grows constantly, the availability is updated once a week. On occasion, affiliates can request for a particular offer to be added to the network’s database.

All traffic sources except for fraudulent and incentivized traffic are eligible. Mixed traffic (when you drive traffic from different sources to a single affiliate link) is also accepted. Every case is unique and the decision upon the traffic source lies with the advertiser. It usually takes 1 day to get a traffic source approved.


  • The affiliate network is powered by Affise, this means that it has a cutting-edge anti-fraud system, automated frequency capping, cloud-based server building technology, etc.
  • Applications for any traffic source free of charge. For Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 GEOs.
  • Free creatives upon request: ready-made promotional materials (including landers and pre-landers) or customized to your needs, it usually takes 2–3 days.
  • Integration with trackers. The statistics are updated in real time, but there may be delays depending on the advertiser. The support will give you a heads-up.
  • Referral program. 3 % of the invited affiliates’ profits. Your referral income remains active even when you stop driving traffic to the network yourself.

BONUS! Trusted affiliates can be funded to run tests on new offers.

BONUS! Affiliates who join the network via the ZorbasMedia link and drive enough traffic to cover the test limit will receive +$50 on top of their payouts.

Earning with ADBID

To register with the network, fill out the form indicating your email address, password, contact data, and describe how you came to know about ADBID. Click on the link sent to your email to activate the account.

Make sure you describe your affiliate experience. For instance, tell about your main traffic source so that your manager will come up with the best terms for you, choose an offer, a GEO, etc. If you lack experience just say so. The support team will help you get along on the platform and advise on the best strategies for your situation.


The dashboard will be familiar to any affiliate. The first section contains the contact data of your affiliate manager, lower on the page you will find statistics for the last 10 days.

Below that there are two sections with New offers and Top offers. Each offer icon has a short description of the terms (hover your mouse over the icon to see those), the brand name, the CPA rate, and the GEO.


To start working with an offer you have to contact your manager. There are two ways of doing it:

1. Open the “Offers” tab. This is a feed of all offers available on the platform. You can sort by category, GEO, and other indicators to find the suitable offer faster and to see a short description without opening the offer page. If you have any difficulties — contact your personal manager.

2. Open the offer page. It contains all the information you need to know before you request to work with this offer:

  • full information about the advertiser (vertical, promotions, bonuses, advantages, etc.);
  • terms of work for affiliates (payout terms, hold period, test limits);
  • allowed and prohibited traffic sources;
  • targeting tips;
  • CR requirements;
  • GEOs and the target action.

Read the information carefully before working with the offer. To access the offer, use the form at the bottom of the page and send a request specifying your traffic source and your experience.

When you get approved for the offer, you will find it in the “Available offers” tab. When an offer is about to be deactivated you will get a notification: in the news section on the platform or via a direct message from your manager.

Dashboard additional features: smart links for every vertical, traffic back, post back, news, referrals (your referral link is in the account settings), and granular statistics by day, offer, conversion, sub IDs, etc.

Support and payouts

Your affiliate manager will help you get the best result:

  • select an offer and notify about new options available for your GEO;
  • assist with the first campaigns, give advice on optimization;
  • tell about bonuses and promotions;
  • give feedback;
  • pass your requests for promotional materials to the respective specialists;
  • help in setting up a tracker and launching your campaigns;
  • invite a technical issue specialist if you ever need one. And much more.

The support team is usually available from 9 AM to 9 PM. But urgent issues are addressed at any hour.

The payout is automated, you will receive payments on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can withdraw to a credit card (3 % fee), Yandex Money, Qiwi, WMZ, and in cryptocurrencies.

There is a hold period on any offer, but trusted affiliates with high quality and big volumes of traffic can get individual terms: from 14 to 3 days of hold.


I have been working with this network roughly for a year, and my experience has been great. 

One of the main strong points — the support team. I can’t say that all managers are the same, but manager Yana is in touch almost 24/7. This network is the first for me, but I have heard many stories from other affiliates and know that not every support team is this dedicated.

The payout is always on time, I have not encountered a single problem in this respect. I am truly grateful to the team because they helped me find a perfect way to withdraw my profit via Capitalist. 

The network has many offers and an array of GEOs. If I need any assistance while launching new campaigns I can always count on the team.

I like the dashboard interface, it is intuitive and transparent. But I would really enjoy working with the network via a mobile application seeing that my phone is my main tool.

And I want to highlight the bonuses, I really loved getting a New Year’s present. But it would be even better to have other bonuses and affiliate competitions too =)

This network gave me the chance to make a decent income and opened a slew of new opportunities!

Thank you for your efforts, talent, and patience. You are the best! 5+


I joined Adbid in June 2020. 

A friend of mine invited me there, and I am grateful.

I had been working with several affiliate networks before this one. There have always been some issues with offers and overdue payments. I didn’t know what to expect. Here in Adbid, I can dedicate myself to achieving the highest quality of traffic. I had some technical issues with the statistics, but they were quickly solved. It did not affect my work.

I love working with this network. Manager Yana is always there for me and ready to help almost 24/7. This is true. Any day of the week. 

And I really like that if you bring high quality and big volumes of traffic you can negotiate a shorter hold period. I get notified about new offers. I can use local payment systems if I need to buy blogger integrations for instance. As to the payouts — everything is on schedule. Every Tuesday and Friday. And a referral program as a nice addition to my earnings.

All in all, strongly recommend it. 


This is my first time working with an affiliate network. 

I had no idea about such companies before.

I have just googled “affiliate networks” and studied an article about them, then browsed for some reviews. I registered with Adbid and started driving traffic to an offer targeting the CIS.

I did not manage to fill the test limit within the specified time but got a reward anyway =) Now I will put more effort into this work.

The support team is very friendly =)

I think there are not enough offers for Central Asia. Hope there will be more in the future.



ADBID is a multi-vertical affiliate network with a variety of available features and many offers for the gambling, betting, and binary options verticals.

The support is superb. Being in touch with their affiliates enables the team to improve the service and attract new partners.

The payouts are always on time, there is a slew of available offers and GEOs, and a user-friendly interface. And, of course, BONUSES for trusted affiliates and ZorbasMedia readers!

Register with right away and grow your affiliate income!

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