Overview of educational affiliate programs

15 April 2019
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Educational affiliate programs are CPA networks for monetizing traffic to educational websites. They are especially popular during examination periods. These systems normally pay a high commission for acquired customers.

Features of educational traffic 

Affiliate programs offering webmasters to make money in this field are working divided into three categories:

  1. Marketplaces specializing in writing term papers, graduate papers, inspection tests, research papers, and other types of students’ papers.
  2. Educational courses, webinars. This implies remote training for adults and preparation for exams.
  3. Tutoring. This implies connecting you to private tutors who are willing to pay commission for students.
Overview of educational affiliate programs

The demand for educational services is seasonal; it increases during periods of exams and thesis defenses. The target audience is pupils, students, and postgraduates. Normally, the customer who orders papers via the program returns several times, and a webmaster is getting remuneration every time.

Educational Affiliate programs work on the Russian Internet as well as all over the world. Of course, remuneration of webmasters is higher on the foreign Internet. They depend on the cost per lead, and the purchasing power of customers is mostly defined by the territory of residence. The highest income is provided by students from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, the USA, and Canada.

Domestic affiliate programs are the cheapest, but they also can generate comfortable income to a webmaster as up to 50% of the paper’s price is accrued to a webmaster. The average check for first orders in foreign affiliate programs is $100, and the average check of the repeated orders is $90. On the Russian Internet, the average check for a paper is around 4 thousand rubles, of which a webmaster is getting up to 30%.

Overview of educational affiliate programs

The best affiliate programs for monetizing educational traffic

Edugram. This program offers to make money on student and educational traffic all over the world. Webmasters get the percentage of deductions for paid papers of students that they acquire. For those who don’t know how to start making money in the program, there are learning cases. Payments are made upon request without delays.

Overview of educational affiliate programs

Garlic.Cash. The program provides services of writing graduate papers, term papers, research papers, and dissertations for foreign students. They offer 50% of the order value for the acquired customer. The same commission is paid for repeat orders. Webmasters are offered to use highly-converting promotional materials. Payments are made to WebMoney, PayPal, Capitalist, and ePayments.

Overview of educational affiliate programs

Educashion.net. This is an educational affiliate program offering to make money on monetizing foreign traffic which has been working since 2015. It offers a commission of up to 50% of paid papers of the acquired students. The program pays 15% of return orders. The average check is $130. Webmasters are provided with a large collection of promotional materials: converting landing pages, real-time analytics. You can withdraw money daily to Webmoney, Payoneer, Capitalist, PayPal, and Epayments. Technical support of webmasters is provided via personal managers.

EssayPro. This is an affiliate program which also works in the English-speaking segment. Traffic from the USA, Canada, and Saudi Arabia is very valuable, but traffic from other countries is also accepted. Webmasters are provided with landing pages, there are the tracking system and constant technical support. Webmasters get 50% of the first-order value and 20% of the repeat order value. However, several orders can be considered first if a customer makes them simultaneously before the first order is completed. 

Overview of educational affiliate programs

In this industry, there is a rather wide variety of affiliate programs, therefore you will probably find the best option for your traffic.

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