100 yuristov: an affiliate program from the legal Internet portal

100 yuristov: an affiliate program from the legal Internet portal
21 April 2019

“100 yuristov” is an Internet portal designed to provide legal services. These services are mostly paid consultations and assistance in legal paperwork. On the portal, there is an affiliate program for webmasters. It allows making money on law-related websites and social media communities.

Characteristics of the program

Website: 100yuristov.com

Types of offers: legal services.

Payment systems: WebMoney, QiWi, Yandex.Money.

Payouts: upon request.

Features of the program

The program was launched in 2014. For over 5 years of its existence, the platform has proved itself to be a reliable partner. It is constantly improving, and webmasters regularly receive their earnings. Partners publish links on their websites to advertise legal services of the portal. Remuneration is paid if a user follows a link and then orders the website’s services.

100 yuristov: an affiliate program from the legal Internet portal

You can also make money on acquiring other affiliates to the project: for that purpose, a webmaster is provided with a referral link to the portal. They can publish it on their resources, send via email or publish in social networks. There are two partnership models:

  • Cost per action (CPA). A user who registers on the platform is provided with a referral link to the website. When they click on the link, the program receives a notification on which webmaster acquired a new user. The money is accrued to a webmaster for the first question about law posed on the portal of any user who followed the referral link and confirmed their email address.
  • Cost per lead (CPL). This model is different from the first one in that remuneration is paid for visitors from different regions. The program allows adding or removing conversion targets. A webmaster is paid for an application for a legal consultation by a user.

In CPA, the commission is fixed and doesn’t vary depending on the region of residence of a user. The commission for a published question is 20 rubles. However, webmasters who acquire much traffic can negotiate on individual commissions.

In CPL, a webmaster gets a bigger commission for leads. Within this partnership model, there is a more personal approach to affiliates. The commission for every registered user is 50 rubles. It is accrued if a user sends a question to lawyers of the portal and confirms their email address.

The program also pays for the acquired specialists. For every user, who confirmed a lawyer status and answered at least 25 questions, the system pays 250 rubles.

What does the affiliate program pay for

There is a list of question subjects the program pays for. The list includes:

  • criminal law;
  • labor disputes;
  • housing disputes;
  • land disputes;
  • traffic lawyer advice;
  • personal bankruptcy;
  • disputes of legal entities;
  • questions on consumer rights protection;
  • drawing up statements of cases and complaints;
  • questions on loan services and bank disputes;
  • administrative law in terms of violating traffic code;
  • family law in terms of the partition of property and inheritance;
  • questions on enforcement proceeding and debt recovery.

Take them into account when publishing affiliate links on resources. It’ll be great if your website is about one of the abovementioned questions. This will significantly increase your conversion rate and help achieve a great income.