4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Founded in: 2022
4х4.іо is a service that supplies marketers with virtual cards for campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and on other platforms. You can use 4х4.io services worldwide using available currency: USDT, euros, and dollars. The service provides subaccounts, virtual and private BINs, a tariff network, and 24/7 support.
GEO coverage
Available currencies
Payment options
Cards (Visa, MasterCard), USDT, Paxum, Swift, SEPA, Revolut
Minimum deposit
500 USD (100 USD with ZORBAS promo code)
Monthly maintenance
5% of the spend, replenishment 0%
Downloading options
AppStore, Google Play

4х4.іо is a virtual cards service for payments in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and other traffic sources. The company provides users with various currency options like USDT, euros, and dollars to pay for the advertising account. The cards have virtual and private BINs, subaccounts, flexible tariff options, and replenishment fees from 0%.

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review


  • Exclusive virtual and private BINs
  • Official apps in Google Play and App Store
  • Full features for teamwork
  • Agency account for white-hat approaches
  • Flexible tariff network for partners
  • 0% commission for replenishment
  • Exclusive offer: ZORBAS promo code for getting a minimal deposit is $100 instead of $500
  • Service manager available 24/7

Getting started and dashboard

To get started, your first step will be registration. To do this, you need to specify several personal info points: name, e-mail, password, and phone number on the 4х4.іо website. There you can also find a special field to enter your promo code.

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

After registration, you need to verify your profile to access all the features of the platform. This procedure takes two steps: open the “Settings” section in the dashboard and upload a photo of your passport and a physical card there.

Profile verification gives you the following advantages:

  • Increased account limit of up to $200,000 per month
  • The daily limit on the account is up to $10,000
  • Priority service
  • Fast replenishment of the account

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

What can you find in the service account?

Advertising networks. Here you can monitor your accounts on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other ad platforms if there are any. In addition, 4х4.іо is planning to introduce accounts for RollerAds, Popunder, and HilltopAds Ltd.

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Statistics. In this section you can find a review of the finance in the accounts: how much is deposited, spent, etc. The information is filtered by date.

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

Payment. In the payment section, you can clarify the info on your card’s funds: balance (in the selected currency, crypto, or fiat), the number of accounts in ad networks, and funds spent over the past week and over the last 28 days. Here is also a place to make a deposit (the minimum amount is $500). Furthermore, this section contains information on the history of transactions and payment data.

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

To order a card, you need to simply select an advertising platform in the “Advertising networks” section and click “Connect”.

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

You will see a special form to fill in. Specify the following info about your occupation: 

  • Company name
  • Approximate turnover in US dollars
  • Services you provide
  • Phone number
  • Messenger contact (Telegram, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp).

Your next step is to wait till the manager contacts you and issues the card.

It will appear in the “Cards” tab in your dashboard. This page displays the name of the payment system, the last 4 digits of the card, and its balance.

4×4.io Virtual Card Issuance Service Review

You can close the card in your account if necessary

Terms and opportunities

For one issued card you should pay $2 plus a service fee which is 5% of the spend. If you are inactive for one month, the card will be automatically closed.

Cards are issued and recharged instantly. The sustainable quality of the cards is ensured by the system of automatic monitoring and control of the BIN (virtual and private BINs).

What are the purposes of 4х4.іо service cards? Firstly, for working with Facebook, Google, and TikTok advertising networks. You can also pay for accounts in other ad networks (including partner programs and CPA networks) on an individual request, and pay for servers, or hostings. All online payments can be made via virtual cards 4х4.іо.

The company is ready to provide the opportunity to use a test card so that the customer can make sure that it works properly. Test cards are issued free of charge.

In addition, in 4х4.іо there is a possibility to collaborate with your team. You only need to create a corporate account and connect your peers to it. Within the corporate account, the following services are available: subaccounts, transfers within the service, and replenishment of various networks, for instance, Push House, Hiltop ads, Clickadu.

For your convenience, collaboration with 4х4.іо is available via the official app. You can download it from GooglePlay and AppStore. If you are a white-hat partner, 4х4.іо issues an agency accounts for you to use with FB, Google, TikTok. There are also flexible tariff plans and downloadable balance statements for the cards.

Account replenishment and exclusive bonus

The minimum deposit to refill your account is $500 (with our exclusive promo code it will become $100). Replenishment of the card with 0% commission. If the client has a large spend on the cards, then he can get discounts on service.

You can use Cards, USDT, Paxum to top up your 4х4.іо card. Other payment options may also be available by agreement. Cryptocurrency USDT, fiat EUR, and USD — all of these currencies are available on 4х4.io.

With the ZORBAS promo code, you can get access to special benefits: a minimum deposit of $100, 10 free cards, as well as a 30% discount on the service commission in the first week.


Every customer who has a 4х4.іо virtual card gets a dedicated manager. He is available to help you 24/7. You can contact support via Telegram. Technical support is also provided by 4х4.іо service. Contact them by e-mail at support@4×4.io.


Working with 4×4.io for 3 months now, the cards are working perfectly in Google Ads, we are driving traffic from this source actively. We recommend it!🙂

TrafficG Affiliate Team

Thank you for having a cool payment card with the app as well. It’s incredibly convenient. Your cards are amazing!

Solo Affiliate

Hello everyone! I wanted to write my review about 4×4.io since the guys saved me 3 months ago when all the cards from other payment services just fell off and went to risk of payment. They work in a very cool way, they give out BINs that are not banned, and they are super in terms of support and speed of work. Highly recommended!

Nutra affiliate team

I used many competitors on cards for FB but chose the 4×4. They have the highest cross-country ability among competitors, plus convenient control directly from the app to the iPhone). It helps when driving or not at the computer.

Solo Affiliate


4х4.іо is a modern payment service that allows affiliates and media buyers to pay for their ad accounts on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other services. The platform provides its clients with multiple opportunities, such as testing the card for free, creating team accounts, and paying for them with both fiat and cryptocurrency. The 4×4 service is suitable for those who actively work with traffic from FB, Google, TikTok, and various advertising networks.