1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

1win Partners
Founded in: 2017
1win Partners is a direct advertiser that offers opportunities for monetization of gambling and betting traffic. Affiliates enjoy individual payout rates with growth potential, swift withdrawal, and a dedicated manager who is in touch 24/7. The in-house media buying team provides relevant information about the conversion rate of any available GEO and is always ready to offer advice. Ready-made optimized applications with advanced tracking features that allow affiliates to achieve new marketing heights.
Type of company
Affiliate program
Offer verticals
Gambling and betting
India, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Africa, RU, CIS, Latin America
Payment models
RevShare, CPA, Hybrid
Number of offers
1 (direct advertiser)
Prohibited traffic sources
Misleading ads, incentivized and fraudulent traffic

1win Partners is one of the most recognizable and sought-after gambling products on the market, specializing in CIS, Europe, India, Asia, and Latin America markets. Players flow into 1win products with pleasure, so affiliate marketers have long realized how profitable it is to drive traffic to 1win. And don’t forget that by driving traffic to 1win Partners you are working with a direct advertiser. Isn’t that the best option for an affiliate? You will find all the details and answers to all the important questions right here — in our review of the 1win Partners affiliate program.

1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

What are the main advantages of the 1win product?

Favorable terms and conditions — excellent. Gifts + invites to private hangouts — fantastic. But still, the main advantage of the affiliate program is its own reliable product. 1win is one of the best casinos on the market, complete with ultimate features. What does the product of this affiliate program consist of?

In-house development of crash games. 1win Games focuses on releasing trending crash games. The in-house developers have already produced more than 10 popular games (you can find them in a separate tab on the branding page). The most famous ones are Lucky Jet, Speed-N-Cash, and hot Rocket Queen.

1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

1winTV Cinema. A unique solution that is appreciated by many players. Anyone registered with 1win can watch new movies for free while spinning their favorite slots, isn’t that cool? The film catalog is regularly updated.

The product also has various promotions and bonuses for players. From regular rewards (for registration, on express bets) to real exclusives. For example, a promotion for the FIFA World Cup 2022. 30 lucky players got Apple devices and accessories made of real gold. The main winner won a super prize — a golden Gelandewagen. The total value of all prizes exceeded $1,000,000+! 1win never shies away from grand gestures. 

Most importantly, the affiliate program buys a lot of ads all around the world for the sake of brand awareness growth. Not only in the CIS but also in India and Brazil. The 1win logo is featured in adult videos, memes, TikToks, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and all places imaginable. In 2023, a user who has never played at an online casino still knows about 1win. The guys are developing advertising channels well, and such recognizability of the product will definitely help affiliates promote it.


To start working with 1win Partners, you need to open the official website of the affiliate program. Then fill out the following fields:

  • name/nickname
  • email
  • contact number
  • preferable contact method and an account in one of the messengers
  • traffic source and the model of cooperation (CPA or RevShare)

1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate account, payouts, and hold period

1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

After you have decided on all the components of your campaign flow, the last step is to register on the platform and start driving traffic. All information can be monitored in your affiliate account. 1win’s account is fully thought out and convenient. We will briefly go through the most important pages.

Dashboard. On the dashboard, you can track all the results of your work. It displays information about all clicks, registrations, deposits, and, of course, your income for a particular period. Information is updated in real time. You can sort data by sources, GEO, and individual links. Everything is transparent and convenient.1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

FAQ. If you’re a newbie or want to make sure that you really know the ropes, check out the FAQ section. There you can find answers to many questions. If you have a more specific problem, it is worth contacting the support team, managers work 24/7. Communication with the support team takes place via Telegram, Skype, or email. And let us give you a hint: if you have difficulties with withdrawal settings, they will help you with that too.

Payouts. They usually take place on a weekly basis. But you can agree on a customized system, for example, twice a week or every 5 days. To withdraw funds, you can use crypto wallets, cards/accounts, and any other services convenient for you.

1win has a default hold period of 7 days. For trusted partners, it can be shortened or removed completely. We emphasize that you need to attract at least 10 first deposits to request your first payout.

How does 1win Partners motivate its affiliates? 

Profit is the key motivation for an affiliate marketer, but the 1win Partners program is always working on additional lovely bonuses. And it’s not just politeness and timely replies from the manager. Affiliate program sends their affiliates gift sets for holidays (birthdays, New Year, important events in the life of the affiliate) or for achievements in work: from a bump to your payout rate to really exclusive items.

1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

The longer your partnership, the more interesting the gifts. For example, you can get a shirt with a money print, a chrome Bearbrick (which partners love so much), a gold charm, and a bat-shaped hookah. Merch from 1win is always bright, eye-catching, and unusual, so cooperation with 1win Partners is a great way to get both high profit and cool gifts.

With growing brand visibility, 1win Partners became more ambitious. The guys began to refine their media image: presenting unique merchandise (we’ll see more limited collections from 2023 on) and creating interesting booths at conferences. More and more often, the team participates in foreign marketing events with elaborate themes and unusual booth designs. Where can you meet 1win Partners? Look for them in Dubai, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.

1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

Another fancy aspect of cooperation with 1win is invitations to private events organized by the company. For example, the recent meet-up in Almaty with famous rappers as headliners. That was also a remarkable day because the 1win Partners team announced their first brand ambassador — Igor Alexeev. This is not just a media boost, but also an update of the company’s image. The introduction of the first ambassador showed everyone that long-term cooperation with 1win Partners is a guaranteed invitation to the family.

1win Partners Affiliate Program Review

Why do affiliates choose 1win Partners? 

Payout models

The main feature of the 1win affiliate program is the RevShare model option. Traditionally, the RevShare rates start at 25% with a maximum of 40%. With 1win, you will start with 50%, and driving high-quality traffic will quickly get you to the 60% RS rate. And the payouts you get are  (1win takes care of all commissions), and they will not stop after 2 years like with some other brands. There is a well-known case with a media buying team that ran 1win campaigns during the 2018 FIFA World Cup and still receives monthly commissions.

Let us also emphasize the ease of activating an affiliate account. New accounts are confirmed automatically under the RevShare model. Once you register, you can start driving traffic immediately instead of waiting days and nights for approval.

Many representatives of the gambling vertical prefer to work via the CPA model. The rates in 1win are up to $250, but it depends on the GEO — you will mostly find Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries. We have an insider tip that Tier-1 GEOs launch is not far off. Why do we think so? Stick around to find out.

If you are actively working with SEO traffic and don’t want to miss out on high rollers, 1win Partners is ready to offer favorable terms on the Hybrid model (refer to your affiliate manager for more details).

Variety of GEOs 

India (IN) + 1win + Lucky Jet — do we need to say more? Driving gambling traffic to a tried and tested destination is always a great option. You can learn about the profitability of this combination from the brand’s ambassador Igor Alexeev. And we should not forget the 2-month  IPL frenzy, too.

Brazil (BR) continues to strengthen its status as one of the most profitable countries for iGaming ad campaigns. When the product is already localized and the best local payment providers are available, it becomes an ideal GEO for both betting and gambling. It remains only to find an approach to the target audience. But you know that already, so let us just remind you that 1win is up and running in Brazil.

Do you want something non-trivial? The affiliate program accepts traffic from West Africa (the most popular GEOs — Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, and Gabon) + Kenya with the best conversion rates on the market. You can’t ignore Africa, because this GEO is growing and will continue to grow. Therefore, entering this market is a timely and wise decision in 2023-2024.

Tips on choosing a GEO

Among other available GEOs for 1win, we can recommend Turkey (TR) — it doesn’t have as high a conversion rate as India/Brazil, but the competition is much lower. So TR plus 1win is an excellent price/quality choice, don’t pass it by.


We have a long history with 1win, and I can say that they have the product of the highest quality. The conversion rate is high even with the difficult GEOs! We definitely recommend this program as a reliable partner.

Artem Prokofiev, Owner of Gambling Pro


1win has firmly established itself as a reliable partner in the affiliate industry. We have been working with them for more than 3 years and see timely check-ups, good conversion rates, swift feedback, and a rich GEO database.

What attracted us the most was the individual approach to every partner and the vast expertise in the iGaming industry.

Anna, Head of Advertisers Department CPA BRO


This is my first testimonial ever =) I would like to tell you a little about the 1win affiliate program.

They give 50% RevShare at the very start. Other affiliate programs will at best give 30–40%, some don’t rise higher than 25%. 

The manager contacted me at once and helped with the set-up. The dashboard is very easy to use on your own. I have received a personal domain, it is so cool. I had many blocked URLs with other betting shops, and here my domain is very stable. I got all the information about the bonuses and how to work with the program.

The database is full of different GEOs and ready-made promo materials, this is very convenient. These can also be edited to suit the affiliate’s needs. I really liked that the team helped me localize the creatives. The only conclusion I can make is — that this is an affiliate program worth working with!

Artem Rozikov, webmaster


We have been working with 1win for several months. I like their flexible approach to solving issues and the overall communication with affiliates. They have many nice things: starting from an individual URL to pleasant chats with the managers. They support affiliates at all steps and give constructive and informative answers.

I also like the technical design of the dashboard. All the stats are available instantly, there are post-backs, an app of the affiliate program. The payouts are fast.

TrafficBig team


Hi everyone! I switched to 1win after I had a bad incident with another betting affiliate program. I prefer to not disclose the name.

What I like about 1win is that they update the statistics in real time and solve all the issues really fast. This is really important to me. I had enough of being ignored by the support team for a whole week in that other affiliate program.

What’s also important — instant money withdrawals. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals.

Sergey P. — affiliate


1win has grown over 7 years into one of the biggest players in the iGaming market and one that is worth cooperating with. After all, it is a direct advertiser that invests in the product and its promotion and is ready to generously thank its partners for quality traffic. You should also remember the reliability that distinguishes an established brand on the market.

1win is a convenient and transparent affiliate program with a high-quality and popular product for hot GEOs. 1win’s affiliates are rewarded for their successes not only with good payouts but also with unique gifts.

You can follow 1win news via the social networks that the team is actively developing: check out their Instagram and Telegram.