4RABET PARTNER Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2018
4RABET PARTNER is the official affiliate program for the 4rabet gambling and betting brand. Since 2018 4RABET PARTNER has been developing and monetizing traffic from India.
Number of offers
India, Bangladesh, Brazil
Payment models
RevShare, CPA, Hybrid
Payout methods
Webmoney, USDT, BTC, and other options upon approval Minimum payout threshold is $20
Accepted traffic sources
All sources
Prohibited traffic sources
Popunder, clickunder, fraudulent traffic

4RABET PARTNER is a direct advertiser for 4rabet — a gambling and betting brand. The company has been in business since 2018. India has long been the main GEO for the affiliate program, however, two more countries, Bangladesh and Brazil, have recently been added to the database.

Advantages of 4RABET PARTNER

4RABET PARTNER provides affiliates with all the tools and features necessary for driving successful campaigns in the gambling and betting verticals. 

On the platform, affiliates can configure many parameters of the campaign including post-back integration. It is possible to run campaigns without a third-party tracker, as the program provides enough statistics to assess the campaign performance. 

There is an extended version of the dashboard with even more statistical data to track the campaign indicators in real time.

4RABET PARTNER team assists affiliates at every step of the set-up and provides guides on how to drive up the ROI and CR. Affiliates can request ready-made promotional materials.

As an additional feature, the platform is connected to several Indian payment systems, we’ll tell more about it further on.

Registration and getting started

To get started with the 4RABET PARTNER affiliate program, you need to enter your email, create a password, and specify your Telegram ID. Every account is activated upon being approved by the manager.

4RABET PARTNER Affiliate Program Review


The dashboard features the general info on the statistics of your account. On the top of the page, you will find tabs leading to offers, finance, referrals, and promotional materials.

4RABET PARTNER Affiliate Program Review


For now, the affiliate program has one offer — 4RABET, you need to contact your manager to get access. By default, the offer is available for RevShare campaigns, but it is possible to work with the CPA payout model upon approval.

4RABET PARTNER Affiliate Program Review

CPA campaigns have payout rates up to $80 on average, and RevShare — up to 50% no negative carryover, the Hybrid payout model is also negotiable. The exact payout rate depends on the traffic sources you work with.


The affiliate program offers three main withdrawal methods: Webmoney, USDT, BTC, other methods are available upon agreement. The minimum payout threshold is $20.

Payments are effected once a week and more often if necessary. There is no hold period in this affiliate program.


The support team works via Telegram from 10 AM to 20 PM (GMT+3), but is always prompt to respond in case of any serious issues. The support specialists assist with any disputes about statistics and tracking, provide creatives and helpful tips on working with the GEOs.


4RABET PARTNER acts as a pro bono intermediary between the affiliates and local payment systems in India (for example, PayTM or IMPS). The affiliate program pays for advertising using the account details you have provided and sends you proof of payment. With such proof, you can contact the publisher and place your ads.

Trusted affiliates get even more bonuses. First — a post-paid account to save time on transfers and avoid campaign stoppage. Second — gifts to affiliates who run the most successful campaigns.

In addition, 4RABET PARTNER runs frequent promotions with higher rates for affiliates. 



We have been working with this program for more than 3 years. The conversion rate is consistently high thanks to constant product improvements, local payment systems, localized landers, and local support. They offer a wide selection of landing pages, creatives, and other supplies on demand. The support is always in touch. The program is the best for the Tier-3 market. Totally recommend!


I’ve been driving traffic to this affiliate program for about two years now. Can’t find a single drawback, really. The manager is very pleasant, the director as well. The payouts are swift, the statistics are rich and available in real time. I’ve never seen such an update speed: every registration and deposit is reported immediately. And the product converts very well too!

Mark Gambino

Hey y’all, this is the best affiliate program there is! I have been working with it for more than six months. Everything runs like clockwork, and most importantly — the casino players are happy.👌



4RABET PARTNER mostly works with India, but actively develops other GEOs. Bangladesh and Brazil have become the recent addition to the GEO database. The program is the direct advertiser and, therefore, has the freedom to raise payout rates for affiliates, change frequency capping, and give extensive feedback.